Why do people hate Gill?

I dont understand why Gill is famous for being a hard boss. I am a total 3rd Strike noob and I can beat that guy on my second try, even on my first try sometimes.

The resurrection thing replenishes his health in full, if you let him…because you can just him or something and it will stop. Seriously, he is not that different from others bosses in fighters.

well hes like red and blue and shit



He’s tough,but he ain’t no Shen Long.

OMG Gill is SO hard…Unbeatable!

And you can hit him out of Resurrection?


His Thong is to PowaFul!

I hate him for not only beating the shit outta me but wearing a thong while he’s doing it!

hahaha best post ever

men with thongs are only cool if they are ridiculously fat (i.e. sumo)

many reasons

the red/blue thing with blonde hair and in a thong wow gay
Seraphic Wing, mega chip and impossible to parry
this whole “I am your god thing” is just um overdoing it and stupid
Ressurection with its push out effect
dumb juggles
and overall he’s a gay char. design overall

You play on the easiest difficultly level don’t you?

Play it on the hardest difficulty. When you finally kick Gill’s ass only to see him rise up again, always regaining at least a chip of his health no matter what you do, then realize you’re getting beat by a blue/red dude in a thong, maybe you’ll understand.
He’s a lame-looking, overpowered boss with the ability to resurrect himself. Hate’s on tap for something like that.

Because he can’t receive gifts worth crap:


cause the nigga CHEAP AS HELL

red and blue dont = nigga…wait wesley snipes…keep it goin’. :wink: :rofl:


I mean, come on, who takes that from a guy in a thong. That’s more than enough reason to hate Gill.

I personally like Gill as I think his character design and personality is pretty cool. I guess people hate him because he can be a very frustrating boss to fight against (automatic resurrection, massive stun damage and that insanely damaging seraphic wing).

Also, people picking him on XBox Live certainly annoys people and makes them dislike him (him being a playable character on there is stupid anyway).

A winner is you.

Bottom line…I think Gill is a pretty cool boss IMO. Remember the main reason he was made was to show off the CPSIII’s power by making him glow red and blue.

Since he is like Christ Incarnate by storyline the Blue Represents Good, the Red represents Bad, and he is like the Judger of Good and Bad. I mean come on remember his level in SFIII NG? “Judgment Day?”

He is like practically in a Biblical Robe reading a “Bible” in the Mediterranean Sea which is practically fire, straight Biblical references to The “Sea of Flames and Sulphur.”

One person told me if you hate Gill you “hate Jesus.” :lol:

As far as difficulty is concerned puh lease not even a scratch.

Sorry but when you grew up on SNK playing people like Igniz and many others that SNK has Gill is like barely even close to the AI of many of these characters.

I personally think a Gill-Orochi alliance would be great though we wont see that in our lifetime :sad:

Merge ala CVS2 and you got…Orochill??? :wonder: :confused: :smokin:

bad character design, that’s all.

gill didnt start glowing till 3rd strike… judgement day was introduced in second impact…

i agree with the SNK boss thing tho… fuckin KOF bosses are too cheap… :annoy:

the whole AI thing is kinda wacky tho, i wouldnt go as far to even call it that… the boss chars in SNK games input read dirty style and their moves are on par with most R-type bosses… no hate for KOF tho im just saying the bosses are kinda retarded themselves… omega rugal!!! motherfuck that guy… i think the only boss in KOF history i felt was “fair” was krizald if i spelled that correctly…