Why do black people love MvC2?

This is a serious question, sorry if it doesn’t belong here.

In pretty much every video from an MvC2 tournament, black people usually heavily outnumber every other race, and a lot of the top players are black. Why is that? I don’t mean for this to be racist, but an observation. I don’t see this happening with ST or 3s, or CvS2. Are black people just drawn to the speed and chaos of it? Does it give them a rush?

And I’m not racist, so please don’t call me racist. I love watching them yell over MvC2 like in the pringles video!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’m Black

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I never really paid attention to the ethnicities that played MvC2; I always thought Latin-Americans were the majority.

no way, you even live in Georgia, wtf!

I understand what you’re saying. A lot of the top players from both coasts, are indeed black individuals. On the east coast, we got Sanford, Demon Hyo, Xecutioner, Wigfall, Rick Mears, Bryheem, Law, and Matrix.

On the west coast, we got The Dark Prince, Finesse, Fanatiq, Chris Schmidt, Combofiend, Larry from nor cal, and Bill “Dues” Wellman

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I am serious. My nemesis Black Horse is Latino, the player nicknamed “Jesus” is Latino, all the scrubs that play with us are latino…they love that game, no matter how much you whoop their ass.

Sanford is Black?!!!


On the other hand, I suscribe to two black MvC2 players on Youtube; DragonCharlz and OmegaRed999 and they’re fairly good.

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Black people in Marvel? Maybe cause in big cities there’s bigger difference in black population. There’s also sometimes more Asian, Mexicans too though. Maybe cause there more hustle in Marvel :tup:

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Is this at the Namco Time Out in Dalton?
Quite a while since I’ve been up there.
Even longer since they’ve had a Marvel machine.

I’d have thought Tekken 6 would be their biggest draw by now.

Or is there another place in Dalton where a Marvel machine has been put in?

this is probably the most ignorant post i’ve ever seen. but i got into marvel because i love all fighting games. i came up on sfII. This ain’t no case study so how could you even prove what you’re asking. Like someone is gonna post on here and magically give you an answer. um… you’re dumb Akuma89


You should use this avatar: http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a154/magnetro/notracist.jpg