Who Would YOU Suggest Playing Next?

Hello, SRK.

I am not a great SSF4 player. I’m barely a mediocre SSF4 player. To be honest, I’m actually rather new to Street Fighter. I used to play a lot of MvC2 and varying Street Fighter II’s in cinema arcades and the like as a child, and owned SSFII on Genesis (which was at least 7 years ago) but it wasn’t until SF4 did I actually play Street Fighter.

In SF4, I began with Ryu, if only because I recognized the basic :qcf::p: motion, and quickly transitioned to Sakura, who I sucked terribly as, and then finally rested upon Cammy. And that was good for a while, but the whole sucking thing and the unforgiving PSN lag had me sell SF4. But, with SSF4 releasing, I felt compelled to try my hand again. So I played Cammy again, but quickly began playing Dudley.

Now, I can’t really PLAY anyone but Dudley. Not dedicated. I’ve sunken into a depression of sorts, maining Random Select. I know every character’s basic moves and all, and some combos for others I’ve tried, but I really don’t know who to play.

So, knowing my past preferences, who should I pick to learn to play as next?

TL;DR: Used to play Ryu, Sakura, Cammy. Play Dudley. Need new person to play as. Help.

If you can’t make up your mind by now on who to main in SSF4…play something else.

I’m only asking for suggestions on who to take a spin with. I’m not asking for help on how to play as a character, I’m just asking for you guys to throw a suggestion and see which one sticks.

Just throw out any name.


There’s a suggestion! I’ve never really played as her, so I suppose I’ll take her into trials and training for a while. Thanks.

Try Cody… He has basic BnB combo’s that are easy to learn and he does a LOT of damage. His wakeup game is lacking but overall he is a very powerful character in the right hands. He’s been my main for awhile now but I’m in the same boat as you… I’m a B ranked Cody with like 5k BP on him which is just freshly B ranked. I’m not that great but I want to get better so I’m trying to find a new character as well… I hope you find the one that works for you buddy, I really do.

If you play on Xbox Live add me and we can practice together :slight_smile: My gamertag is: Qw33ts

Perhaps you didn’t understand my previous post…

In other words…you can’t decide on who to play as in SSF4, which is just LAZINESS on your part. You coudln’t even dedicate time to mastering Dudley.

I can already see that you are wasting your time with this game if you ASKING for suggestions on who to play as…and you haven’t even got DUDLEY down.


Thanks! I did play a bit of Cody early on, so perhaps I can get back into him. And I’ll be sure to add you, although I must warn you that I don’t do voice chat with people over the internet. Just a bit awkward, to be honest, nothing personal towards you.

Thanks for the constructive criticism.

Just saying, the correct way to use ellipsis is ‘…’ or ‘. . .’

Using…them…like this…just makes you come…off as a troll…just…saying

You are a waste of space on this earth, quit posting here. Just because the guy can’t find a main doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be playing SSF4. Sometimes it takes a player awhile to find a character that clicks with them. I’ve pretty much mastered Cody and I’m sure his Dudley is pretty good but after awhile you just feel that the character isn’t for you.

Quit acting like you’re the shit, because you aren’t. Get out of the newbie forums if you aren’t even going to “try” and help. Damn trolls.

I like to chat with the people I’m playing with sometimes if they are nice. Most of the time I have my mic off though. So either way it doesn’t matter to me. I could talk at you while we play and you can just listen? Cause I’ll definitely have tips and stuff for you like “hey you aren’t anti-air’ing like you should, do this xxxxxx” etc. Should at least have a headset on to listen to try and get better, I’m not the best but I have a lot of knowledge about the game for sure.

Random select. If it pops up with someone you haven’t tried before, get cracking. You don’t need help to decide who to play next. You seem like you’re jumping from character to character for kicks(which is fine). We don’t know what you like/hate. Screw around and if you don’t like it, random select again.

Do the trials with every character you find remotely interesting.

Or all of them and go for the achievement.

Stick with the one you like best.

qfw :cool:



fei long in honor of bruce lee’s 70th birthday

play black ops

I just dont understand threads like this. Why the fuck do you need someone to suggest a character to play? The fuckin’ characters are listed in the fucking game. Pick one! Pick ten for fucks sake! Maybe your tv is fucked up and all you can see is a few of those squares that have the characters picture in them. Here I link you a picture of the character select screen.


Now what you do is look at that picture and pick one of those characters. Then just count the squares from the one you can see on your tv to the character that you want to try. This is all just going on the assumption that you cant see all the characters on the character select screen.

Also, just so you know, you can indeed pick any of those characters. You dont have to ask. Just do it.

Also, I really think threads like this should be deleted instantly. They are a huge waste of space and there are like several made each day. This isnt something that is going to help anyone in any way. Yes I understand that people are noobs but picking a character isnt a very daunting task. In fact it is very simple, move the stick around and push A or X or l.p. Then play a match with whatever character you picked. Play a thousand matches. If you dont like that character move the stick to a different one on the character select screen and play matches with him/her. Keep doing that till you find your character.

I’d suggest trying out Ken he has the same moves as Ryu but has a better cross up game. it’s a lot of fun.

Statements like these lead to be believe threads like these are created out of vanity. What is the difference between someone just naming ‘any’ name and you just picking ‘any’ character at random?

Just seems like it won’t make much of a difference to you to have people throw character names at you until one sticks if you’ve been dicking around with random select for a while and can’t come to a conclusion yourself.