Who would like to MM JWong?

I want alot of Money Matches in MVC2, CVS2, and 3S and maybe some other random games that I dont play too much like Tekken, KOF series, Rumble Fish 2 and other games that u can name.

And if you want stipulation matches that can happen too. But I have to see and I will approved it or not.

And whoever I am playing for money, I WILL find you and play on the spot.


no one posted yet?? wtf?? ill play you 3s, ken vs chun for 3 cha sui baos. you in?? 2/3 both ways. your ken vs my chun, then my chun vs your ken. if you dont like cha sui baos, we can play for sui mai, or har gows too. whatever you arent scared to bet homie!! :slight_smile:


If I have time Justin I will money match you**** in ANY KOF game…****

Be it 98, KOFXI, whatever…once again it will boil down to if I have time because I will only be at Vegas for 2 days and with my Mini-World Championship in SNK games that I hope you enter that will be consuming my time.

Also Justin how bout some KOF NeoWave, Sam Sho Tenka, NeoGeo Battle Coliseum?

Hopefully we can get our Rage of the Dragons/Double Dragon matches this time around too no?


Once again for me time is gonna be the issue… If I do get the time believe me…

I will find you!!!

Me vs. you first to 10 for $100.00 (MvC2)

Me vs. you first to 5 for $100.00 (Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo)

Me vs. your Clockwork first to 5 for $100.00 (Rematch)


I want the MvC2 matches on big screen!


how bout we play for a new gap t-shirt

another hustle eh… GET EM CHUNK!

i’ll money match you for my white towel that magically turned black


hows about 3/5 for $20 in mvc2

i aint no rich man so take it or leave it :arazz::rofl:

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl money matches?

Shit, If the trip didn’t make me broke already I’d do it just to say I went up against you (and got obliterated)

Edit: aw hell why not. 20$ on 3s? It’s not much but it’s really easy money considering I’m absolutely terrible.

ft5 dr

if you win i give you 25% of whatever i win in dr at evo

if i win you give me 25% of whatever you win in mvc2 at evo.


Do you play smash bros justin? ill play you 2/3 for 15$ <3

LOL. I like this bet!:rofl:

Watts: I’ll take the dim sum bet with you
Dark Geese : I can MM you in KOF 98, 99, 2000 and XI. I can do double dragon and rage of the dragon MM also if you like.
Chunksta: I’ll do the Marvel ft10 mm and puzzle fighter mm with you for $100 each but the strider doom I won’t against you but maybe matrix will probably run it with you
Shizuma 15: I’ll run that bet with you 3/5 for $20
Furix: What are the rules for pokemon diamond/pearl matches?
valaris: 3/5 for $20 in 3s? do it?
Bronson: Faggot. haha I’ll run that bet with you but u gotta play me in marvel ft5 also ^_~ Make it even. Both games are random!!! cant complain bitch

3/5 for 20$ in 3s. I’m all for it. My friend made me swear if I went to evo to try to play against you so this is his money I’m losi-…errr betting. :rofl:

Justin Wonnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggg

Can we do sidebets? I like justin over chunksta in any bets they take. Good shit.

2/3 in Rock/Paper/Scissors for 20

I would pay money for the opportunity to PRACTICE with the best.

But if you made this thread just to see how much money you can scalp off of noobs, then I’m covering my ass.

$10 for a quick 3S match.

Best 3/5 in KOF XI, $15-$20.
My $ is being taken due to Your MM with Valle. (won’t tell you who i’m betting on:sweat:)

Still not guaranteed I can make it to EVO.

First to 5 in 3S for $25