Who will NOT be playing MVC3?

Who will NOT be playing MVC3? I bought the game just to buy it. I must admit… its a pretty looking game. But not having any marvel experience will make it so that there
is way too much for me to learn in order to be somewhat good. I already play SSF4 and
Blazblue. Adding another game will just take away from the games that i know. anyone else in this predicament? Also wondering how many people will quit SSF4 to play Marvel? (including pro players)

MvC3 is the new flavor of the month fighter; a lot of people will probably drop the old fotm (SSFIV) for it.

I actually won my copy at one of Wal-Mart’s midnight releases. It’s fun, but the fact stands that it’s a worse game than AH3 in pretty much every way I can think of. I’ll be sticking to Arcana.

Mind backing up the reasons? Just curious.

My copy of MvC3 hasn’t made it in yet, and having AH3, I’d like to see if one could reach the same conclusions :stuck_out_tongue:

you’re just sore cause Arcana isn’t at EVO :lovin:

Time to move on. IMO.

Can’t argue with infallible logic.

I still find it interesting that these new school players can’t play multiple games at once =/

If I do something… I want to be good at it. therefore…I would have to invest alot of time. Sorry… not all of us are school kids who can come home from school and play games till bedtime. Some of us are not 20 and 30 something year olds that still live with mommy and daddy. Some of us have full time jobs…kids…and other resposibilities
besides playing games. I have been lurking in these forums for the last 2 1/2 years… I hardly ever post because of just this. no one wants to stick to topic. all they wanna do is bash. Not all of this is directed torwards the person that i quoted… so dont take it personnal. its more of a general comment.

I’m still laughing at what DG said. :stuck_out_tongue:

First, let me repeat myself: MvC3 is fun to play. The areas where it falls short are:

Balance - Capcom flat out said they weren’t trying to make a balanced game because people didn’t want Versus titles to be balanced. Which sounds deeper - a game with ~10 tournament viable character combinations (assuming MvC3 boils down to around the same number of popular teams as MvC2), or a game with 520+ (AH3)?

Apparent depth … - This stems from mainly from the balance issues above, but also from the fact that nearly every character in MvC3 has the same basic combo progression: ~> S jc j.M (j.M) j.H (j.S / Special / Super) (OTG / OTG Assist / Super) […]. Based on Mission Mode combos, Wolverine is the only character who can break from this pattern and not lose damage.

… and difficulty - Even the most complicated setups and practical combos found so far in MvC3 manage to make Blazblue look hard. Given that BB has been frequently criticized for having lax execution requirements, and that MvC2’s continued popularity was in no small part influenced by its difficulty, this is a fairly large problem.

this game is bad… stick to MvC2

SF4 came out in 2008, how is that a flavour of the month? I’ve been playing solid since April 09, I totally must have no attention span.

I’m beginning to grow a bit bored of SF4, and I really want to jump on board a new SF title, haters gonna hate. Arcana Heart is a hell of a lot of fun for the small amount of time I’ve played it, but it has no scene here.

Also, little girls.

I take offence to this comment :slight_smile: LOL (not really) yes. basic bnb combos in Blazblue are very easy… but rest assured…when you get to the longer combos and rapid cancels…it gets much much more difficult.

You dont need all that amount of time to get good at new generation games…
Some of us also have full time jobs etc etc and can still kick your ass in more than 1 game

Flavor of the month is a figure of speech with regards to most things, this included. All it meant here was that SSFIV was “the fighting game” in the public’s eyes from the time it launched until now. MvC3 has taken over that public spotlight, and as such I suspect it will become the game to draw the largest crowds for a while. Hence, FOTM. Street Fighter isn’t my thing, though I do like the Alpha series, but I respect it for what it does well. I respect that MvC3 does some things well also, but “easy to pick up and play” isn’t exactly the best quality for a tournament game.

And yeah, AH3 doesn’t have a huge scene anywhere yet, nor do I expect it will. Not only because of the aesthetics, but because the series doesn’t have a well established playerbase in general (many thanks to the awful AH2 port). Zen United is localizing it for Europe though, so it has a chance to gain a following where you are yet.

if people want to get good, they only need to make the time that they spend on the game more valuable
of course in reallity not many people would be able to adapt to other games quickly, but i guess that its because they dont have a good fighting game background in terms of variety

I won’t.

Not me…
MvC3 is to much for me

lol @ arcana heart avatars not liking MvC3.

ill be playing this game, but not for very long i predict. doesnt seem like there will be that much exploring

I think it’s fun, but I’m finding it hard trying to fit in BlazBlue, Arcana Heart 3 and now this game into my schedule. I wasn’t exactly that satisfied with my GPA in my first semester of college and now I want to do better. Sorry video games, but with the amount of time I’m spending time playing you, I won’t have the time to study and do good in college and get my Masters and be a Navy officer so I can get deployed in Japan or another country to expand my horizons. :shake:

interesting. i would say i fit into that… i just started playing sf 2 years ago.

@J.D . i guess i should of stated not not everyone who is good at all these games are kids with nothing but time on their hands.
but why you taking offence to what i said? is it because you are one of them? and i never stated that i was really good. its very possible that you could kick my ass at every game. But i can say with confidence that you wouldnt say that to my face.