Who wants to help run a side tournament at evo?

Let’s do it right this year! This thread is to see who wants to help out, and also to figure out how we want this to run. SRK may have pushed us to the sidelines, but we can still have fun with this.

Ummm I’ll help.

I have not much experience with running things, but i would really love to help in any way i can. I also have a friend thats going this year thats better at running actual tournaments too so thats 2 from me.

Md doesn’t want in on this?

Anyway, guys we first need to decide on what day and what format to run the tournament. Here’s what I’m thinking:

-To get the best turnout, we should have the tourney on friday. People will be more relaxed on Friday and will be free after their pools, whereas on saturday they’ll be focused on getting to the finals and will have to be ready to play at all times. It was a total bitch trying to track players down last year, and we want to minimize that. On Saturday, we can run casuals, or, as fervor suggested, maybe even have an informal team tournament if thats what everybody wants to do.

-Single elim vs double elim: this boils down IMO to what is the lesser of two evils. Some say double elim is needed so people don’t feel ripped off by going one and out. I say a bigger problem than going one and out is having to wait forever between your matches. I’m assuming a turnout of about 32 people and, say, 3 setups. How long will it take to run a double elim tournament under these conditions? I may try to run the numbers later, but its a lot longer than single elim, and its a lot harder to predict when guys will have to play. If people feel strongly about double elim then that’s ok, but I don’t have a good sense of what people prefer and why.

If the turnout somehow happens to be small, then Double Elim for sure. The problem with CvS2 is that since its a 3v3 match, it could potentially cost up to 15 minutes total overall if they drag it out. I think the question is, how many setups would we have? The more we have the more easily we can accommodate double elim.

I will see if i can contribute a setup. I am down with a Team Tourney too, sounds fun.

Lets talk a lil later Warzard, i like to get a lil more familiar.

I’m going to assume 32 man turnout. We’ll need to do some kind of online registration for this so we can adjust if its more or less, but that’s the target number I have in mind. I think that’s kind of large for double elim, but will defer if you can convice me otherwise.

Last year we had 3 setups, and I’m going to assume the same this year. Another advantage of this organizer thread is to figure out how many setups we’ll have. Of course it only works if, you know, people actually talk and use the thread…

well, I have some exp running tourneys so I will definitely help you guys. we need at least 4 setups for this. it should run really fast.

lemme pack up my car tonight and see if i can possibly bring a tv

Appreciate the offer Zal, but unless something changed from last year, there will be tvs for us to use at the byoc. What we’ll need are ps2s and copies of cvs2. If we could confirm who is bringing a setup, that would be great.

Thinking aloud, double elim in a 32 man bracket means 61 or 62 matches. The trouble is, after the first round, can we keep all four setups going? Here’s how it plays out:

first round: 16 games/4 setups= 415 mins = 1 hour
first round losers: 8 games/4 setups = 2
15 = 30 mins
first round winners: 8 games/4 = 215 = 30 mins
2nd round losers (must go after first round winners) = 8 games/4 = 2
15 = 30 mins
3rd round losers = 4 games = 15 mins
2nd round winners = 4 games = 15 mins
4th round losers (must go after 2nd round winners) = 4 games = 15 mins
5th round losers = 2 games
3rd round winners = 2 games = 15 mins together
6th round losers (after 3rd winners) = 2 games
winners finals = 1 game = 15 mins together
7th round losers = 15 mins
losers finals = 25 mins
grand finals = 25 mins or 50 mins (potentially)

So you’re looking at in the neighborhood of 5 to 5 and a half hours if everything runs perfectly smoothly (it almost never does). With this in mind, I’ll ask again, is double elim really what we want to do, even with 32 people? If so, maybe we should think about splitting the tournament between friday and saturday. Something to think about.

I think this is the best idea so far. here is my other suggestion:

we do the pre-registration on the evo forums…IF the pre-registration exceed the 32 man bracket, then we do this in 2 days. friday and saturday.

If It Does not, then we do this in one day. if we get 27 people, that counts as 32, if we get less than 27, then 1 day should definitely be ok.

the only reason i offer is that its some times hard to secure a BYOC tv for a tourney, i’ll bring my ps2 and copy of the game for sure then!

Thanks alot Zal much gratitude! Thats a total of 5 setups for the side tourney :slight_smile:

To recap: Tournament will be on Friday. People still like double elim, so we’re doing double elim unless we get over 32 people entering. Over 32 means single elim, at least until we reach top 16 or top 8. We’re counting on having 5 setups now. Fervor, did you bring 1 or 2 setups last year? I forget.

Also, I think we agreed that having the tourney start at 2 would be best. Gives us a fat 5 hour block before people want to eat. We could schedule a food break before finals that way as well.

Stuff to resolve: How we want to do online registration. The more we do in advance the better. How reliable are people if we just ask them to give us their name and info? We really don’t want people to say they are entering, then bailing on us at the last minute after we make brackets. If you guys think this may be a problem, maybe we need to figure out a way to collect money in advance. We also need to make it clear that entree fees are nonrefundable - that was a big pain in the ass last year with dudes entering then saying after the tournament was underway that they weren’t going to play.

I’d really rather not mess around with on-site signing up for the tournament either. If we could hit the ground running, with the bracket all made before the tournament starts, that would help things run smoother.

Oh, and Lionx and I were thinking $10 would be a good amount for the entry fee.

i brought 1 setup last year, I only have 1 cvs2 copy. 5 setups shouldbe enough

about collecting the money, I don’t want to deal with the money thing, but if someone is kind enough to take the treasurer position that would be nice. I think paypal is the best way to preregister to this tournament, that way we have a complete count of how many people will enter. as more people preregister, I will be updating the main post with the pot prize as well with t he number of entrants. tournament fee should not be refundable, that way, if a person decides not to come at the last minute, the winner can still take to full pot! any other suggestions?


You guys have my support…I will rally more entrants…GOD SPEED…and "LET’S GET OILED UP !!! " hahahahahaha <----That’s the only thing I like about SF4 :amazed:

Also when the tourney is over…I will issue out:

S-GROOVE Challenge : Money Matches / Grudge Matches against the #1 S-Groove in the world !!!

Sign Up here for a head count !!! Operators are standing by

Thx for the support Dr. B. Any help getting the word out will be appreciated.

I thought about this, and figured, maybe we shouldn’t even worry about this until we have a better sense of how big the turnout is? If it’s 32 people or less, then collecting money an hour or two before the tournament shouldn’t be a problem, and it would avoid the hassle of online payments. Paypal would be simple to set up, but is this something people are comfortable with? It worked well for NCR, but I feel part of that was because the organizers were all well-known and had a track record for being trustworthy. If this isn’t an issue, then I don’t mind being the treasurer or whatever.

I may not be deploying this year so I’ll see if I can somehow help when was this again? All I knew was its typically in the summer and I usually miss it.
I can look into bringing another setup perhaps, bring my PS2 in and maybe bring a screen.

Thanks, the tourney’s going down on Friday, July 9. If you could bring a setup that would be awesome, plz confirm when you know either way.

I should be able to get down there. Friday’s are usually easy to get off.

I came into this forum to post that I was gonna run the CvS2 side tournament this year… guess I don’t have to.

I’m not a fan of single elim at any point, personally, but whatever.

I’m more than willing to help out in any capacity. We still have CvS2 tournaments, so I’m definitely down for Evo CvS2.