Who wants Hyper Street Fighter Alpha on 360?

With online play. It would be great. I don’t care if it’s a budget priced disc, or a xbox live arcade release, I just want it. I’d get it for my ps2 but no online fails.

Couldn’t you just wait for Super Street Fighter II Turbo first?

Also online is what fails in fighters. Its all about offline play, no lag, no droppers and no bullshit.

I want SF4…how bout that!

no one wants hyper alpha cuz its a shit game. lets get real games please, or new games

HSFA is just a unbalanced piece of shit.
You must be drunk if you want to play it online.

I feel like this is the general consensus of how SRK feels about HSFA. I’m probably wrong about that however… I would still not buy this game, even if the shit was free.

damn =(

Agreed, close thread.

HSFA is like HSF2AE, a fucking mess.

You can’t close the thread before Final Showdown has made a post heh.

im really getting tired with all these turbo,remix,revival,collection,plus,ex,double, bullshit…capcom keeps holding on to the past which is not good, i mean seriously how many times do we need to see the same game for like 15 years or more… keep getting updated and changed…

Say what you will. I personally, would do a backflip over the idea of a 4th Street Fighter III game.

ho ho ho merry christmas.

And yea whatever im not the one that makes these threads so its pretty obvious people like the game. But people are dick suckers so a lot of casual people see a more known person and take there word for it. When its already been prooven that the shit talked about the game isnt even true. People say its a big mess but… has anyone ever posted a real reason why? As in A1 characters doing more damage(not true), a3 characters cant tech a1 a2 moves(untrue), a3 characters cant ifnintie a1 a2 characters(not true) blah blah to lazy to go. But yea whatever ill still post in these threads but they arent worth really saying anything untill someone acctualy posts up a real argument other then that there being a little bitch more or less and have no real points to make shrug…

scratchs self and walks away

Give me Street Fighter the Movie: The Game before I play this one online. I’ll take my Sawada on Live any day.

just accept the fact that the majority just didnt like what they played. obviously you like the game, cool. some others do as well. and a lot of people dont like the game. i for one, am one of those people. sorry, but i want my characters behave like they did in the game they came from, i dunno, maybe im stupid for thinking this.

Yeah…why not just Alpha 3? Or Alpha 3 Max?

I have a neighbour who wants it.

If the disc included an arcade perfect version of SFA3, like SFAA for the PS2 does, then cool.

Course without an arcade perfect version on the disc then it’d be pretty much useless for most people.

do not want.

Give me ST, give me CE, but don’t even try to sell me HSFA.

the best solution would be to offer a port of SFAA on XBLA with online play. besides… if it were only one Alpha game, why not choose SFA3U?