Who like the x-factor system?

I’m not trying to troll. I just want to know how many people like the x-factor system in this game. It feel like it’s little bit overpower without any risk involve in using it.

This poll will literally affect nothing, and is a waste of space. Delete this thread not before mods lock it and THINK BEFORE YOU POST!!


I like the X-Factor I think it makes the game more tense.

What will this exactly do? The damage topic already has this covered, not to mention that there is actual progression in that they are discussing the possible future of the game and making actual points. This however is nothing more than a stupid GameFaqs popularity contest.

I suppose that I should make a thread about “Do YOU like the air combo system?” or “Do you like assists?” Just look at your post, can you honestly look at that and say that your opinion will affect the game at all. Will it get removed? NO. This is just a stupid topic backed up by even dumber people.

^ Wow. First topic I look at here, and this is how people talk… waddles back to Tech Talk

I don’t think your poll is broad enough. I.e. there’s people who like the mechanic but think the numbers who should be tweaked, people who outright hate fun, and people who don’t want it changed at all… or people who don’t give a damn >_>

i rike it

I like the concept, but I don’t like it’s power at the moment. We currently have a game where normal bread and butter combos can easily take 70% of somebody’s life with a single meter bar. I think that for X-Factor to be more reasonable, the overall damage needs to be toned down for it AND the core game.

I love how you joined in 2010 and make posts like this. Almost surely to try and swing your dick around and win over friendship with some of the O.G. users that make similar posts (which after years of dumb shit like this, I can see why they do it).

This is a discussion forum. Meant for discussion. It’s not a petition forum, and nowhere in the original post did Eileithyia claim that it would change anything.

So as to the topic at hand; I feel like it does not have any drawbacks, which does seem to lean it towards the overpowered side a bit. It’s like James Chen (or maybe UltraDavid) said on the Level-Up stream, sometimes a match can be determined simply by who holds on to their x-factor longer.

The problem is, what way is there to fix it? If you increased the amount of damage that you took while it was activated that would totally negate the healing effects of it, and in a game where there is already so much damage, I would find it hard to believe that anyone would want to risk that.

Perhaps x-factor could have originally been intended to only cancel the active frames of whatever move you’re currently doing, and perhaps reset combo scaling? Even still, that seems quite strong.

I like it, but I believe LV 3 has way too much of a damage buff.

I think it’s fine but lvl 3 X-factor needs to have its damage reduced. Overall I like it though.

I don’t like it as it is, like the guys above said, lvl 3 is just retarded. There should be some kind of drawback. Seen too many matches get turned on their head because of this, maybe one wrong guess by the guy on the receiving end and GG. Stupid.

I think X-Factor would be fine if it just stopped growing in power after level 2. Still makes it somewhat of a comeback mechanic, but not as extreme as it is now.

X-factor was a lovely idea and in turn well implemented. My only gripe being what many have espoused in this thread, -and not only- mainly level3 x-factor being ridiculous in damage output and extensive in longevity.

I don’t hate it, but I think this game would have been much better with a baroque and mega-crash ala TvC, of course all the wanna be old **** think that they’re too cool to see the system evolve, but anyone whos played mvc2 for more then ten minutes can feel the difference.

So keeping that all in mind, it feels like X-factor was spawned because they felt baroque wouldn’t work. Although, alot of the game feels designed by three scrubs, and a few pros here are there, despite its incredible balance and comboability, X-factor feels incredibly half baked by comparison. It feels like the estranged love child of the Ultra combo from SSF4, Baroque being the spiritual predacessor, with just whatever hype someone who watched that video of Justin Wong soloing with Cyclops.

It feels like its alittle too oriented for comebacks, and even with said comebacks, it offers little to nothing in terms of strategic play. You can take out a key character early using it, but if you were good enough to not lose one character, then your just barely increasing the damage, and setting yourself up for chip later.

I feel like if all the X-factor stats attuned themselves to just level 2 specifically, it’d be legit.

there should be a 50/50 option because it’s cool to see people make comebacks, and it seems like every game is a toss up when someone has a level 3 sent, but then again that stuff used to be earned by reading your opponent and making adjustments on the fly. The part I hate is how I have to block for like 15 secs if someone has a level 3 x-factor going.

If only the first level of X- Factor existed then it would be a great addition. As it stands now it’s too powerful.

I like it, I just feel it needs to be toned down a bit.

option 1: maybe the duration of x-factor ends when you kill a character. kind of like the 2 minute penalty in hockey. in hockey (for those who don’t know), you are penalized for various fouls. within the penalty time, you are down a man. if the other team scores, you are no longer in the penalty and your team is restored to full force. your team is also eventually restored if you last the allotted time.

in this situation, if you x-factor at the wrong time, your opponent can just switch with the character with least amount of health and sac them so you wasted your x-factor if you end up killing that character. if you catch one of their characters with the most health (or maybe two characters at the same time) in a combo and then x-factor, you at least evened the match some by taking out a character if not 2.

2: much like option 1, but each time you kill an opponent’s character, your x-factor loses a level. so a level 3 x-factor goes to a level 2, then to 1, etc.

3: just shorten the length of time. probably the best option since it wouldn’t change the overall gameplay much.

4: add a damage cap where you can only inflict so much overall damage to your opponent’s entire team.

5: add an option to turn off x-factor.

i haven’t played the game enough to really have much of an honest opinion on the matter. watched wnf and can understand the concerns of x-factor though. just some added discussion but i’m not really invested if people want to keep x-factor as is, changed, or not at all. it’s too early to do anything drastic and it’s too early for any major changes to be made anyway. there’s still a bunch of people without the game yet…

I like it, but I know it’s not perfect. Some numbers adjustments are all it needs.