Who is the hardest character to master?

For me, characters that rely on perfection, and fast execution timing seem the hardest to master for me. I played around with the different characters for a bit, and Karas seems the hardest to master. One mistake, and you lose a lot of health. His timing on his chain combo’s and rekka’s take more time to practice than most other combos.

I’m curious to see what other people’s opinions are of who the hardest character to master is.

frank west

Batsu looks very challenging watching Trag’s videos. I’d agree on Karas. I like how he went from like brain dead easy to fucking hard to play because of a few nerfs.

Oh and Doronjo. So much stuff to think about playing her.

Joe.C’s advanced combos look pretty challenging too but his actual gameplan probably isn’t that hard.

I wonder why people say Frank West? I’m intrigued to play as Karas for the challenge, but it’s taking me a long time to get his combos to work consistenly.

definitely frank

Explain why you think it’s Frank West. He doesn’t have anything hard to execute.

Because anything you whiff, miss, or choose a somewhat poor time to start has what amount to 1,000 years (counted in units of vs. game timing) of delay or recovery.

Frank west has extremely difficult combos, but you can do like 40k damage if you’re on point with them.

Doronjo, as someone else mentioned, is pretty difficult as well, just due to the trap nature of her gameplay. You have to account for what’s going on on many parts of the screen at once.

Frank west with Karas as a close second.

Frank west is hard because not only does he have very difficult and complex combos, but he also has a hard time landing hits. Karas has difficult combos but has an easy time landing hits.

Frank. His good combos are hard as balls, and he’s also just hard to land hits with.

Frank West!?! Wow

and here I thought it was Doronjo.

rockman is really hard as well, you have to decide whether to play offensive or defensive, you cant use just 1 and hope for the best. Same with his weapons, you have to constantly been judging which is the best one to use in each situation, for exazmple you cant expect to win just using machine gun arm, rockman can deal with almost everything with his weapons, but you really need a deep understanding about wht can you beat with “insert weapons name” and what you cant.

I actually tried out a little Doronjo today. I think the most confusing thing about her is when she turns around her moves change too (like in ANY fighter), but the various degrees of attack don’t change. It’s kind of hard to explain but say you use the grab move, to get in on the left of the screen you press A and etc.

Frank and TekkaBlade I’ll say the new Karas as well. Frank is at the top of the list for the learning curve then Karas and after Blade.
Frank: Everyone said everything already.
Karas: He has a big learning curve now because of his low life and the fact that he can’t pressure that much like he use too.
TekkaBlade : Hard to learn but he the easiest out of the 3 I say.


my personal hardest (from most hard to less)

  • Joe the Condor: Sure, he’s easy to pickup, but hard to master. If you’re like me, your nerve system get a bit burned out over keeping track of when to press and release the buttons nessecary for those shurikens loops. Gotta practice those timings if you don’t wanna do bnbs all day.

  • Frank West: One of those character who relies on assist just to do most of his combos. Wonky hitboxes, bad recovery times and his roundhouse kick has the longest charge in the game.

  • Karas: Low health and complex specials.

  • Yatterman-1: Low damage and not many ways to combo into his supers, so you’ll have to learn some serious combos with him which isn’t easy with his obscure normals and specials.

  • Polimar: This guy can do so much damage it’s not even funny. Just when you think you got them down, you find out you’ve only scraped the surface. Not hard to play, but hard to master like the Condor.

Yatterman-2: Don’t know why, but I have a hard time playing with characters without a sweep.

karas is definitely up there. You need insane timing and combos for moderate damage, if you screw up, byebye half of your life.

I dunno. I find Frank’s stuff really easy to do. Hard as hell to land, but that’s less “Frank is hard to master” and more “Frank doesn’t have any goddamn tools to actually do the job.” Unless you count having Polimar chilling in the back a ‘tool.’ I really, really hope someone finds something for Frank to give him ways of doing things that doesn’t involve the phrase “but it’s punishable on block by my blind grandmother.”

Gonna have to agree with the general nods for Karas (timing) and Doronjo (Situational Awareness) and add a nod for Volnutt, who’s properties when switching weapons, plus the various weapons themselves gives Trigger just so many options… he’s not that hard to just move around and C/Machine Gun spam with, but doing his really awesome stuff… yeah.

Using Volnutt is not difficult, the problem with him is that you cant be too predictable, you have to change your stile of play constantly from offensive to deffensive and viceversa… Everybody knows about the C and 6A spam with Machin gun to camp but he also have good combos that he can make with the drill and the normal arm… is just like changuillo said: use the correct weapon in the correct situation… thats not hard is playing smart

Frank’s kinda-infinite pretty much ruins any discussion of him being one of the hardest to use. I’d say Karas for reasons already mentioned. Doronjo isn’t too bad when you get the hang of her. You just gotta think of some of her specials in zones on the screen. A puts attack on the left side, B puts the attack in the middle, and C puts the attack on the right. She is my main though so the only reason I might find her easy to use is because I’ve spent so much time with her. I could be mistaken.

This seems like a pretty premature and shortsighted statement to make. Are you trying to say that you think the new infinite will some how make frank top-tier and/or easy to win with?