Who is the greatest FG player of all time?

I remember an old thread by TarkanX about this. Considering its been 20 years since SF2 came out, I think that’s long enough to determine who’s the best. SF has Daigo, VF has Chibita, Tekken has Jang Iksu, Marvel has Justin Wong, GG has Ogawa, DOA has Perfect Legend, etc. Going by skill, winning streak, versatility, and longevity, I know there’s other candidates like Alex Valle, Gian, Knee, Kudora, Xiaohai, Kindevu, Shonen, Sanford, John Choi, Ryan Hart, Nuki, Qudans, Tomo Ohira, some SNK players I forgot the names of, etc. Any suggestions?

That’s an interesting question. I think the only fair way to find that is if EVERY FIGHTING GAME PRO PLAYER played every fighting game. That’s highly unlikely since some people rule in their respective games. For example, although Daigo is beast in Street Fighter you don’t usually see him play Mortal Kombat.

People did not know about Eddie when he was godlike.

eddie or tomo



Depends on how you gauge success.

Overall it’s probably Daigo though simply because he’s been dominant in every game he’s ever played while he’s played it. When he played GG he was a top dog, DarkStalkers he was very good and won some tournaments, and he’s been dominant in every version of SF ever.

Ken from Smash think he still has most money ever won from a fighting game, but honestly with how long Daigo has been playing and winning SFIV at evo is big money for him.

Tekken is the most played fighting game on earth just not in the west, so Jang Itsu, Nin, Knee (don’t know how you spell his name but I know that’s how it’s pronounced), or one of those top Tekken players technically could be because they have the most competition.

Daigo has been around forever and no one has ever truely overthrown his reign. I don’t think a more clutch player exists on earth. Anyone who thinks Daigo is just good at street fighter is kidding themselves, he’s good at ANY game he plays. He just doesn’t play those other games.

N-Otoko is the scariest fighting game player who ever lived.

They had a team tournament based around taking him down, he entered alone and took second, the team that beat him was comprised of Shounen and Woshige IIRC, his teammates from SBO the previous year. And he plays Venom, a mid tier character.

This will not end well.

Although IMO this is an impossible question, the greatest of a particular game is much more feasible and plausible imo.

Tomo Ohira.

Dude’s so legendary that there are no match vids of him.

Does it ever…?

I am the greatest FG player of all time.

Because I always remember to HAVE FUN and TRY MY HARDEST.

I almost forgot about Ken Hoang, Isai, and Mew2king. Those guys own the Smash series so hard, especially Isai. But then again, since most people on this forum doesn’t like Smash bros (or just its fanbase lol), I didn’t want to mention them since it would lead to another pointless debate on whether or not Smash was a “real” fighting game.

Back on topic though, I think its much easier to make list of who’s best at a particular game or series. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

early SF2- Tomo Ohira
Tekken 3- Seok
ST- Gian
T4- Nin
HSF2- Mike Watson
T5DR- Qudans
SFA2- Alex Valle
T6BR- Knee
TTT- Jang Iksu
3s- KO
VF4- Chibita
SSF4- Daigo
DOA4- Perfect Legend
CvS2- Kindevu
SC2- Aris
MvC1- Eddie Lee
SSB64- Isai
MvC2- Justin Wong
SSBM- Ken Hoang
TvC- Marn
SSBB- Mew2king
GGXX- Ogawa
UMK3- Moe

I’m sort-of in the dark about KOF98 & 2K2, VF3 & 5, BBCS, AH3, SC(4), MB, Vampire Savior, Garou, XvSF and SamSho. Who was the best at those games?

These days it’s probably Tokido. He makes top 8 in multiple games every tournament he enters (including a 3D fighter).


close thread

i wouldnt call ogawa as the best GG player, sure he has a top eddie but there are a lot of other players that are equally or perhaps better than him at the game like N otoko for example

lol, daigo was barely average on GG, he never won any major on the game and soon as asw removed the dustloop he stoped playing gg

Yeah have to agree with you there even though im a fan of Gamerbee

Agreed wit most of the list. I would get rid of T4, and put NiN under T5. Also for 3rd strike I’m not sure who I would put. K.O has the multiple EVO titles, but no SBO titles. That’s a hard one.

in terms of longevity, variety of games, relevance at high level, and all around embodiment of street fighter/fighting games, the answer can only be one man: Alex Valle.

@Hecatom Er… Daigo won evo i think twice … is that not a major? So he’s just better than everyone who entered evo in 2003 and 2004. He than got 2nd at evo 2006 in GGXX slash which didn’t have the dustloop where he lost to BAS.

I know he isn’t relevant to the current GG scene but he did very well in it’s early days.

Also that list is wrong.
Kuroda is also the best at 3S who the fuck else can dominate the likes of top level chun/yun’s with Q? Also he’s no low tier hero he dominates whoever he plays with.
VER is the best person that still plays SFA3 BAS dominated the scene so hard for years it was disgusting.
BAS is also the best CvS2 player as he dominated almost every tournament he went too. It was for that reason it was a big upset for Choi to win in 2008 when CvS2 had it’s last year at evo.