Who is the best counter character for Dudley?

Just curious if anyone knew…thanks…

Chun, maybe? Makes sense, seeing how crappy he is outside of close range.

Ken prolly beats him for somewhat similar reasons. shrug


ah ok, thanx man i was also thinking yang…hmmm…

Best = Chun

Easiest = Alex

counter character for Dudley? there ain’t nobody in the damn game that can beat him!!! yaaaaaaa!!!

in my dreams.

i use Dudley almost exclusively (the only exceptions are when i’m fooling around), so from experience, characters that possess an annoying low poke -> special/super give Dudley a friggin’DIFFICULT time.

Chun-Li, for obvious reasons, gives Dudley difficulty.

Ken, Ryu and Akuma can also give Dudley problems, due to their low forward -> super/whatever special, throw games (Dudley has a piss-poor throw range), aka, FOOTSIES. :mad:

Yang also makes Dudley mad 'cuz of his c. forward -> slashes.

another thing that makes Dudley mad is someone with range, like Urien. Elena can also make a case for this. there are always ways around playstyles and character strengths, but those are some of the things that annoy Dudley by default.

Remy, he has some of the best anti air options in the game, and the LOV’s give dudley fits. It’s all bad for a jump-in happy dudley. (What else can he do?)

haha yea we had that in the dudley forum, that discussion… UOHs will be needed to go over low LOVs and i try to duck under to them…

ken, ryu and akuma kal el? u got a good point but u know akuma isnt really a counter… i mean wtf forward+roundhouse, SA1 means akuma almost dead already =/ ken is a counter anyway… and ryu can be a counter… depends if hes rushing down with ex fireballs which dudley loves, ppl coming to him or if hes depending on his meter-reservage for an SA2 or SA3

chun is a bitch yea… but c.roundhouse x5 damages her and its way easy once u get the first in… god i love that rose of dudley =D shes only scary when shes got meter though…

btw why alex endless? his grabs? or what? just asking, notr trying to diss anyone here =)

DooM: Just ask kal el. j/k

Seriously, Alex has an advantage over Dudley.

Alex’s limbs are longer and have more power and priority than Dudley’s, which keep him out of Dudley’s close range game.

I don’t want to give away too much info, b/c Alex is my main and best character, but Dudley CANNOT stand toe to toe on the ground fighting Alex.

Which leaves the air for Dudley. And Alex has like 5 anti-airs, at least 2 reliable ones. And that’s not including a fake-out StunGun as a cheap anti-air.

Alex doesn’t counter Dudley. It’s vice versa. KSK and I went into this discussion and came out agreeing from beginning to end. It’s not a huge margin against Alex but it’s still a clear one. Generally, if I’m playing Dudley and someone picks Alex, I’m gonna mess around just to make it fun cuz Alex never seems competitive. If I take the match seriously it’s a joke. Alex is one of Dudley’s clear wins in the long run, regardless of the SA Alex uses. Alex is better against Ken than Dudley, imo. The whole thought of Alex countering Dudley is very confusing to me. Anyway, KSK being a top Alex player would know, wouldn’t he? Pretty straight match for Dud.

Just had to respond on that note since I see it as clearly wrong and the opposite of what is true.

Anyway, Alex doesn’t out-prioritize Dudley on the ground and any standing poke allows for a simple counter into buffered cancel and now Dudley is in Alex face for free. Good luck keeping a good Dudley out with Alex. St.forward, st. strong(both), heck, anything that reaches Dudley outside of Dudley’s normal ranges is an opening to a late counter 2in1 which puts Dudley exactly where he wants to be. Alex can’t keep Dudley out. He has no guaranteed AAs to keep Dud from jumping either. They’re either simple as pie to parry or get beaten clean by an early RH. I dunno. That’s a simple match from my perspective. KSK wouldn’t intentionally put Alex vs. a good Dudley. He’d go with Ken or Chun. At least he would as of last year.


ah kewl, thanks everyone for replying to the thread, very much appreciated.


one reason i put the 2 “other” shotos there is because they all possess really good dashes. dashing in and out of Dudley’s optimal beasting range causes certain problems, especially when they’re done with proper and well thought out timing. combine that with their low attacks, and it’s annoying. oh. Ryu and Akuma also have 2 of the better kara-throws in the game. yeah, Akuma pretty much dies quickly, but getting to a point where you can properly position yourself to deal that kinda damage can sometimes be harder work than getting close to some of the other characters. that’s all i’m sayin’:D.

regarding the Alex matchup, i’m also kinda confused by it. i’ve heard and read that Dudley kills Alex, but i sometimes have difficulty in this matchup. dunno. maybe it’s just you, EndLeSS8 :lol:. btw, i still have the better record :lol:. on a side-note here, let’s play again. i’ll show you some :D.

anyways. there’s a series of Fujiwara vids that i had before, and in that series, he pretty much dominated. except for his matches against an Alex player. i dunno who the Alex was, but he uses the “special” color (jab, forward, fierce). i don’t think it was KSK. but then again, maybe i’m wrong. but yeah, Fujiwara’s Dudley only lost to that Alex, who even perfected Fujiwara once or twice. a little more insight here, anyone? Apoc?


this one’s just for you :lol:. last i heard you in vegas now. you gonna be visiting up here in the NW soon? we gots to play again, man. i’m different now :lol:. take it easy bro.

I’m not arguing, and I won’t go by the Fujiwara vids (even though I believe in them)

hmm… In the Dudley/Alex match, Dudley needs more work to win. Alex doesn’t really counter Ken well, from personal experience and from videos.

Alex has a whole slew on things to keep out Dudley. Flashchop outproritizes all of Dudley’s standing moves (although it is rarely used) Alex’s Twd HP is a great trade for Alex, and is one of his best anti-airs against Dudley. Dwn MP is out of Dudley’s range as well, and following up with a stand MK is enough to blockstun Dudley out of the way. Messing up the timing of a EX elbow dash pressures Dudley into the side. EX Flashchop beats out both ground and air moves my Dudley.

As for anti-air, Twd HP is too good. Time it earlier and it’s difficult to parry. If Alex needs to run away, a quick jump away and early Jump RH (where the tip of the foot hits only) is relatively safe… if it is parried, the only punishment Dudley can do is a jump HP that won’t combo. If Dudley will jump in and parry, Stand MP into EX Flashchop is good. Against Dudley, Alex’s early jump RH’s are extremely good. Generally speaking, from personal experience, Dudley needs work to get Alex in the corner, on the other hand, Alex can push Dudley into the corner pretty much for free. And he can run away if needed relatively safely.

A perfect sounds interesting. I may have to check those fujiwara matches one more time:)

Sup Kal El! I hope to cruise up there soon and I’ll definately give you a heads up so we can get some games in.

…(goes to check out that perfect!)


While it may not be a match up that is seen time and again, I’m starting to think Elena gives Dudley quite a bit of trouble: her ticks, priority, and weird hitboxes kind of screw up dudley’s mix ups.

While the usual call of the day is to basically back her into a corner and play hi-low games while adding throws into the mix, her target chains also make it hard to jump in or even move in on her. While it’s not as overwhelming as trying to get in on remy, it still takes a lot of effort, considering her low attacks are hard to counter, and she may at times be too far to do a s.rh, duck under xx super combo. She, too, has EX combos that can do hefty damage, as well as a mix up game that, when ticking is thrown in, can be a pain to get away from. I think the same is true for other fast characters like Yang, Ibuki and Yun, but, Elena can deal damage incredibly well.

I’m pretty sure everyone knows about Remy being quite possibly the best counter character, and perhaps the only reason why such a weak character was left in the game. His keep away game is damned good, as well as his anti-air options (which i think someone else talked about earlier). Charge partitioning really helps him with the keep away, too, since I’ve seen people and played people who do crap like jab lov, dash, s.roundhouse, EX RRF (the s.rh, ex rrf usually comes if i parry while in the air), which is pretty damned hard to get out of, just like dudley “ground crossing” people with the duck under, then super from behind.

As for Alex, I think the odds aren’t really in anyone’s favor. Dudley and Alex sort of go fifty-fifty, considering they both: deal heavy damage, do quite a bit of stun damage, and have long stun bars. While dudley has the advantage of having the chains and the mixups, Alex has charge buffering, fast and relatively safe normals (like toward+strong, and s.strong), and, of course, the power bombs; Not to mention the fact that if a fierce flash chop hits dudley, the half-nelson grab can raise his stun meter incredibly fast. So I think it ultimately depends on who can see the opportunities better than the other guy, and be able to take advantage of said opportunities.


I have trouble vs good Uriens.

Urien has an advantage over Dudley. Unblockables all over the fucking place.

You people saying Remy counters Dudley are out of your minds. Yeah, maybe a perfectly played Remy that simply never gets hit, but it’s on EX MGB combo plus a few more hits and it’s GGPO for Remy who is dizzied and ready to die. I’ve played that match endless times. Remy’s stand jabs into flash kick, c.mp, jump fierce, anticipate RH flash kick and dash-under super can occasionally give the match to Remy but definitely not always. A friend of mine and I played it out one time. It’s about 8-2 Dudley.

definitely not man… its just that dudley has probs with charge characters…

urien, thats for one…

seriously, remy… throw high/low lovs, always charge down back… he tries to jump over?(EX) flash kick… if he already can jump OVER tje high lov… damn his jump is low…

i bet Q even gives him a hard time…

its just that he cant just keep whiffing moves and try to get in coz most of the charge attacks are easily comboed from blocking state meaning u already have a charge… and the moves sometimes can come in between his roundhouse for example… or even stuff it, but i wouldnt recommend it…

I don’t know all that much about the match-up honestly, but isn’t 8-2 a bit extreme? That would pretty much mean Remy is Dudley’s easiest match-up. But litterally every Japanese Remy-Dudley match I’ve seen (which is only like, 6 at best, but still it’s weird) was won rather easily by Remy, and that was against very proficient Duds too… And not even once did they get dizzied. Remy seems to have ground priority (low short/low forward/CBDs beat anything Dud throws out at mid range) and super good anti-airs (st. jabs, high LoV into st. strong, st. roundhouse EX RRF, etc), which would tend to work well to counter Dudley’s game. EX LoVs can give him trouble sometimes too because he can’t duck under/UOH over them. I don’t know if he’s a counter per se but 8-2 sounds like too much IMO, I’d say it’s at least 7-3 -which would still be a clear mismatch.

Dudley vs Remy match go either way.

If Dudley gets in, Remy dies.

If Dudley can’t get in, he dies.

So all Remy can do is to keep Dudley away, and Remy’s good at that. If Dudley gets in and hurt Remy, Remy has to risk lots of shit to get even with Dudley. Dudley himself can keep away from Remy pretty well, well, okay, not pretty well but can put up a good one.

I don’t really know how many wins Dudley gets in that match but imho it’s about 5-5? or even 6-4?