Who is better in C

My team is Yamazaki, Sagat and now I need a 3rd. Which is a better filler for my team? Cammy, ken or iori? Do I need another battery character? Yama builds meter pretty quickly.

i would either say sagat/yama/cammy, ken/sagat/yama, or ken/yama/sagat would be the best way…but thas juss me

I’d say Ken/Sagat/Yama. Or Sagat/Ken/Yama. Ken is a decent battery and a great user. Sagat is a Great battery, user or anchor so you normally can stick him anywhere. Yama though I think really works best as an anchor, his supers aren’t good enough for him to be a user and his meter building skills are good but not great.
If it was me I would use Sagat/Ken/Yama.

ken for sure

Ken > Cammy > Iori

C-Ken is a little difficult to pick up, but once you get accustomed to what works and what doesn’t, you’ll do well with him. Shoto dash is the best dash in the game IMO.
Cammy is…well…Cammy. She’s good pretty much in any groove.
Iori still has a hella annoying roll and RC, but his dash is slow with limited range.

yama, x, sagat has been my C team since forever and i always have a problem chosing the 2nd character.

I used Cammy in the beginning but C-Cammy aint really cutting it nowadays. she has really no way of getting in on some of the characters in the game in a roll groove and gets out turtled hard. I say save her for PSK grooves.

ken and iori both fight the top tiers better than C cammy but iori might be easier to pick up. iori seems to do better vs sagat than ken but ken seems to do wayy better against blanka than C-iori.

be like shiro and use C-sagat/rolento/yamaR2

Thanks for all the input. I wish I could use rolento like shiro. It just seems too hard. I’ve always used the 3 I listed above. I’m just trying to find a definate one to solidify my team. Btw, which one would you pick if I were to play against A groove sak, blanka, bison?

yeah C-rolento is really hard to pick up, i’m sorry i mentioned it. i was bored.

i think C-iori is really solid, easy to pick, not to mention have easy effective RCs.

C-ken is really good, but i think he’s harder to pick up than c-iori, esp if you can’t short short super well. but there’s a lot of vids of C-ken, so picking him up shouldn’t be too hard if you’ve watched enough vids

C-cammy is cheap. that is all.

think of it this way… iori without run and small jump gives him less mixup opportunities and that’s what his game is revolved around… cammy’s roll is the worst in the game and she relies on counter hits. Ever since rc’s she’s had more difficulty with her offense. Right now she is best when she uses grooves that can give her more counter hit opportunities, therefore P/K. Ken is great in C… RC his funky kick when in distance and also connecting your shorts to level 2’s are a must. Learn all of his mix ups and bread and butters. His meaty roundhouse is also very good. You can mix up with his meaty by using jab command roll when you knock down and then meaty on their wake up. His DP is great, learn how to anti air and you should be fine. :tup:

Also, A-rolento > any other groove rolento. There is no doubt about this.

use C sakura or C chun li.

yamazaki and chun works really well together for some damn reason.

LIES LIES!! runs off screaming

Dude use fucking Bison. Then you have my team. C-Bison/Sagat/Yama. Bison is an awesome battery and he has great roll, great dash, great meter builder (c. forward), great lvl2 cancel (lvl2 knee press, then Psycho Crusher), great punisher (Super PC), air block, great jumping rh, what the fuck…just use him.

Thats your winner, tis not even close.

It will never be close when fools just go by the popular opinion. Cock sucking has become an art on SRK. If Daigo didn’t use C-Ken, half these bitches wouldn’t either.

You suggest C bison? I don’t see bison attacking much in C. Turtling is definately not my style. And I disagree with bison having a good roll.

Btw, I don’t give a shit who plays C-ken. I will play him cause I like him. The 3 I listed are my personal preferences. Has nothing to do with Daigo.

Bison has a great roll. It’s top tier. It’s 26 frames long, and has 4 frames of recovery. The best the game has to offer is 3 frame recovery and 24 frames long. I’m not fond of frames, but James Chen’s frame info on gamefaqs is the one reference I have used quite a few times. After all, rolling and roll, super is my specialty.


^ go there to take a look at the roll shit.

PS. I never said YOU were a Jap cock rider. But most ppl who use C-Ken are.

Bison’s roll sucks. Sorry but it does. His roll cancels own though. Rolling in general isn’t too good.

Sorry there is no way C Bison is better then C Ken, its not even close. Thats not dicksucking, thats the fucking truth.

ur just plain retarded. Bison’s roll is great.