Who in the US is best at each game

So every newcomer in fighting games and in SF in general wonders, “who is the best” at each respective game. In the** US** atleast.

And that’s a good question.

Who in the US is “the BEST” at that game?"

I’ll start and throw some out there to get this thread going. I don’t know enough about OG SF to write, but I’ll do my best. EDIT!

Tomo. The legend.

Watts? Cole? Valle? Choi? Wolfe bros? Debatable.

Alpha 1
Mike Watson
Auto block Ken. Case closed.

Alpha 2
Alex Valle. No doubt. Pick up the Versus guide on eBay.

Alpha 3 - John Choi
V-Sak is tops in the hands of a champ

Street Fighter 3 Second Impact
Valles cheats with Akuma!

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike
Pyrolee’s Yun is Jap style

Marvel Super Heroes
I dunno.

Fuck this game.

Out of sheer respect, I give this to SpiderDan. However, I would own him nowadays.

Eddie Lee made War Machine a household name!!

Um. . .we all know this one.

I guess Ricky Ortiz with his little Naks on this one.

I still pick Combofried. Others insist on Ricky. Discuss!!

the Wolfe bros treat this game like it’s new

Vampire Savior
Sabre or Jeron for sure

Mortal Kombat 2
DreamTR ruled XBand for years

Killler Instinct
SicDic/Mr.Wizard/Sabre all ate fools on their XBand Super Nintendos

Tekken 5
Evidentally this Crow gentleman is quite good

Everyone spit your opinions at me. Truth be told!!


What about Garou, Guilty Gear, Samurai Shodown, King of Fighters, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, and Virtua Fighter?

Sure, that’s all respectable. I just don’t know shit about those games. But I’ll try some of the more obscure ones.

Mortal Kombat 2
DreamTR ruled XBand for years

Killler Instinct
SicDic/Mr.Wizard/Sabre all ate fools on their XBand Super Nintendos

I NEED input!!!


Guilty Gear XX Slash: Alex Garvin

Fuck that. Yie Ar Kung Fu was OG. Let’s list some high level Yie Ar competitors.

tekken 5 should be crow back to back champ

Wrong :frowning:

Alex G is my boy and is fucking buff but I think he’s far from the best in the us at slash. He was alot stronger in #R.

Slash is too hard to call right now in the us very inconsistent results in the US I think the best in my personal opinion go from in no particular order.

Zidanel33t or whatever
Alex G

I think all those guys are in the running for tops right now. I’m sure more people think they should be on that list but NOPE

Fuck that. Yie Ar Kung Fu was OG. Let’s list some high level Yie Ar competitors.

re: above

hell, if that’s the case, how about mortal kombat shaolin monks for kicks, world heroes 2 jet, Samsho5 special and others that I can’t name as I’m grubbing while i write.

Hella scrubs just throwing out random games.

Shit guys, I don’t know.

Just make some suggestion open to debate.

2nd Impact: I saw Eddie Lee’s Ibuki beat Valle’s Ken so Eddie Lee FTW.

MvC1: Sabin (Arturo Sanchez) took that shit from Eddie Lee.


Funny you say that. Out of all the American players, Ruu and Mint said they think Zidanel33t is the best. Grats to him.

Is there even a scene for VF4: Evo in the States?

Who’s Zidanel33t use?

haha, I’m sure they’ll be lots of agreeance in this thread. No bias at will pop up.


You guys are obviously confused, you must mean [media=youtube]4pg6wD-j2JQ"[/media] Zidane.

Dont fock with COAT or I m gonna eat your soul

Better add me and my bro in there. I was winning the tournaments in ST when they actually played. Also, I beat Valle in EVO2k6. ST Dhalsim vs. ST Ryu. I also beat Daigo in ST perfect for PS2 in an exhibition after the tournament. ST dhalsim and ST balrog got me and my bro to the finals at EVO west. A tournament that included John Choi, Watts, Cole, and Valle.

F-it ask those guys and they’ll tell you.

ricky has only been sent to losers by combo twice in tourney if i remember correctly and he’s never been knocked out of a tourney by him (ecc combo put ricky in losers and beat jwong to win the whole thing, FFA tourney combo sent ricky to losers but lost 2 sets in grand finals). Ricky got 2nd at evo 2k4 and 2k6, combo got 4th at 2k5 and 3rd at 2k6. I think combo is fuckin good but ricky seems to beat more people and consistently places higher.

Valle is way better than Eddie at 2i. The last major 2i tournament ECC4, Alex beat Eddie in finals. I think the only tournament Eddie ever beat Alex in was a throwaway SHGL tournament after the main A3 tournament where Alex couldn’t pick Akuma.

–Jay Snyder

jeezus lol!