Who has a similar playstyle like Cable from MVC2

I just got my copy of MVC3 and one of my favorite characters was Cable. Who do you think plays most like him?

The closest one to him, in my opinion, is Chris. He plays keepaway with guns & grenades. Some even say Arthur, but I haven’t used him much yet.

Yeah I’ve only had the game for a few hours and my friend keeps telling me to try Akuma because of his laser hyper :\ but idk I’ll try Chris, from what I’ve seen, he seems to have a lot more projectiles.

I’ll say something totally crazy: Dormammu.

You’re probably looking at me and wondering if I’m totally crazy, but, bare with me for a second. Cable’s gameplay in MvC2 was zone all day until the opponent made a mistake and then punish with AHVB xN. The only character I can say is even marginally close in play style is Dormammu. Chaotic Flame is the AHVB of Marvel 3. Whenever the opponent makes a mistake, Chaotic Flame to punish. For even more fun, try Chaotic Flame XFC Chaotic Flame. Also, Dark Hole serves essentially the same function as Cable’s grenade.

So, yeah, Dormammu = Cableheart.

No one really. Chris can’t control horizontal space for shit at a distance like Cable could, and he can’t lock off the air like Cable could with the grenades. People make the Arthur comparison because of him being able to chain goddess bracelet.

Worst of all if they did bring back Cable it seems tiger knees are fucked up in this game pretty badly and generally not worth it over tapping jump.

tbh? no one and it makes me sad =[

people compare chris, arthur, and deadpool to cable, but all 3 of them lack what made cable cable

chris: wouldve been the coolest looking cable replacement IMO i love his character model, but…

-decent keepaway with mines and grenades, magnum on connect causes opposite wall bounce
-shotgun cancels into grenade launcher hyper
-better bnb air combo than cable with cr.H as an OTG
-grenade launcher hyper is ass if you dont hit the ice nade, too free

Arthur: im not really a fan of the character, his only comparison to cable is the bracelet loop which people compare to AHVB

-bracelet loop
-can throw spears
-double jump
-spears arent instant full screen punish like viper beam
-no dash

Deadpool: the least like cable IMO

-have guns will shoot cancels into bullet time or whatever the hyper is called
-grenades cause decent keepaway
-best rushdown capabilities of the 3
-tigerkneeing bullet time causes a down forward bullet time, which is absolutely useless unless youre OTG-ing after a knockdown, when psimitarxxAHVB couldve scooped them off the floor anway

and the things they all lack

-MID AIR NADES. its easy to note cables beams as his best attribute but without those space controlling nades cable is more free than america. on contact they hold you in place, even if you dont get hit you dont wanna run into it. chris has mines but its ground only. neither of the 3 above can control aerial space like cable did
-Psimitar: or a psimitar like move. it was useful for stopping jump ins (you try to super jump to avoid buckshot i throw a psimitar…back into the corner with you =D) and it was a great assist. the 3 do not have anything like it

so if youre looking to play a character [media=youtube]OQvNnGwFJGo"[/media] youre looking at the wrong game.


Actually, this makes alot of sense. Much better than Chris in terms of comparing to Cable.

cable should be in this game since hes the best counter for sentinel lol

dormammu doesnt remind me of blackheart at all tbh, but now that you mention it i see the cable comparison. its just harder to punish shit with dorm

I do miss that TK AHVB. Probably my favorite Hyper. Loved doing that combo into it. I just hated being hit with it, lol.

But yeah, Cable’s one of a kind.

You forgot that the hyper was built to fail on airborne targets ( no idea why they did this ) and his guns take forever to start up. :sad: … and they all of his normals and specials are adjust to basically make him unable to control the air at all.

His voice was sexy to.

Saki vs Cable for DLC.

Give em’ both AHVB, seriously.

lol “cover me”

“pushed too far”

his moveset was awesome, he was like the mgs2 solid snake of mvc2 lol

This always annoyed me because I could never figure it out, but during his victory animation when his Techno arm comes out, does he say “Open up for now” or something else? At one point I thought he said “That’s enough for now”, but that seems unlikely. Might see later today.

Oh, yeah. Time Flip gets no love, lol.

i tried to make timeflip work, i really did.

what made me give up was i used it in a DHC since ground beam isnt safe on block…and magneto dashed right through it


time flip gets love in combo videos. But yeah, he’s really awesome. I’d love to see him in 3, or give his "replacements’ more cableesque qualities… rather have Blackheart tho >.>

Cable was split across deadpool, chris, dormammu and arthur. If your looking for a keep away character in the same vein as cable then arthur and deadpool are your choice, if your looking for AHVB, then dormington, the only thing chris and cable have in common imo is that chris controls the ground in the same sense that cable controlled the air.

@ihateM.O.D.O.K: The reason he can’t juggle his grenade launcher is probably cause they thought his damage output would have become far far too high. He can get the first shot off so easily its not even funny, off his grenades, off his magnum, off most assists, off his flamethrower, so Im guessing he was looking about as broken as cable was so they nerfed the shit outta that. He could even link his grenade launchers into each other in the original builds.

I’d say Arthur plays more like Spiral with much less mobility (no dash, teleport, but can still wall of weapons).

Glad there’s a “Needs a hug” tag in online play…

Yeah, but they went too far in the other direction, with the way his guns are angled and their long startup, and his grenade hyper not functioning on airborne targets, he basically has no air control whatsoever. He’d have much better options against mobile targets if his grenade was a threat against airborne or hovering targets. Plus the current design gives him really weak DHC options because of how many hypers juggle people.

Yea, it does suck, but you learn to deal with it after a while, particularly since I never really played cable. But I do feel a little slighted sometimes cause the grenade hyper leaves so much to be desired lol. In chris’s defense though he get ludicrous amounts of damage without it so hopefully it’ll even out in the long run.

Well yeah, he’s a solid character, it just seems like he has a lot of moves that are inexplicably weak ( only situational/pre-emptive AA options, slow guns, grenade hyper that doesn’t juggle or connect full screen ), as if they were trying to compensate for something else, when he doesn’t seem to have that something else.

But… this thread is about cable, and how there’s no real MvC3 cable because they’ve dissected the character into so many pieces. And even the remnants of him have nothing like Cable’s grenades and such, though reminiscent of that Dormammu can sort of control aerial space with his pillars.