Who do you use?

Plain and simple, who do you use.

Bang, because he does a ton of damage and doesn’t suck azz. Good slide kick and for the most part counters. Lacks uppercut but has a good feel for motions and moves fast. Hate Ragna the most because its typically you either get into a long combo or you lose, that is all.

honestly I wouldn’t really consider Blazblue like street fighter. I don’t understand the spamming part either but … Bang is actually one of the strongest characters in the game and is part of the big three (Bang, Litchi and Ragna)

Ignore this kid he tries to troll every single game that’s popular, started criticizing SF for shit that has existed since ST and even SF1 (he said charge moves and DPs make the game too hard and complicated). This game is NOTHING like SF, not even close, only real similarity is that they both play on a 2D plane.

And to answer your question, Bang is top tier now.

He also said projectiles make for boring gameplay and that a good fighter should be in 3D. Then made some comparison to real life fighting.


None of the best characters in the game are slow. Top are Bang/Litchi/Ragna. This is an ASW FG. They like longer combos. And if someone is “spamming the same move on you”, then obviously there is something lacking on your end. This isn’t CT and you’re not Tager fighting Nu-13.

Ragna’s great range? Bang’s speed? Lambda’s zoning? Jin’s FB game? Learning to Instant Block? Properly bursting?

So you stopped playing SSF4, got BBCS then immediately come online and start calling it a shitty game when you clearly don’t have a fucking clue as you what you’re talking about (the fact that you compared SF to BB in any way immediately shows just how naive you are, or just how big of a troll you are)? Maybe you should just quit fighting games altogether, I think that would make everybody happier.

If you truly understood to play this game or SSF4 you wouldn’t make ANY of the dumbass comments you’ve made in the past 2 days. It’s obvious from your comments that you’re VERY likely under the age of 15 and just try to mash out random combos.

And how are combos tactical? Some of the biggest tactics in this game are zoning and footsies (although IDK if the BB crowd refers to them as footsies), making your opponent screw up so you can punish with those big combos that you’ve spent weeks practicing. Different characters have different mechanics to help them take advantage of their opponents’ mistakes (like Hatred said, for example, Ragna’s range or Bang’s speed). Every character is so drastically different that this is one of the most tactical games out there.

I guess you could say that tactics are where BB and SF are similar, as they both make heavy use of footsies and zoning in order to set up their combos. However, the way footsies/zoning work in each game are so drastically different from one another that there really is no way to compare them.

There aren’t a lot of characters so how about trying them out?

I must be using the wrong characters if they can end it all with one combo :frowning:

You don’t even tell us who you’re facing

I’m going to assume you’re talking about Lambda 11 or Rachel or Arakune but I don’t know if I’m right since you give NOTHING to go on aside from what little you like about Bang. There are matchup threads on Dustloop with video threads to study.

So this thread isn’t even about “Who do you use”, it’s really about the crap you’re going through because of a lack of experience.

I’m actually not a huge SF fan. I started with ST back in the early 2000s, and played 3S off and on, and don’t even frequently play SF4 which, while I don’t hate it, is not one of my favorite games or even close to it.

And zoning and footsies are fundamentals which apply to every fighting game ever made, so if that makes SF and BB basically the same, I guess that makes SF and MvC2, Tekken and VF all basically the same? And SF and DBZ and Naruto? Yeah… Good train of thought dear.

And footsies aren’t “anything with movement”, they’re basically using good spacing (zoning) to stick out normals here in there or move just inside or what appears to be just inside the range of your opponents best poke, thus causing them to whiff and allowing you to punish. Footsies is basically just baiting out mistakes through the use of pokes.

And likewise, zoning isn’t just “anything with space”, it’s understanding hitboxes and which moves beat what, which moves have what range, etc. so that you can counter your opponent and attempting to land a hit to start a blockstring or some sort of pressure to back them into the corner.

The few things I like Bang are, slide kick, his cross up kick which could go either way when jumping with a direction, can’t say, but I guess if I were to verse myself I would beat my own Bang or something, just rather annoying when versing someone with a large amount of control and can’t really get near them or unsure what to do when someone spams at me.

He has anti-air, and good anti-air at that.

And you’re now complaining that you don’t have enough projectiles? You just said in a thread the other day you wanted projectiles removed from SF4.


Rush tagor down until you get magnetized? then be ready to run the heck away? I don’t know really.

Bang v. Tager is 65:35 in Bang’s favor.

They suck for sucking players.
If you wanna look cool with some combostrings choose Noel. She is after all THE character specifically created for beginners.

It’s funny how the worst matchups in the game all involve Tager: Tager goes 35:65 or 30:70 against Litchi and Bang, and good luck beating Tager as Tsubaki. Seriously.

Mu and Lambda aren’t amazing matchups, but they’re certainly winnable. Mu is worse than Lambda in my experience because she doesn’t have to commit as much and can get random hits more easily, but Lambda gets better reward off her projectiles. They’ve got a bit of an edge, but it’s not enough to make Tager just give up like Nu-13 did in the last game.

Tager is not a beginner character. Neither is Noel (though she is on the easier side) - Ragna is the beginner character.

Tager is great versus beginners, sure, but a beginner Tager is going to have more problems than a beginner with half of the rest of the cast. All Tager has are lots of mindgames, and if you don’t understand how to apply his tricks, you’re going to lose versus any competent player. He needs a CCR increase (his character combo rate is 40%, as compared to the second worst 75%).

Tsubaki is the worst character in BBCS imo. Rachel might not do damage (hence being ranked as the worst in tiers), but she has the foundation she needs to be good. Tsubaki doesn’t even have viable blockstrings, let alone ways to get charge. She’s awful in literally every way.

Actually Noel IS: Otaku News : Interview with Daisuke Ishiwatari and Toshimichi Mori the creators of the Guilty Gear and BlazBlue series
But Ragna is too in my opinion.
And I agree on what you said about Rachel.

Tell that to mikeZ.

I am a new player to continuum shift but I would like to say I do think Tager is a little slower than most of the other characters, however that does not mean he is slow in general. You can whip out some mean trades on an unsuspecting opponent or someone is is getting a little too confident in their rush down.

tl; dr
mikeZ’s tager is fast, and scary.

Nah, it’s not like MikeZ can change the game’s specs to increase Tager’s movement or air speed - he’s just damned good with him. Watch Gallileo vids, that works too.

Tager is still slow, it’s just that he is a grappler and they’re meant to be slow. It’s a huge drawback, but any good Tager player knows it’s one that can be worked around.