Who do you have the most trouble fighting?


For me it’s Abel, hands down. I really just kinda spazz out when fighting him, not knowing what to expect. Keeping my distance is hard due to his rolls, anyone have any advice?

Fei-long and Ken.

Fei-long because every player I’ve had use him against me manages to lock me with Rekka-ken and then when I go for a jump-in I get a dragon-arc kick to the face.

Ken because his priority is what-the-hell worthy, same goes for his recovery times. Yet oddly enough I have no problems against other Shoto’s/Sagat.

Rog and Honda no contest. A really well-played Sagat is a major headache too.

the only character i might have problem with is Dhalsim because i am not sure how to attack him either defense or aggressive because of he’s stretch arm strong hands n legs

Just blanka mostly

chun li is a bad one for me, a good rog give me a really hard time too

Blanka is still tough for me, Rog Abel and Gief can sometimes give me trouble too but not to a very frustrating point. Overall I’d say Honda is the one character that has me pulling my hair more often.

  1. Overly Aggressive Ryu
  2. Turtle-ly Ryu
  3. Aggressive Blanka
  4. Aggressive Balrog
  5. Honda
  6. Aggressive Chun Li
  7. Aggressive Sagat
  1. Chun Li
  2. Gen
  3. Sagat
  4. Balrog
  5. Guile

man I just got my ass handed to me by a decent Ryu… ugh, nice tension headache going on here… very aggressive style, though it wasn’t entirely lopsided, I’d say I won about 40% of the time, just had to seriously work for it.

  1. Rufus

1.Chun-Li = :chainsaw:
2.Turtle and aggressive Blankas = :grrr:
3.Really good Rogs = :mad:
4.Honda = :crybaby:
5.good pressuring Sagat’s = :annoy:
6.Really good Zoning & Aggressive Ryu = :arazz:
7.Rufus = :sad:
8.sit and wait then rush sonic boom happy every jump ends in a air-grab Guile = :bluu:

My feelings towad these fighters :razzy:

This is alot :rofl:

its been awhile since i played seriously but generally any zangief due to his high stats, sad times when my roll got destroyed by a flying suplex run. A basic blanka scares me cause of air priority, patient sagats, on ocassion, a well played bison.

screw this thread, I seem to get taken apart by anyone with a super aggressive style :frowning:

Seriously… Fuerte or Dhalsim are the only matchups where I feel are even close to 5-5.

Sakura, Fei Long, and Rose are maybe 5.5 - 4.5. (Not in Claw’s favor)

Everyone else can either spam bull shit strategies that would get them disemboweled against a high tier character but work so well on Vega, or they can hit a combo that is 600 ish damage reliably.

I’m surprised no one picked Sagat as Vega’s no.1 problem.

  1. Even as a 4 frame nromal comes out the priority ends with Sagat’s favor
  2. TU a normal from Claw is not super hard
  3. Kara TU making EX SHC even more useless
  4. 1 combo pretty much means 40% hp gone
  5. Tiger Knee lock and can be mixed around making it very easy to get perfect on Claw
  6. 1 Tiger knee is all it really takes to start an offensive on Claw
  7. Izuna loops are very unreliable when people have good timing with TU
  8. Wall fients don’t work well since Sagat has Tiger Shot. Any competent Sagat will see when Claw is faking or not when they are full screen distance.
  9. No proper reversal to gamble when Sagat gets in close

So basically, Claw is screwed whether Sagat turtles or goes agressive or goes defensive.

With Sagat, if you can time your wall jumps correctly the TU will whiff and you can slam them in the back of the head (A habit I’d picked up early on with Vega and didn’t actually notice I was doing it until I was told as such), it’s a matter of spacing and knowing the hitboxes.

He is a bit of a pain in the ass, but it just takes practice with Sagat to get to know how the character works and what will go through what. I don’t tend to rely on framerates anymore because in online play if there’s even a tiny amount of lag, framerates become redundant.
Knees are a problem because of the damage output, I’ll agree, but with Sagat you really need to watch your spacing. Footsies I find bait them out quite well, unfortunately the turtle game seems to be the most effective, which I hate because I love playing Vega aggressively.

Play GT ‘Clunetastic’ s Dhalsim…he makes the match up look 10-0.

Everyone who knows what hes doing, and most of the people that doesn’t know what hes doing, even a single combo. I can’t go further of 1700BP in BP Matches because it’s one mistake and you’re completely done, aswell as his Ultra is completely useless even for punishing long recovery moves if you are not careful about it, and not to mention that he is the only character of the game without invulnerability startup frames in none of his moves, even in his EX. I assume this is because the PPP or KKK blackflips, wich both have at the end of the move 10f of recovery, so yes, they are most of the time also completely useless, and oh! his links are a 0f link! no way nobody can consistently learn the timing of that… great.

Seriously Vega is shit in SFIV, but I like the character a lot and that’s why I keep playing him. My last hope in SSFIV they make him better, only a little, because he’s seriously broken.

yeah, its true. I feel like whoever at Capcom didn’t compare Vega in SFIV to Sagat before releasing the game and realizing something was wrong really dropped the ball terribly.

I’m almost sure Vega was just a side thought… their time went into designing other characters well and they just gave some nerfs to vega and said “hope that doesn’t hurt too much, but we’re too busy laying some love down on Ryu to test vega properly”

My one desire is that Ono and Seth K are forced to play 50 matches in a row against a SG boxer using Claw before Super is released. They can’t get up and leave until they have played 50 in a row. After that, I’m sure they realize just how the ball was dropped and make sure Claw is tournament viable in Super.