Who actually does low damage?

Strider does low damage like Firebrand and Storm.


Alright…so there’s been a lot of talk about who does LOW DAMAGE.

I figure might as well make a thread especially for the new Ultimate game so we can put everybody to the test and see who really does low damage.

People say Strider does low damage (can get up to 550k before landing super), Firebrand does low damage (I’ve heard otherwise), Morrigan does low damage (heard otherwise)…

**So…I want a consensus on who doesn’t really do damage. As in…which characters can’t practically get above 400 to 425k before doing a super. **

**Another way to relate is which characters can’t take off at least 45 percent of Wesker’s life PRACTICALLY before doing super. If you have to do some Desk ass shit to get that much damage before super…probably impractical. **

Though if it’s a combo that just requires some execution but takes off 45 percent before super…that’s practical.

Don’t come in here talking about how Zero does low damage. You will get flamed. Getting that out of the way right now.

Damage Tiers **** (not a serious tier list, just trying to show who are the actual low damage characters)

**TRUCKS (500+k before super, NO XF, without assists): Akuma, C.Viper, Captain America, Chris, Dante (with tough, but Nini says not impractical execution via shot loops) Dark Phoenix, Dorm, Dr.Doom, **Doctor Strange, **** Frank West (level 3 plus?), Haggar, Hulk, Iron Fist, Magneto (magnetic blast loops), Nemesis, GROWN ASS MAN (Nova), Phoenix Wright (turnabout), Ryu, Sentinel, Spencer, Super Skrull, Taskmaster, Thor, Tron Bonne, Wesker (no glasses)

Solid Damage: (450+K before super with or without assists): Ammy, Arthur, Chun Li, Deadpool, Felicia, Ghost Rider, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Jill, MODOK, Phoenix Wright (non TB), Rocket Raccoon, She Hulk, Spider Man, Strider Hiryu, Trish, Vergil, Wesker (glasses on), Wolverine, X-23, Zero

**Low Damage: Firebrand (for now), Hsien Ko (think so), Jean Grey Phoenix (think so), Morrigan (think so), Storm, **

Unconfirmed: Shuma Gorath, Viewtiful Joe

Most of the Firebrand combos I’ve seen in the thread don’t do much more than 350-75 before super. (I think… It’s been a while since I’ve hit the lab with him.). A lot of his big damage seem to come from those sexy resets he can dole out.

do you mean as bnb combos? or do you accept highly unlikely combos as well

Yeah like practical bnbs. If your character has trouble taking off 40 percent of Wesker’s life reliably before super.

hawkeye maybe?

I don’t think Storm can. Even with her Magneto like rom loops and her regular bnb’s, she doesn’t crack 400k, much less 425k, without super.It’s usually 350k as an average.

I’d like to see the Morrigan combos that do damage.

Joe, Morrigan, and Firebrand, Storm are pretty likely candidates

are we talkin with assists?

Problem with Hawkeye is that poison doesn’t get factored into the damage count in training mode, so he’s actually doing more damage than it shows.

Chris Redfield… jk lol


Shuma is the only character in this game with true low damage. Terrible damage on combos and terrible options everywhere else. Only character where I’m like “wow, I really feel bad for this character”. Firebrand’s combos may do low damage but he has like 200000 different ways to open you up then reset you after it. And the hard tag stuff after Bon Voyage of course.

Joe, Storm, Morrigan.

Those are the easy answers.

One person I think we all forget is Hsien Ko who needs meter to make anything even hurt a little bit. And Arthur.

If you do the “desk stuff” … not referring to his day one combo video, his damage is not bad. But, we’re talkin about bnbs here, so I’ma have to agree. He can break 400k without 1 meter though, but thats honestly a really low minimum. Strider also does low damage. I did read the op post, but I don’t think he even does 550k meterless unless u do the loop in the corner.

Viewtiful Joe, Firebrand, Storm, Hsien Ko, Arthur

Firebrand’s BnBs are on par with most of the cast, at least when you add a super. Coupled with the fact that he has crazy mixups and the mobility of Zero, I think the Firebrand hate is unreasonable. I does seem that his damage buff from X-Factor is pretty low though, not too sure.

Morrigan is looking on the low side. She’s capable if you do the super advanced fireball fly cancel combos that almost no one does, and her missile super doesn’t like to fully combo and you often only get like half the hits, which sucks. She also needs all 4-5 meters to break 1m, which characters like Zero can do with the right assist or two.

Hsien-Ko, of course. Although her comboability got buffed with the jump cancels, but it’s still nothing amazing, and again needs all her meter to keep comboing with the hyper loops and such. She does have some pretty good damage combos in the corner though, but Hsien-Ko’s not really a ‘back you into the corner’ character.

Jill’s damage is actually kinda low, it’s tough to break 600k solo. In the first game it was okay due to DHC glitch, since she was pretty much a ‘DHC glitch character.’

Shuma’s damage is actually good, and now that he has a really useful command throw to add to his already amazing mixups, I think he’s mad good in Ultimate. His combos are a bit technical though, which is what makes most people turn away from him. (I say him, but Shuma’s an it. Or a cosmic being.)

I also secretly want to say Dante because his damage was nerfed so hard, but now his damage is just on the same level as an average character. His special moves scale so hard now, extending a combo might as well just be giving your opponent free meter while doing no damage. He still builds meter better than most the cast though, especially if you add in an assist extension in there.

I don’t think you play Shuma enough.

Joe’s damage, last I checked, isn’t bad. And Arthur’s combos are pretty strong too, and now his corner combos don’t completely suck.

Resets should not be included unless they’re guaranteed resets like Spider-Man’s vanilla Ultimate Web Throw. Resets increase overall damage (As do mixups, crossups, etc.), but this thread is about guaranteed damage.

With assists included, Firebrand can exceed 440,000 damage sans super off of a midscreen and 435,000 in the corner, which is low, but above the minimum amount (See: Rayray’s Firebrand with Drones video)

Also, Firebrand can tag into other characters if he scores a bon voyage far enough away from the corner, which can improve his damage.

Morrigan, Shuma, storm, hsien.

Morrigan combos that do damage require inputs to the point where you’d be way better off just using magneto or doom. and takes too much bar

TBH 40% of weskers health is a pretty damn low for a minimum. You shoulda asked below 550k meterless.

No mention of Strider?