White guy goes on killing rampage after he discovers

That murder is more fun than a barrel full of crackers?

video included


Man, that’s kind of a shitty present.


Why was she going to leave him? Was it because shit just wasn’t working out… or she hoed around and found some good dick?

I think it’s the latter honestly… but who knows.

I don’t know whats more fuck up the man killing his daughter or the restaurant name Cracker Barrel

He had to much salt for his meal

This is really sad.
Anytime young white people die, it’s always a loss.
They could have been a doctor and cured cancer, or an astronaut, or some other important position in life.

My condolences.

That was awkwardly specific.

Obviously this was a planned murder. The restaurant is called Cracker Barrel. The incident involved a white man with a gun.

More importantly, they could have been strippers. Now we will never be able to make it rain on their sticky, agile figures.

Man, getting killed by your own father on your birthday? Such a terrible thing to have happened… :frowning:

What kind of a women tells her husband something like that on their daughter’s birthday? The hell…that’s terrible.

So is the topic.

That was my thought. What kind of bitch tells her husband she’s leaving him at their 10 year old kids birthday dinner? Like really? That was the best time she could think of to break the news?

My sympathies to the daughter he killed and to the one who survived. Shits fuckin messed.

Bitch needed to learn timing. Dude probably knew his marriage was failing, but today was a day to be happy, and this bitch just drops this on him causing him to go over the edge.

Umm, ever came to think she did it at a place she thought she would be safe? From what i’ve read this dude was fucking unstable.

Still fucked timing in a way.

Except that’s the kind of thing that’d send someone over the edge. There are plenty of other times and (also public) places she could’ve chosen that’d have been better. I wont go as far as to say that the bitch deserved it, but that’s selfish as hell. She wants to leave him? fine, but even if he took the news like a normal human being what a shitty thing to do to your daughter at her birthday party. Way to tie her birthday in with the day her parents get divorced. She could’ve waited 12 hours until sometime the next day.

While no one could anticipate the husband’s response what’s interesting is that if she had chosen to think about her daughter, not chosen to break up with her husband on her daughter’s birthday, and certainly not with her in the same room her daughters may have both been alive and well today. She may have been dead, but at least they’d have lived.

So we have established that it is in fact not the white mans fault for this crime, but indeed the woman who drove him over the edge with her heartless ways.

Classic Srk.

Night folks.

…or the next god damned Steve Irwin.
i mean Bear Grylls is alright, but he ain’t no Steve Irwin :<

Indeed, they could have been in doggy, missionary, or reverse cowgirl position. But only in a few years.

My condolences for sure.

so the girl that survived, her birthday is now forever tied to this memory of dad flipping out and killing her mother and sister. That’s certainly “father of the year” material there. If I were one of the cops shooting the guy, I would’ve taken great pleasure in killing that piece of trash.

The smart thing to do was to TEXT the dude you were leaving his ass after taking the kids and moving to an undisclosed location.