Whining about Fei Long and Fei Long Players thread with some Hawk mixed in

So yeah. If you catch a guy the right way with the flying kicks, you can juggle w/ flame kicks.

More importantly, if you catch somebody with the proper spacing with a flying kick, you can get a really nice throw situation after their block stun.

Iunno any combos though…can anybody hook a brotha up?

Old school Fei combos that I remember:

Jump-in HK, Close HP x Rekkas

Super-Meaty Close HP, walkup HP x Rekkas

That is taken straight from the Fei Long (ST) Shoryuken Wiki Page

The only combo that I know of that worked in ST and doesn’t in Remix is the chicken wing comboing into a fierce punch xx 3 rekkas, Sirlin took that combo out by increasing the recovery time of the chicken wing.

The only new Remix combos involve the Flame Kick juggling because it didn’t have that property in ST.


forget about the flying kick combos though =(

I’m liking fei in this one, its just tough getting used to the weakened chicken wing. I’m used to throwing that move out and beating anything in the air besides chuns aerials. That definitely does not work anymore.

my experiences so far with lk chickenwing just tell me that i gotta play more. i tried it fullscreen, it was easy as hell to punish for dj, just walk up kick or even slide. really depressing.

also, the lag after chickenwing is driving me insane, i dont think i will play fei in HD remix, i dont feel like “unlearning” the old timing, then learning the new one. if i ever play normal ST, it will just screw with my timing.
if you ever end up behind your opponent after a chickenwing - which DOES happen every other match or so, depending on your playstyle - you are now in a disadvantageous situation.
you are so close that your enemy can throw you no matter what normal you use, so you are almost forced to use flamekick.

another thing, i always considered fei’s meaties integral to his gameplay, i guess that’s over now with the ultra-easy reversals.

oh and the juggle into flamekick is supposed to make up for the CW nerfs? seriously, they even made the anti-air priority of CW worse, so it’s less likely you hit in that situation.

Yeah, I learned that no more meaties seem to be allowed in HD Remix. I’ve gotten reversaled more times then I would like to count

What makes you think reversals are any easier in Remix? Sirlin only made the input window for the dragon punch type moves always 15 frames instead of a random 8-15, but you still have to time it so it comes out in 1 frame…

The motion is not what made reversals difficult, it was the precise timing - which hasn’t changed at all.

Maybe it is just me, but the corner trap potential with Fei seems greater in this version. The range of some of his normals “feels”* a lot friendlier for post-chickenwing pokes, into a chickenwing reset or rekka, into more pokes and repeat.

Fun, fun, fun, FUN, FUN! =)

  • feewing doesn’t mean shit in this discussion…just saying…

Anyway, change of topic, anyone have any good ideas on how to deal with Honda?

I played a couple today and spent the better part of the match huddled in a corner because he just headbutted any time I flinched. I know you can beat headbutt with a standing fierce, but it is hard to time and not real reliable. Flame kick would work if I could read minds, but I can’t so it usually doesn’t - unless I get lucky with a random one.

Headbutt is a good enough anti-air to beat my chicken wings most of the time, and blocked rekkas seem to lead to a free headbutt every time before I recover. Anyone know if you can rekka a blocked headbutt before it recovers?

Any other thoughts on this matchup?

vs. honda:

  • as you say, HP beats headbutt, it’s a 50/50 on which i personally only rely if i really really have to (far away from honda, need to get in)

  • if you get thrown after your rekkas, you probably do them with the wrong buttons. do them in this order: HP, MP, LP. that leaves you farther away, and they still can combo depending on the distance. If you do a max range HP rekka MP rekka, you can hit confirm into another MP rekka to make sure they combo.

  • sirlin suggests that the new rekka range should help deal with turtling hondas, also, afaik the hitbox of his slaps are a little worse.

Definitely keep Honda FAR FAR away from you. Up close is where Honda sodomizes Fei.

When he’s close keep your cool,
don’t try to read minds unless you really can,
block your ass off,
keep your eyes open for throw reversals,
if you see butt splash, dragon if you can, if you don’t feel confident with dragon, fierce rekka ken to run away,
if he torpedoes, use normals to push him out,
if he spams hundred slaps, especially fierce, may God help you,

if and when you have pushed him far away from you, a good strategy is to poke with rekka punches, but only at their farthest ranges so you have more time to block if he counter pokes, for the fierce, this is almost half screen away

short chicken wing to catch him blocking low as well as overhead

dragon kick the butt splashes and torpedoes if you’re fast enough as well as all air attacks

keep the space between yourself and him

if you do knock him down, go for the cross up shenanigans and/or tick throws as well as tons of meaties as Honda doesn’t have fast reversal

use the super at every opportunity you get, as this is one of Fei’s hardest matchups and no point in storing it

…and then wait for the patch that nerfs the hundred slaps as this move is hugely monstrous now, I find anyway.

Hope that helped. = )

i guess you mean keep him in your HP rekka max range? cause far away would make no sense at all. out-turtle honda? bad idea.

just use close HP instead if you dont feel confident.

he can negative edge reversal ochio every time and is safe.

You’re thinking of stored Ochio which has been removed from Remix.

eg Fei does tick throw, negative edge Ochio would be too slow to throw Fei first, while stored Ochio would kill any tick attempt

Negative edge Ochio would be useful offensively, not defensively.

eg Honda safe jumps with Jab, crouching Jab and holds down Jab for negative edge, performs Ochio motion and releases Jab. If Fei blocked everything, he’s butt slammed. If Fei reversal attacked, Honda is safe as releasing Jab doesn’t release any poke Jab and Honda can then block the reversal attack and go for the counter attack.

I still have major problems with runaway bisons. I’m a complete scrub when it comes to this match, and I have NO idea what to do

no, i was thinking of reversal ochio with negative edge input. I assumed we were talking about an okizeme situation, for example against fei’s meaties. i guess it comes down to how you like to set up your tick throws, some of them are definitely not that easy to ochio, while others just become pointless.

Honda still has his stored Ochio. Sirlin only took out Honda’s stored super.

pplcallmeGOD is correct, Honda still has his stored Ochio. Sirlin did however make Honda bounce the other way after the throw so it can’t be repeated in the corner. Predictable jump-ins are suicide against the stored throw unless Honda is crouching or you hit really late so you can combo into a ground move.

Good stuff, didn’t know that about the different strength rekkas. I will have to give that a try.

D’oh! (insert clip of Homer Simpson slapping his head here) My bad. I mixed up the 2 stored moves. Ochio is in, SUPER is out. Thanks for the reminder.

So…stored Ochio is in…my advice is then…don’t even bother attacking Honda…just put the controller down when you see Honda on the VS screen against Fei…and then kiss your ass goodbye cuz Fei is fucked.

Just kidding.

Fei will just have to limit his offense more now when meatying, probably just a 1-hit strike from far. Tick-throws will be DAMN NEAR impossible against an expert Honda player storing the Ochio now. Oh well…

Any tips against Claw? I keep getting rushed down. The only thing I could think to do is flame kick him out of the air, but my reaction time tends to be too slow.