Whiffed DP's

So I’m curious as to what I should do when an opponent whiffs a DP or I block it and then go flying up in the air. At the moment my only “Punish” is to follow up with my own DP (I get around 70dmg). I’m pretty sure there would be a way in which to capitalize on this in a better way and cause more damage. I’ve seen video’s of people waiting until they are closer to the ground and then doing a combo (eg. Akuma’s cr.hp - lk.tatsu - H.DP). When I attempt to do a cr.hp they get hit and then do that weird backflip thing and I can’t combo into the tatsu. Any help?

You have to hit them when they land. If you hit them in the air, they’ll do the flip recovery and won’t be hitable again.

How many frames are they still in recovery for. I always get blocked? (Use Ryu’s DP as an example if it is character specific).

Frame data is here on the wiki if you’re ever curious.


Plenty of time to punish. If you’re playing online, it can be more annoying though. Lag rules.

That’s the only frame data I’ve seen that lists the no. of frames after landing. So for Ryu’s light punch DP, I’d have ten frames to punish him after he lands before he can block again. (I’m a newbie when it comes to reading frame data, but this should put me on the right track)

Show more self-dependence, go into training mode and try it out. you can record moves with the player 2 site in training mode, so just record a view different dps with a block afterwards, then switch to P1, block the dps and try to punish as hard as you can.
As mentioned before, you must wait til they land.
In most cases you have more then enough time for a raw ultra, which is in most cases, the best punish.
But a hard attack (cr.hp), cancelled into a damaging special move (tatsu, dp), is also solid.

Cheers! I’m actually away from my console at the moment so I just thought I could ask. Thanks for the help, will try it out on Tuesday when I’m back home!

You could try something fancy like cr.LP while they’re still in the air, dash under, then whatever combo you like (assuming they don’t block the mix-up).

For what?
After a blocked dp you have guaranteed unscaled! damage. With a cr.lp reset you dont get anything, because its the first hit, in best case you get the cr.lp and then, the same punish you would have anyway, so the situation gives you (in the best case!! the damage of a cr.lp as an extra) but have risks, so it doesnt make sense.
Go for the safe damage.

cr.lp dash under resets are interesting when the damage is scaled very much, so after crumble and Focus attack, you can wait till they are airborne, then cr.lp dash under for a damage reset, but after a blocked dp it doesnt make any sense at all.

This is a dumb idea. Just do a real punish.

The reason I mentioned it is because he said he has trouble timing it when the DP’er lands. With the reset, it should time it perfectly for them to land and he can follow up with a ground combo. If you don’t time it with them landing, it will reset anyway. So, in the meantime, he might as well do something a bit less strict on the timing.

And then it gets blocked or he gets uppercutted again. Unnecessary resets are either a mistake or a call-out. It’s like saying “Hey if you’re not confident in your BnB just let it go and throw” (awful advice). It’s going to lead to bad habits and him giving away games that he actually should have won if he would have been confident in his punishes. He should just practice the real punish until he gets it down, and just do that. Period.

How is a mix-up a bad habit? It’s not like someone would go for that everytime. It’s just a buffer until he gets a normal punish down. If he panics he can just use that instead of facerolling the controller. Besides, he could get blocked or uppercut if he waits too long anyways. So much ass pain over giving the guy an option. The best one? No. Still an option nonetheless and an easy one at that.

It’s not an option. Don’t teach people garbage like that.

A real option would be to dash under the blocked dp (without the lp shit) when you get him into the corner afterwards (still time for heavy attack cancelled into special afterwards)!
Thats the only alternative I can think of at the moment.
But in general a FA lvl2 or a ultra is better then the ~20 frames you need for the dash, but some characters benefit more from having their opponent cornered (fei long, Dudley etc.)

Regardless of whether you agree in it being a good idea, it’s still an option. The very definition of an option is “a thing that is or may be chosen”. God forbid anyone tries something in SF that isn’t “optimal”. There’s no harm in trying it once. If it fails, move on, otherwise just pocket it for another time you feel like using it. I’m not talking about trying it for the damn Evo finals. This is a pub online. At least Mission is giving actual alternatives, while keeping the central idea in place.

Thanks for the response everyone! Will try it out in the lab tonight and check out all of them (general punish, lp-dash, dash and corner them etc.) This forum is actually the most helpful tool you can use to get better. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Or he could just practice the punish. If he screws it up, fine, but there’s no reason to go for some wonky non-guaranteed reset when he could get a full punish.

Full punish is the way to go. What character are you using?

Akuma. I have got down the c.hp -> lk.tatsu -> DP. Does around 300dmg and uses no meter :slight_smile: