Which state is southtown located in?

i need help on my geography test, can somebody remind me what state Southtown is in again?

somewhere near Provinceton, USA.


Southtown, Alamaba…35976.
Look it up.

close thread We already found 2 of the many southtown reps here.

i thought it was in maine

you idiot. maine is in maryland



this is too good

Its located in wapanese state for sure (and there engrish is the main language)

This, as I witnessed several peeps being given one-way trips to Southtown in MD.

southtown always seemed like a detroit or a chicago to me

C-C-C-Combo breaker!

Southtown is based on Detroit. At least I think it is. Next people are going to ask where Metro City is

metro city is based on new york in the 80s. fact (developers have said so in interviews)

somewhere in china next to their one million kof machines. :confused:

its 2 miles from metro city

digimonemporer, is your signature a quote from snkfiend?

Southtown is in a state of perpetual chaos.

Submarine piracy, organized crime, random street brawls, blonde-haired, mental retardation (there’s gotta be something in the water, just look at Terry and Mary and their inability to speak proper English despite being born-and-bred Americans…), the best and brightest leaving for Japan (Andy, Rock)…Southtown’s future is pretty grim, when you think about it.

Nope it’s directly from me.