Which site will cover Sengoku Basara X (Cross)? SRK or DL?

I was talking this over with people from both sides, and obviously patrons of either side claim it as theirs.

We have the GG community over at Dustloop claiming dibs as SBX is developed by Arc. But seeing as how the game is considered officially as Capcom’s first original 2D fighter since 2004 (even though they aren’t developing it) wouldn’t SRK’s Capcom-obsessed fanboys be all over this game like Oprah on a baked ham?

It would not be the first time SRK would cover a fighting game not developed by Capcom, last time they did that was for the game we should never ever bring up ever again.

So, what’s the consensus on this? Oh and use the poll as well.

Dustloop its makes more sense

I chose the generic funny option

dat madden

Imma have to go wit da madden. ya dig?

It’s all bout dat new Madden yo.

I guess it doesn’t really matter, since almost every game is covered on SRK anyway. I’m sure Sengoku BASARA X threads will be all over both forums.

The only way to settle this is a slap fight.

well dustloop is full of anime fags but its also got far less general idiots thanks to their less tolerant moderation policy…so personally i’d probably say DL is better

i voted dustloop because i’m an anime fag

I voted for that Madden, son. You can’t ignore the offseason antics of Michael Vick. He’s also my new hero.

But yeah, does it really matter? We already have a thread here in FGD.

DL can cover it if they want but like Deathscythe said, we have a thread already. People make threads in FGD on any game regardless of another forum specializing in it.

Damn when dat new Madden droppin son?

I think the important thing to know here is that only one internet forum can have information on the game. I’m deadly serious. If you type information into SRK about it, it gets deleted from DustLoop because the internet hates redundancy. WHY MUST THE INTERNET BE SO CRUEL AND UNCARING.

I think the OP meant which site will have legit info; be the source for all things Sengoku Basara X?

I mean, yeah, we technically have a ^Core thread, but I guarantee that DL will probably have more/better information overall. Conversely, DL might have a random 3S thread somewhere, but SRK will have the best info to offer.

At least, that’s how I interpreted it…

August…dat means its NEW MADDEN MONTH! Drop it like its hot ya’ll.

Dustloop might make a sub-forum like they did for Hokuto no Ken. Who knows, I’m not the admin of DL.

“DAAAYYYYYUMM,I feel sorry for dat cat Vince Young…”

On topic.I am staying over here,just because it has more of a warm feeling(no homo).

Game is supposedly due out late December,and the info I got from the other topic said that this game was being developed both by ArcSystWorks,and the Sengoku Basara staff.How much involvement the Sengoku Basara development staff actually has,who knows…

Oh and what is this game that should never ever be brought up again?

Werd I wanna know too.

^^ It’s Snk vs. Capcom

Can’t we all get along, lol ;).

I think it will depend on the gameplay/style of the game. SRK will always be SF’s Home. However Arc’s most likely will be DL. Both have their target audiences and market share. The only way we can reverse that, is if the users at SRK embrace the game and promote, and write detailed information, on gameplay mechanics etc, so SRK becomes the source.

Its all up to the users really.