Which is the better version for 3s? CPSIII, xbox, or PS2?

Can anyone tell me which is the better version for 3s? CPSIII, xbox, or PS2?

CPS3 obviously, but you have to deal with the suicide battery sooner or later.

Other than that, the PS2 is the best alternative, but if you are hell bent on having the Xbox version, then that version is fine as well.

Is there differences in game play? on PS2 & Xbox is there anything off when playing? Maybe something is missing?

ya cps3 all the way.

Many here poo poo the dc version. However, the arguments may not be holding up anymore.

This guy did a comparison between cps3 and dc 3rd strike and found that there was no button lag at all unless you’re using analog signals (i.e. the triggers)

though his comparison doesn’t go in depth enough to disprove what people have been saying for years, it maybe be something to watch. I’d like to see some videos myself.


anyone care to comment on this?

If he can’t notice the slight differences then he must be blind because I can sure see them.

Point them out.

Asuming the image on the left is the CPSIII, which I think it is, the image on the left is in focus more than the image on the right. Also the hoods are different sizes. Very very minimal differences, but they’re still there. It is hard to judge though because he’s never indicated which is which.

Sorry for the mega upload, I tried to keep the image in bmp format for quality, but it’s still too large for image shack. Doesn’t really matter, it’ll only take a minute to download.


Imo these are nothing to be fussy about, they both look perfectly fine. But to say there is no difference when clearly there is is just idiotic.

ya I can see some slight difference there. I think the real question is about the button lag though.

I wish I could try out my dc 3rd strike but it’s god a lame scratch on the gdrom and wont boot up =/

Demon Dash: PNG is a lossless format for pictures, its basicly the equivalent of zipping a pic and unzipping it, smaller file sizes with no loss in quality.

Just thought you might want to know :tup:

Even if you don’t count button lag on the DC version, the speed is WAY faster. This makes confirms (kens and chuns) almost impossible. Alot of the juggles are off because of the speed too. Even some of the damage is crazy (Yun’s st.FP does more damage on the DC version the his palm in GJ combos)

What that guy says in his post about technical stuff maybe true, but the stuff about gameplay differences that are up for “debate” like the removed UBs, screwed up GJ, harder hitconfirms and etc. is just well, in this day and age after all the years of debate is laughable.

Good comparison tho, it’s just that, there’s more to what’s wrong with the DC version than graphical differences.

I wrote that article on Candy Cabinet City. Did you try loading the dreamcast version in non-interlaced mode? It’s not blurry like it is in interlaced mode. It looks exactly like the CPS3 version. I loaded them both on the same monitor. The only reason you see slight “differences” in the pictures is because its not of the exact same frame. Also it’s very difficult to capture a perfect image of a screen. I had some pictures that looked “sharper” on the dreamcast and vise-versa because of capturing the image in a certain light source. IMHO it looks the same. Visually. There is not lag if you use a controller with all digital buttons. L and R on the dreamcasts official control is analog and uses a magnetic system. Therefore the button presses are not instant. Like I said I’m not hardcore, I’ve just got great vision. Running this game on an Astro City cabinet. It looks the same. Period.



Question I would ask is why would you think to compare which is better CPS3 version of 3rd Strike or PS2/X-box. CPS3 is the arcade version for crying out loud :annoy:. PS2 version is the closest version to it.

I’m thinking the guy meant which is the closest version to the CPS3 version. :wink:

I hope… :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I think BigEd80 hit the nail on the head, the thread starter is comparing and asking which version is the best out of the arcade, and console versions. :confused: :wasted:

Like I said I hoped…heh. :lol:

also in the cps3 version, after ken does a low fwd, ex fb on chun, chun can reversal sa2. she can’t do it on the ps2 version. Doing ken’s c.mp confirm on a standing opponent is easier in cps3 as well. Cps3 all the way if you can get it. Otherwise the ps2 version will suit you just fine.

Personally, I find the parrying on DC is requires earlier inputs than on arcade.

He created the exact same thread in FGD for some reason.


And it got much better answers there.

Now a better question would be what does the PS2 version of SF3:3S play more closely in terms of which version of CPS3, Version A or Version B (if this hasn’t been already answered, if so point me to the correct thread), if that’s the correct terminology. I came across this info about two different versions of the CPS3 version of Third Strike before, but only skimmed that information.