Which game helped your execution/reaction the most?

For me it was probably Tekken 3. Before that I spent most of my time with SF so it took me a while to learn the different timings, multi-press combos and to react to different things etc, but in the end it really improved my execution and reaction. That was more than 10 years ago though and these days I’m completely hopeless at fighting games.

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In terms of execution, it was probably Guilty Gear and Capcom vs Snk 2. In terms of reaction it was probably all those random shmups I played, lol.

In terms of reaction, kof…in terms of execution, probably Melty BLood

Not SF4, that’s for sure. My SRK commands have gotten so sloppy due to the sensitivity of the command inputs. I would say CvS2 helped me the most. It helped with motion commands, buffering, and strict links.

I feel like I always can go back to Alpha since I can do shit in all the SF games except that one without a bit of time to get used to the movements again.

But yeah, SF4 won’t help you with shit and is detrimental to play unless you’re already really good at the other games and won’t change your input style for it.

Street Fighter Alpha 2 teached me everything i know now.

KOF 12

I don’t know why, but something about the timing required for certain aspects of that game just improved everything else.

Prior to that? Alpha 3.

A3 is tough. Marvel made me into a man.

Guilty Gear for d-pad (psp one no less, taught me how to SRK and the other motions) and Melty Blood for stick. (taught me how to combo with jump cancels and stuff and sheild system helped reactions)

Marvel for reaction time. But for execution it had to be Tekken 2. The grab links for King are strict as hell.

Marvel made other games slow.

You want a game that will make you a man? Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Super Turbo / Alpha 3.

Super Turbo

it sure as hell didnt teach you english…

st + alpha 2/3 + 3s for input reaction and precision

and yes in terms of both reaction and precision, sf4 will make you an infant. i too pity the kids who are getting their start here.

Lol mvc2 makes a man? News to me. Real men are made by rigorous ass beatings in Guilty Gear.

I know the input system is a bit sloppy and forgiving in SFIV, but from the sheer amout of time spent in the practice mode, I’d say that helped my execution more than anything else. Time spent on Akira’s complex counter game in VF5 and working on just-frame moves in Soul Cal have also really helped my execution and reaction time.

Never played Guilty Gear. But I heard that game is hard.


you were referring to gameplay.

Because…you know…

ST. That game is brutal on the inputs and just requires you to play to your characters strengths in a way that few other games accomplish.