Which fighters would you like to see get made?

While we now got SSFIV and are anticipating MvC3, BB: CS, and KOF XIII, what kinds of fighters would you like to see get made in the future?

I want:

Darkstalkers 4
Capcom vs SNK 3
Tatsunoko vs Capcom 2 (this time on 360/PS3)
Rival Schools 3
Power Stone 3
Star Gladiator 3
Boody Roar 5
Guilty Gear X3 (for 360/PS3)
King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 3
Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown for consoles
Dead or Alive 5 (or a DOAU-style upgrade for 4)
Soul Calibur V (being better balanced and having more content than IV)

in other words…u pretty much want everything…

Well there are other fighters like Battle Arena Toshinden and Psychic Force, but I think most people would rather play SC than BAT.

Well one of those can be removed from the list…

Hyopthetically, having an Evo-style tournament with the existing games, the upcoming games, and the games I listed altogether would be pretty epic.

man, Tobal 2 really needs to be turned into tobal 3 or tobal 2 tag. I would love to see a brand new version of this game take over tekken\VF market. Tobal 2 uses more of the 3d element than either of the other, newer games do and the game was made in 1997. It also has THE BEST throw mechanic ever in a fighting game. Its on the level of MMA stuff.

Its a real shame developers from tekken\VF didn’t steal MORE of what is in Tobal 2. You see games like SF2 WW where the “crossup” accidentally gets thrown into existence. I don’t think tobal 2 has any stand out glitches such as that but its the concept that a new element is here and it can be implemented incredibly. Tobal 2 has a lot of those elements that no series has really stole properly or used equally as well.

Like a tobal 2.5 would be god like and could compete with any 3d fighter. Beef up every characters models to look as visually appealing as other fighters and just add good net play. The engine is finely tuned for as much knowledge there is about the game. You can pretty much let the engine ride as is and it would actually be relevant today.

No, it would be a mess that took a month to finish.

I’m still waiting for another Eternal Champions

So a finished version of Kakuto Chojin with Tobal 2’s grapple system?

I personally would like an Arc System Works Afro Samurai game.

How the fuck did I forget to mention that!? We definitly need a Tobal 3!!!

no, for some reasons. During dream factory’s existence, it was consisted of several teams a long the way. There was a team in place that made tobal 1 and 2. Once tobal was done, another team took over then making games like bouncer\ehrgeiz and kakuto chojin. The tobal team eventually went to tekken\VF and blended into their teams after tobal 2. Which is you see a lot of the concepts from tobal in those games, but not all though.

2 different dev teams under the same name. I wouldn’t lump tobal in with kakuto chojin and ehrgeiz.

how many 2d fighters are competitively played? ssf4, mvc2, 3s, cvs2, HDR\ST, GG\BB, kof, I can keep going… how many competitive 3d fighters are there 2? tekken\vf? yea soul calibur is around but no one has even shitted on that series in a while. Thats how far its gone lol. Tobal could easily fill the void of another 3d fighter title. Square is still around today, I can see it happening.

What are you trying to say…



Seriously, if Square had made Tobal 3 for the arcades (or even an updated port of Tobal 2) back in the day, the 3D fighting game scene would be much different today. THAT SHIT WAS GOOD!

It might have even helped Square successfully break away from being an RPG company (which they were trying to back in the 90’s).

Other than that, I’d love to see a new Darkstalkers, but whoever makes it has to respect what made VS so good.

Also, CvS3 on a 2.5D engine, if only so that they can create character models based on different artist’s art styles. Newer KoF characters (Ash, Betty) done in Shinkiro’s style, etc.

ok so this is a dumb thread buuuuuuuuuuut

fighters megamix 2 and or vf vs tekken

Wishlist thread but whatever,

Guilty Gear X3
Dark Stalkers 4
ST arcade perfect console port

DOA 5 (no)
Soul Caliber 5 (give the dog a mercy killing)


You ain’t Henaki.

I want it all:

  • money, fast cars, diamond rings, gold chains and champagne… shit, every damn thing!
  • houses, expenses, my own business, a truck, and a couple of Benz’s
  • brand new socks and drawls
  • ballin’ every time I stop and talk to y’all

If you don’t want them, don’t play them. I’d rather they come out.
Definetely Guilty Gear X3 and Darkstalkers 4 though.

I really do think ASW could make a good Afro Samurai game.
Afro, Kuma, Rokutaro (Afro’s dad), Okiku, Sword Master, Brother 6 (plays like jagi from HNK and Face from BF), Afro Droid, Justice, Sio, Shichigoro and Brother 4&5 (together).

A new Jojo fighter would own

Yes. One with all of the currently completed series (maybe wait for SBR to end?) would be amazing. Crazy JoJo vs. JoJo would be fun imo.

Or just Stardust Crusaders would still be awesome.
Or really any JoJo fighting game really.

A real SF4.

With the old producer and all that shit.