Which character got under your skin the most?

Before anyone even starts, I must exclude Phoenix and Wolverine from this discussion. I’ve heard plenty of those two for a lifetime. Think of this as a vent, to get all that salt out of the system, it feels good. That being said, this should be fun, since UMvC3 is coming soon, and there will be a new shipment of salt to be had there. So before that arrives, I just wish to know about who made you work for your money the most. I’m not just talking to the hardcore gamer either. I wish to hear from the people who play casually online or otherwise as well.

Personally, I found Ammy made me produce the most salt. It didn’t help that she was small, but her attack priority was her face (ankle biting dog). Not to mention she has all the gifts from God when it comes to attacks, infinite projectile/hit counter, and a strong air throw. And have you tried projectiling that dog, the most irrating thing I’ve ever done. So even if I figure out one way she fights, she can change everything by changing weapons. I had alot of trouble with that cold star assist as well, my roomate always manages to use it at the right time with his Zero to always extend his combo or otherwise. Sure I manage to win too, but mostly by overkill or unnecessary use of meter or x-factor. If I did use x-factor early and killed her, I would sometimes get subject to my enemy’s x-factor 2-3 from his other chars with no safety from chip. All from that crazy wolf/goddess. I’m actually laughing at UMvC, since Ammy may be one of those characters that squeezes by with no real change. Sleeping giant I tell ya. But in the end I feel I have a better grasp and not so much hate as I did. In fact, everytime I fight Ammy I get better, so it’s not all bad.

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Zero. It’s not even like fighting a character. You’re just fighting this invincible entity as soon as the round starts and you somehow have to land a hit on it or it will TOD you. Fuck that shit. LOL.

I gotta agree with this one. Zero is the only character that makes me question why I even bother with this game. If you beat Zero, it’s because he let you IMO.

Online? Wesker. That dude is one of the characters where online lag minimum ally effects him.

Offline? Zero. I have decided to take the if you cant beat him join him approach now.

Zero & Tron for me. Cause they both have easy LONG friggin damaging combos. Add a assist or two, xfactor, DHC, or team super and the char is for-sure dead and overkill. Thank goodness UMvC3 got rid of the DHC glitch, people died as fast & easily as it is already. When playing against both I think a smart strategy is to keep your distance well, run away a bit - especially in the air, and camp with tons of projectiles with the point char / assist projectiles cause one hit on you = pretty much dead

Modok’s mobility and flexibility is awesome. Great versatile char. Minus his fat hitbox :rofl:. Love his offensive & defensive options. Especially his godlike defensive and his run away game with air battering rams + cubes + air balloon bombs + calling out assists when landing, then repeat. (doom missles rules). Annoying yes & forces the opponent to come to you instead of you to them. Modok, teh cheap-people-killer… FTW :smokin:

I don’t care how many people tell me he’s not cheap or whatever but Sentinel drives me off the fucking deep end every time I see him. One hit and the most simplistic combo ever and my character is almost dead or dead depending on whether or not he knows how to relaunch.

Top 3 charcter based aggravations in Marvel:

Viper: The fact that she exists in this form, I’ve fought K-beast and MarlinPie. focus into EX seismo is incredibly obnoxious for not sane reasons.

Runaway Zero: I don’t mind when Zero’s in close despite him being good there, solid zoning with buster although beatable requires a significant deal of patience from every non Dante character. I don’t like exercising such patience.

Shuma-Gorath: When the game first came out I was aggravated at the dog’s hitbox, then I fought Shuma Gorath and although as a character I don’t think he’s too great, he’s just so bizarre when he gets hit. Passing through crouching Jill or standing Storm is also pretty obnoxious.

Runaway Wesker.

Burn in hell.

me too man. when i see that hunk of metal, i already lose confidence and say its over. However, the character i hate most is akuma. his tatsu is unbelievable. not only does it eat some attacks but it also gives the user a hard knockdown. Thank god UMVC3 is gonna nerf him a bit

magneto and zero. mag i cant figure out if hes going to zone me with lame or rush me down with unseeable high lows… and invariably i get caught blocking or in the deadspace that is sent drones and i know im already fucked.

zero… walking ball of bs priority so it would seem that blocking is the way to beat him… but those mixups are stupid… so you cant press a button and you cant block either… what to do? just die.

and ammys airthrow… oh lord that makes me want to break consoles.

Runaway Wesker, Corner Zero, :h::h::h::h::h::h: Amaterasu, Auto Tron, Magic Pixel Dante…

And Sentinel Drones Assist screw up EVERYTHING!

I have to agree with you, Zero would be my second. I doesn’t help that zero with ammy cold star assist is deadly. An opening on zero can be nullified the moment she has his back. At best zoning can do alot, but a smart zero will always stay in your face. Oh and didn’t ammy have a meter builder assist too…really?

Trying to think about which specific characters have the longest post-match victory speeches because online you can’t fucking skip it that shit. Thanks Capcom. This is compounded by the phenomenal lack of character variety online. Other than that though nothing really comes to mind.

LOL. I can count at least 2 or 3 people that I’ve played with offline that purposely reached over and pressed the buttons on my stick so they can skip past Doom’s victory pose. I guess the opposing player can’t skip it because they always mash on my stick’s buttons to get the match going faster. This game is so salt inducing even outside of the actual match.

Of course when they do that I always end up saying “HEY I LIKE DOOM’S WIN POSE! WTF!!”

Brain dead combos that do 700k-900k or more. I’m looking at you wolverine.

Wolverine: You got a problem, bub?

Me: No…

Akuma. I just hate Akuma.

1-Ammy’s air throw
Shit is fucking ridiculous.

2- XfcLvl3 Wesker and Akuma
the fact that their combos can kill in so little time gives them so many more times to mix you up while on x factor than most other chars.

  1. Zero and Amaterasu, particularly if in the air.
    They’re small, and they’re made of hitboxes. I don’t even bother trying to hit them, I just wait for the j.H and use a counter super.
  2. Runaway Zero
    I knew Zero’s Buster was ridiculous, I just recently realized how ridiculous something as simple as Hadangeki and Lvl 2 buster shots ad nausium can be. Its just a literal wave of shit. With Sougenmu? Zero + Drones = nigh unbeatable zoning.
  3. Online Shuma-Goraths, the reason? TREMBLE! TREMBLE! TREMBLE! TREMBLE!

Akuma coming out with X-factor level 3. Random beams aren’t the problem, it’s more like: “lol try and guess which high priority tatsu Imma spam next and if you pushblock to punish I’m just gonna beam and chip off bare of your health anyway lololol. If tatsu hits, spazzed combo which consists of: :s: > :l: :m: > tatsu xx BEAAAMM. Sometimes I get random high speed demon flips and air hadous cuz Im tatsu-ing so hard!!”

Ammy and her bitchlike option select and hitbox.

1 - Runaway/zoning Zero: seriously, why the hell should someone with that kind of crazy hitbox also have a super fast and powerful air to surface fireball?
2 - Ammy air throw: Hi all I’m gonna do is to mash C and get a free full screen hyper in your face all day long
3 - Trish: she’s designed solely to be as annoying as possible
4 - People that keep spamming that one move for the whole fucking match whether or not it hasn’t worked for the past 25 times: Pipe, Sentinel jC jS, Akuma tatsu, wesker gun diagonal teleport, taskmaster swing swing S repeat… it’s not like I can’t punish any of that, it’s just sad to see people spamming the same shit thinking I’ll eventually break under pressure (which also, sadly, I do lol)

Bonus - Tron: half screen ground bounce (adf S) or hard knock down (adf H) that leads to a ToD combo…oh yea, she can do it off of air throw too, ez mode OS and cross ups