Where would dante rank in the darkstalkers

i really want to no if he can run with the big dogs in the makai world. i have a friend’s that on dante’s dick he thinks this scrub can go anywhere and kill everyone. am just sick of it, i no he’s strong but i don’t think he can handle the likes of Demitri and others in the darkstalker world. so sano and people who no what they are talking about post up. i want to no who he can beat and who he can’t beat.

In all honesty I think Dante would destroy all of the Darkstalkers. Near unlimited ammo, can survive sword stabs, lighting bolt attacks, can stay under water for a very long time and this is all before he reverts to Demon mode and I’m not even going into the bad Ass he is in DMC3 where he actually gets fighting game moves (parrying, Shin Shoryuken style move in Sword Slinger, a mock Hadouken in Gunslinger mode, an AERIAL RAVE, etc.) While Mundis is not Satan Capcom confirmed that he equals Satan who was defeated by Dante. The Darkstalkers equivalent of Satan, Belail beat the crap out of Demitri, one of the strongest DS characters.

Your friend is right. Dante just may be Capcom’s most powerful character. Only other character to take down an equivalent of Satan is Arthur but he had the help of magical armor. I don’t think Arthur can hang with DS or Dante seeing as how he’s useless if he gets hit once. But I’m not sure we want to include super cartooney Arthur in the conversation…

Anyway, from the ground up Dante was created as a character who can take almost anything and kick everyone’s Ass. I don’t think he has any serious rivals in Capcom. Maybe his brother, but Dante even wins that in the end. There are some Marvel characters in MVC2 that would destroy the guy if it helps.

so you think he can kill Belial Aensland Galnan Voshtal Jedah Dohma. i don’t no about that. maybe he can take out jedah or galanan ( only cuz’s he’s made old) but belial i think not it would end there.

It’s all subjective anyways. I think Dante will have all those guys for lunch. When he fought Mundis, he started tossing huge fireballs at the guy and his sword grew about 30 feet long. Dante is not one to be underestimated.

Just for fun, in the first comic book issue of Devil May Cry there was an interview with the guy who created Dante from Capcom. They asked him would win in a fight, Dante or Tyrant. He said Dante and it’s not that difficult to defeat Tyrant since regular human beings do it.

If Capcom ever continues the Devil May Cry 2 storyline where he rides his motorcycle straight into the belly of Hell, we may have an even clearer answer regarding how strong he is compared to Darkstalker characters.

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Raccoon city is probably at the bottom of the list when it comes to power tiers.

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:rofl: That was really funny guys!

Ha, Dante would be the one stalking the Darkstalkers. He’s pimp-infinite

I would have to say Dante would be alot stronger than Demitri and Morrigon. i think it could be a tie between dante and jedah. Dante is one powerful badass guy too so theirs no way he can lose to the likes of felicia and queen bee.

Dante isnt capcoms only strongest guy ever. MegeMan X could be stronger than dante and the rest of capcoms characters. when X fights one of the bad guy in X5 i think, the bad guy analyze X and say his potential was unlimited. if X power can surge to new heights, then X is definetly one strong maverick hunter.

Sakura has unlimited potential. Doesn’t mean much until the potential is fullfiled. X hasn’t done anything really major other than defeat Sigma and sometimes Zero has had to help him along with the quest and save his life like he did in X1. X tells Zero if he ever goes maverick for Zero to kill him. Meaning there is still the off chance that Zero is either stronger or close, or X has of yet not reached his full potential.

Megaman X can at best shoot Dante. Dante’s survived a thunderbolt attack. Any of X’s other “gifts” he recieved from other robots wouldn’t be anything Dante hasn’t encountered or can deal with or survive.

Dante is Capcom’s bad ass. He is designed to defeat everybody no matter what the situation calls for. You can bet if he and anyone else from Capcom fight he will win fairly or if not pull out some Wolverine-esque jobbber aura crap (performing an impossible act thanks to writers bugging out like bone claw Wolverine slicing Onslaught, thank you Sagatryu for explaining jobber aura to me again!) and he will pull out a win. It’s not enough for him to defeat the Silver Surfer or anything but it’s just enough for him to do away with whatever Capcom’s got. X on the other hand has been in situations where he needed bailing out. They are clearly showing you that X is not ‘Dante-esque.’

Sano you should be the Un-official CAPCOM historian for SRK! :clap:

I’ve played and beaten almost every Capcom Game and I know a lot about the Different CAPCOM Storylines for A lot of Characters, But when I read your posts I always learn something new that i never knew before. :wow:

I salute you. :pray:

Don’t salute a guy who spent every Friday night of his high school years playing Megaman and Street Fighter II. Go out and grab some sunlight! Quick!

So what about Samanosuke and Yagyu Jubei? They can kick some demon ass too. Plus, they have that instant-kill issen move, which, although he has it too, Dante has to charge up to activate. And they can devil trigger too (sort of).

Good one. I think Dante would win those fights myself but I could actually see him loosing given their transformations and their experience fighting demons, plus the fact Onimusha Nobunaga is pretty God like.

Still, Dante can take an abnormal amount of punishment. Let’s say for arguments sake that cutting Dante would prolly release yellow orbs they could absorb to heal themselves balancing that out since people seem to want a Dante loss. :rofl:

so what about compared to pyron? cant he be planet size?

remember DMC1 ??

YES ! holy water !! it reduces the boss life by 80%

Pyron : " AAAAAAAGH I’M MELTING !!!~~ "

i believe onimusha means "demon slayer " right ?? so ??

is very very lame to see dante doing that …rising dragon


Sunlight is Over Rated :razzy: j/k

I’m assumng you probably have a pretty impressive collection of Capcom Parapheneliia.

Got any pics?

As far as pics of merchandise go, the people who sent in pics to the SF Studio Udon comics of their SF stuff owned my Ass…

Pyron can destroy a planet, and become planet size and step on people but he won’t, that’s not his agenda. He will challenge the strongest fighters first, if he wins then he will destroy the planet. This is how he lost to Demitri.

Even if Pyron can, I don’t think Capcom will ever allow the Earth to get blown up. Space station sent down blocking out the sun forcing society to move underground like MMX, sure. Earth covered in water in Megaman Legends? Check. But the Earth itself blowing up, it’s kind of depressing. It’s like all the guys in Dragon Ball Z who can destroy the planet but still loose because they are not going to allow the Earth to blow up and if that happens expect a very special Christmas style Dragon Ball wish…

But if you want to talk specifics, sure. Pyron and the upper Darkstalker classes can destroy the Earth from a distance killing Dante, you, me, everybody but I think EA will survive somehow. :badboy: But, those aren’t really fights and we are talking fights so… expect the anti-hero Dante to save the world…