Where to buy a custom stick with led Sanwa buttons?

Are there any good custom shops out there that use led Sanwa buttons?

I am checking with the people at arcade in a box, partially because of their rep but also because I want something that can be used on both systems.

I can make you one however Sanwa buttons dont take to leds very well. You would want seimitsu buttons.

Your best chance is to find someone who’s willing to do an LED mod around here. I’ve done one before and it was no easy task (prepare for tons of wire organization), but it was completed.

Here it is:

Can’t Sanwa OSBN/OSBF-30 switches be put inside of PS-14-KN buttons so you get the Seimitsu look with Sanwa feel in the buttons? Just curious.

Oh, I thought Sanwa made LED buttons. Hrm, I guess there isn’t a huge difference but I did want to say with Sanwa.

That mod in the video is awesome.

What I am looking for is a completely custom stick with Sanwa parts and the LED mod. I guess I should do a little more research first though since you’re saying I should use Seimitsu for LED.

Yes you can. I did it with my Moka stick a while back.

I can build you a custom stick. I can led mod it. I can use seimitsu buttons. I can add sanwa switches to those buttons so they feel like sanwas. All i need is time and your $$$. :slight_smile:

that’s a $ick LED mod.

With the PS-14-K’s back in stock, it is totally possible to put Sanwa SW-68 switches inside of a Seimitsu button for the almost identical feel.

Screw in KN switches are a lot bigger than the Sanwa SW-68 switches so you cannot replace them. The snap in K’s however are compatible.

Sanwa does not make transparent buttons. Once upon a time they used to make buttons with clear centers for art, but that was a long time ago and the last set of 6 I saw on the trading out let they where going for $150.

RGs are like google stock at the moment.

Since I have never compared myself, is there really a huge difference between Sanwa and Seimitsu? I just know the feel of Sanwa and they feel fine to me. Not sure what I am gaining over Seimitsu.

Besides Sanwa buttons not coming in clear. The difference is that Seimitsu buttons are just the slightest touch stiffer. Basically the most minimum stiffness to be able to tell the difference if you are comparing them side by side. I can barely tell the difference.

Sanwa buttons don’t light up very well, nor do they come in transparent colors. All Sanwas are opaque. Because the way the inner button is molded, you will get an x pattern if you put LEDs in them.

On the far right the two right white buttons are Sanwa. Notice the X like pattern from the LEDs. This particular stick is using a LED controller board called the FGWidget LED controller. The six buttons on the left are discontinued PS-14-p pearl buttons. You probably won’t find them.

These are Seimitsu PS-14-KNs with an LED mod. This is an old school basic LED mod. Sanwa does not make butttons that look like those.

Also there are Rollie pushbuttons that are really good alternatives. I replaced the White buttons on that Chun li TE with white Rollies and they light up nice. Also on the Red TE I used transparent Rollie buttons. What makes them cool is that the default switches can be replaced with the same ones used in Sanwa buttons.

Well, I wouldn’t mind buttons that are a little more stiff. If you had to choose for an LED mod though, which way would you go, Rollie or Seimitsu? Are the Rollie just the buttons themselves or the switches too?

Rollie buttons have their own switches, but they can be replaced with sanwa switches if you like. They have clear and pearl, and the pearl takes LED lights quite well

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If I could only choose one I would go with white Rollie pearl buttons from

Rollie Electronics

And also order 6 Sanwa SW-68 switches to replace the default ones.

So far Rollie default switches have not failed on me, and nobody has used them long enough to determine if they die any more or less quickly. I would think that they are probably the same.

I have not tested how colored Rollie pearls.

Really just look at the videos I posted above and pick what ever you think looks best.

Butteroj does good work and will answer any questions you have when it comes to building a stick.

I commissioned him monday to build me a dual mod custom, and am very happy that i went with him. His prices are fair, and he is an honest man.

As far as LEDs in Sanwa’s, from what i gather they wont glow much…not like you want it to. Seimitsu and rollie’s light up the night however. I see some people suggesting you put sanwa switches with seimitsu buttons. this isnt a bad idea…but try out seimitsu’s in their natural state…you might fall in love. when it comes down to it…a button is a button…and when you press it as long as it engages the switch properly than it did its job.

Yeah but if you ever tried a Yenox button, you would realize that some buttons may be too stiff or lack the hair trigger response needed to pull off complicated button motions. It know its harder for me to hit them 1 frame links with happ or yenox buttons because the hard springs affect my execution and button press timing.

Between Sanwa and Seimitsu the difference is negligible.

Another great point from RTD! i have never even heard of this kind of button lol!!..

But as your post states…i was mainly referencing the difference between sanwa and seimitsu. As soon as Butter finishes my stick, I’ll be able to make a self comparison between the two different companies buttons.

@RTD-- you say that happ buttons have stiff springs? Do they really? cause i’m looking to get one of the Mortal Kombat 9 Sticks when they come out and would love to know if i should order some replacement buttons as soon as i can.

BTW RTD you have beautiful work! I’m only plugging butter’s work cause he’s the person i went to lol!

Any of the Custom stick builders with positive feedback on this site are all great fellas who do AMAZING work!! They are also all great business men and will do whatever they must to make their customer happy!
Thanks for any knowledge fellas!

Happs are stiffer, but still playable. I would just stick with them.

Thanks for the tip RTD! So in your opinion, the happs aren’t as stiff as the yenox???

I’m pulling numbers out my ass here on comparing stiffness,

but if sanwa buttons take 5 grams of pressure to push, seimitsu is 6 grams, then Happs are 7.5 grams and Yenox buttons are 10grams.