Where is the tournament? In the comics*

This is bugging me the most out of everything. Street Fighter is a TOURNAMENT, but all I’ve seen in the comics is Ryu’s Adventure. In the anime and in the movie, I had yet to see a Tournament occur. In all the games, I just see it as another fighting game, no tournament at all. I have not seen Street Fighter taken as a ‘Tournament’ yet. So I’m asking, Where is the tournament?

Sagat held the first tournament, and so if the comics move directly into II, they’ll be skipping Sagat’s tournament. The second was Bison’s tournament, and the third if I remember, Uriens. Or gill, I don’t remember.

When will their be a tournament? Even Tekken says “The King of Iron Fist Tournament” too bad the anime had nothing to do with a tournament. :lame:


First of all, Tekken the movie, was sort of a tourney. More Big Brawl-ish/ Survival type than anything, so in a sense, it was non-traditional take to the tournament idea. Knowing them, it will be later on in the series. I would guess issue 20. Erik Ko is a representative of UDON and is on this forum. It is best to suggest this to him.

And for the second part, this comic book series also sheds light on the other characters in and out of the main story. Even Rose has her own story and she is one of the least popular SF characters.

Take a look at issue 7 once more

i dont think udon should make the story into a tournament. if the comic become a tournament than there would be no story. It wont be interesting at all. Might as well play the video game to see a tournament. There are more to street fighter than the tournament, and you can tell me the relationship each characters has with one another. It would be ashame not to expose the story behind the game and the outcome of what happen to each character that play a role in street fighter. Imagine how boring it would be if it was a tournament, wasn’t a street fighter comic already made was base on the tournament?

Who said that I want them to change the story into the tournament? All I said is “WHERE IS IT” Like the comics adventures of Superman, there were mini-series inside it, (I think it’s called mini-series) a set of abour 3-5 comics were to be called whatever, like “Death of Superman” it was a small mini series. Street Fighter could take the same step, about 5-6 issues talk about the “Street Fighter Tournament” hosted by Sagat. It would be the mini-series, and after that it would go back into the regular life of the Street Fighter, (They follow Ryu more so I just used him as an example, I know they follow a lot of characters, that’s why it’s so good :pleased: ) If they didn’t include the Street Fighter Tournament, then it’s not following Capcom’s story of Sagat hosting the first tournament, and so on. It would explain the events of Chun-Li, and going to the 2nd Tournament to revenge her father. Without the 2nd tournament it’d be very different. So I don’t want them to change it, just mini-series it. They’d be able to mention more characters, and Cammy going to the 2nd tournament to find out who Bison is. And the first tournament, how Ryu won (I believe that scar is the mark of his winning). Eagle was in the first tournament, and Ken wasn’t. So really the first tournament would follow Ryu’s tracks completely. But there’s Sakura to also add into the storyline.

Actually, I believe Ken was in the 1st Street Fighter tournament. Remember in the arcade he was player 2. They have given us a flash of the 1st tournament also. What was it the 5 issue or so when the backstory allbeit short still showed Ryu shiryuken Sagat & put the scar on his chest. That was at the end of the tournament wasn’t it. I do wish they would give us a glimpse into what else went on. Perhaps in some more backstories. Yet, did Sagat host the 1st tournament? I thought he was just the reigning champ. :nunchuck: :rock:

First of all, Sagat hosted the first SF Tournament, yet there is speculation that Shadowloo secretly “funded” it. M. Bison also speaks to Ryu briefly after Sagat’s defeat. He was the champ of Meuy Thai, hence the nickname “The Emporer of Meuy Thai”. Secondly, this backstory was in Issue 1. Issue 5 is the story of Cammy. I did a reference check when I typed this response. Sagat and Adon clashed after Ryu defeated him.

There are differences in the story telling, though. According to the game and the comic book, Sagat and Ryu fought in a tournament. According to the animated feature, the famous battle between the tiger and dragon of this epic took place in a field. In the movie adaptation, Ryu finishes Sagat with a Hadouken instead. :qcf:

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Ryu and Sagat also fight in a field in the SFII movie. Just thought I’d throw that in there.

Anyone else feel that the grass stage encounter documenting the battle between Ryu and Sagat was infinitely cooler than some dingy areana where the comic sets it. Also isn’t it implied by Alpha 2’s stage location that the final fight took place in Australia?

I just said that. Thanks for saying the obvious,.

If you want to see Street Fighter treated as a tournament you should check out Masaomi Kanzaki’s Street Fighter II Manga available in English. It was a Tournament in that book. For now we just have to wait until the SF2 comic starts in Udon’s comic, maybe a year from October or less, or a bit more, that’s just my guestimate.

BTW, if you look at Anime guide books for the SF2 Animated Movie they state that the fight between Ryu and Sagat in the movie actually took place in Thailand. SFZ2 copied the background stage and called it Australia for whatever reason.

Thanks. Wasn’t Aus. where Akuma was training with his new move? and yes, the grass stage is cooler.

Yeah, Ayers Rock which he split in his ending in SF3 Second Impact is in Australia.


The grass field is WAY better. It was so epic. I think the reason they changed it to Australia in Z2, is because that is the lightning capital of the world, somewhere in the Northern Territory where the map seems to point to…

I really don’t think that adding a Tournament scenario to a Comic is as inflexible as some people say it is, the Masaomi Kanzaki’s (Tokuma) SF2 comic did it pretty well and it wasn’t like every single chapter of the story in that comic was strictly about tournament without talking about characters relationships…so in that aspect I think the Tokuma comic did well.

Now on the UDON comic, I wouldn’t mind if some tournament aspect is added because like I said, it doesn’t have to take alot of issues to do it. But as far as how the UDON comic goes I think is really good right now and a tournament isn’t really needed at the time, but once they jump onto the SF2 era a Tourney scenario in some of those issues is a must IMO.

Gouki is awesome…storywise. In the comic, he seems to be as dark as he should. His entrance was quite the spectacle. Do you think that Ryu will eventually or could possibly defeat him?

Right now, no. Eventually, it’s possible IMHO. It depends on weither or not Capcom wishes to show that or if they just want Gouki to remain far above Ryu for the rest of the series. In the Ryu Final Manga after training with Oro he defeated Gouki but Ryu almost died in the process. But that’s not official or anything though at least it leads one to believe if Ryu does in fact train with Oro he might become that much more powerful.

I thought so, since Gouki learns a new move every SF after 2I. He also defeated Gouken. This shows progression. Yet Ryu has experienced nearly all fighting styles, including some self made styles. Is that put into play during the rounds?

A powerful warrior like him? really? and where is this Manga of which you speak? Can I get it?

Not sure what you mean exactly but by SF3 Ryu learns the Shin Shoryuken, a move that is officially stated to kill a man. So he does progress, at a slower rate though.

The Ryu Final Manga was drawn by Masahiko Nakahira. Manga Qwest was attempting to scanlate it but they went down. Now they’ve come back so we’ll have to see if they start scanlating it again. Masahiko Nakahira’s Mangas are tough to track down because the company that put them out went under. I would suggest you try Ebay, it pops up now and again. Capcom really likes his Mangas, they’ve adopted so many things from them into the games it’s not even funny. Masahiko Nakahira’s biggest contribution is creating Karin for his Sakura Ganbaru! Manga that Capcom liked so much they put her in SF Zero(Alpha) 3.

Wow. Shin-Shoryuken is that fatal?(where did you learn the history of that from?) Hmm Surely, it could supress Shun Goku Satsu. I would doubt that slightly and still doubt that Ryu could defeat Gouki with Oro’s training, yet impossible things have occured in SF.

At this moment in the comic book, Ryu cannot defeat Gouki. Ken is a farcry from it himself. Do you think GOuki will influence Ryu to use the dark Hadou?

Nakahira is quite the imaginator. Did he touch SFIII in his work?

The Shin Shoryuken being able to kill a man was one of the things stated by Capcom during the SF3 run, I believe in the “All About Capcom” series. They said that Hugo was able to stand up after one just to show how strong Hugo is. No, I don’t think the Shin Shoryuken can kill Gouki or even stop the Shun Goku Satsu, it’s just something Capcom put out there to show that Ryu is becoming stronger at his own pace I feel.

Ryu rejected Satsui No Hadou a long time ago and only gave into it for a brief time to scar Sagat. In SF3 Third Strike he tells Gouki that SNH is not the way. He’s long abandoned SNH. Storyline wise I think it would be stupid if he embraced it after such a long time period.

The Ryu Final manga is based on SF3 even though it doesn’t feature all of the characters. He’s… pretty much the only one that’s touched SF3 in a Manga story outside of some… really out there SF3 Hong Kong comics. There’s plenty of stuff for the SFZ series and SF2 though.