Where are the Street Fighter "clones"?

with the recent influx of fighting games, i’ve been wondering why there’s not even one game similar to a SF game in the works?

anime fighting games with really good production values pop out of nowhere. no one asked for most of these games and, let’s face it, not a lot of people will care for them (considering the visuals, character design or the complicated fighting mechanics). sorry if this is offensive to their respective fans, i’m not saying they’re bad games… just not appealing.

i would love something similar to Breakers Revenge, Fatal Fury, Garou, Karnov’s Revenge with current gen graphics, 1v1 with traditional controls / fighting mechanics and more visual appeal to “western” gamers (but not on MK levels).

it seems a bit like a missed opportunity for game developers out there.

I would much rather see developers continue to experiment with new idea, both in terms of game mechanics and aesthetics (character design/graphics/animation). Once a developer begins succumbing to its past success and glory, and recycle existing materials is when things begin to fall apart.

to you
you are forgetting something very important, this are games made in japan by japanese people, working for japanese companies, interested to have games succesful on the japanese market, and guess what, they love this games, sf like games arent popular as they were in the 90s, sf is only really big in usa
even worse outside sf and maybe kof the market has proove that it doesnt want other sf like games, just look at BF a game that is very similar to sf yet many people ignored despite being a really good game

@orka: as if the Guilty Gear-esque doujin game formula hasn’t been done to death…

@Hecatom: yeah, you’re right… those games are made by japanese devs for the japanese market, but how about expanding your audience once in a while? especially now since there’s opportunity to piggy back ride SF4’s success…

while i’m hoping KOF XIII will succeed (netcode is vital), there are 2 problems with KOF series in general:

  1. harder to pickup since you need to play 3 characters by default
  2. most of the cast is not iconic/appealing in the same vein as SF. western audiences expect fighters not fashionistas and metrosexuals otherwise there’s no connection and drive to play it.

And in one topic you have summed up why fighting game fans are dooming the future of the genre. So you care a lot more about how the characters look than how solid, deep and innovative the gameplay is?

I’ve always wondered similarly and come to the conclusion that there simply aren’t that many developers who are prepared to make fighting games (personal opinion/conjecture: I don’t think a lot of people understand fighting games still). Especially outside Japan. Maybe they’ll catch on in the near future. Maybe not. What’s funny is that if you decry the absence of such a game, you’ll be piled up with bullshit from extremely defensive fans.

I think it would be great if the community could make their own games. I don’t mean stuff like Mugen or Fighter Maker (always populated more by Mugen afficiandos than actual fighting games fans) or even some of the more refined examples. If we could get enough people with the motivation and skills to make something Skullgirls quality, we may yet see games similar to SF. Sirlin’s Fantasy Strike is supposed to get a fighting game or something (not much to look forward to I know).

Battle Fantasia was a good game? News to me. It looked alright and had some good character ideas but wasn’t it plagued with retarded shit from Day 1? Anyway I think its failure is more of a logistical than a gameplay issue. It was ported over to console just for niche fans and that extra buck, not actually promoted in the market.

No, he said other people do. He mostly cares about the gameplay. This is obvious from even the most cursory reading of his post. Hit up English training mode for a couple of hours and you’ll start to get it.

This is besides the fact that aesthetic is important for games and a loli-fighter better be extremely fucking solid, deep and innovative for me to give it a chance.

Fighting games have come a long way, including the 2D ones. None of them need to be “clones” of Street Fighter anymore.

paging Arc System Works,

your games are fantastic, but I think you could really see great success by copying SF4



I’m sure they’ll go far with this advice

I grew up with SNK’s fighters.
So characters like Terry, Ryo, Kyo, Haohmaru, Nakoruru, Athena, Hanzo etc. Will always have that special place in my heart.
Talking about XIII, other than Ash and Saiki and maybe the moe-ified Athena, I see nothing especially striking to the western audience.
I always thought KOF’s cast designwise just went for a more stylish and modern look in comparsion to SF’s more traditional designs.
Speaking of alienating the western audience, a slower paced, less flashy game could very well have the same effect for some.

Even if they make a SF style games that will be amazing, they won’t have success outside of japan because they don’t have brand recognition in the west. (Which in FGs basically ends with SF,MK, and comic superheroes)
While Capcom can put Ryu&Friends in whatever style of game they want and people would love it, because it has Ryu&Friends.

Why would you want a Street Fighter clone when you can just play Street Fighter?

come on guys… by “clone” (within quotes) i didn’t effectively meant that. i even gave examples of games that aren’t really clones of SF, more like a trend (or FG subgenre) in terms of gameplay and visuals

@fallot: thanks for the reply. you summed it up well.

@tataki: yeah, you’re right too. what’s even more sad is that Capcom has almost a monopoly with the western 2D fighting game fanbase at large
so if they decide to stick with input shortcuts and a lot of their new “deal with it!” BS in their games, i don’t have alternatives like in the '90s

They tried to make SF clones in the 90s, didn’t work out and had to differentiate themselves to survive. SF already had the SF market, they had to cater to people who wanted something different.
Japan/Asia still the biggest market for the niche fighting game genre.
People forget Ryu & Co. were new once and don’t want to try to like new characters so that leaves many long time, non SF characters still largely "unknown"
The western appeal thing, I don’t think so. That style was hot in anime back then, just so happens people in the West liked that too. There’s nothing Western about ninjas and dudes in karate gear.

Where is my Karnov remake?

If some 3rd party “clones” had 3rd rate IPs and the typical spin on Gameplay but not a typical lack of polish (ie KI series with its faults over 90s Gundam or TMNT-SF style) I would be hyped.

However, most anime IP have taken to gameplay that better “relives” their series overview of combat and story (ie DBZ:UT) rather than a favored game in the combat genre (ie SF) of the western IP that are not comics… they are even more likely to follow the same route. But other wise…

Thundercats could take a SF-style approach, however they need to further show their IP 1st. I also see them more successfully following Kingdom Hearts or a GoW-style of game play. The same could be said of Generator Rex, Ben-10, and other western IP counterparts to the wanted Eastern Manga/Anime IP fighters.

I guess, most of the good western IP choices for SF-style games are seen as making better games outside of the fighter genre.

But i still want my classic MegaMan revamped to play like Smash Bros and a Shonen All Star VS series with MvC3-style gameplay.

developers have… well, developed since the early 90s. There’s more to a fighting game than what SF has to offer, and quite frankly, looking at SF4 I will say that it’s not much to model yourself after.
Everything was a SF clone before 3D, and most was a SF clone until Guilty Gear first came out.
Why do you still want 15 year old style games?

Despite the lack of complicated subsystems, they were nuanced games with a good amount of depth. Does it matter if it’s an “old” style of games? An SF “clone” doesn’t even mean a literal clone of ST or A2 (in the OP), just a well-designed fighter with a measured ground-game that emphasizes footsies.

The people who would want an SF style game are all diehard fans who wouldn’t care about other similar games anyways. If they’ve been happily playing ST or 3S for the past decade or so, why would they change now? What improvements can your “SF clone” offer them? Graphics? They dont care about graphics, obviously. Better gameplay? I doubt you could convince them that any newer game is better than the one they know. (evidence: SRK’s opinion of SF4)

The recent newer fans drawn in by SF4, MvC3 and MK are mostly there for the nostalgia and popularity, which a newer IP wont have. So they dont have much reason to switch either.

If you think some new IP with SF style gameplay can attract new fans that havent already been drawn in to SF4 or some other FG, you’re probably overestimating the appeal of FGs in the western market. I guess My Little Pony might have a chance though…

Its the same problem with WoW or Starcraft “clones” : going head-to-head with the most popular game in a genre is a recipe for failure. These are games that even suck the oxygen out of different games in their genre, let alone games done in a similar style.

As for KOF vs. SF character designs, I much prefer KOF’s cast of human-looking people in street clothes, rather than SF’s cast of costume freaks and racist parodies. But maybe my tastes are not “western tastes”, who knows.
(I kinda wish SF4’s many costume packs would at least include one or two outfits for each character that isnt awful and embarassing, but as far as I can tell, that hasnt really happened.)

Although, thinking about it again, an SF2 style FG wouldnt be technically difficult to make. There might be an opportunity in the retro/indy scene to make one, kinda like how there is a revival of platformers and scrolling shooters in that scene. So go and wish for a minecraft graphics SF2 clone I guess, heheh.

Too many SF clones is what helped kill FGs back in the 90’s. It’s fine the way it is now with fighting games being made mostly by folks who actually do know what they’re doing.

I feel the legions of MK Klones can shoulder some of the blame, as well. How many horrible games did we get that tried to sell gore factor and finishing moves over finesse and mechanics?