When is the next STREET FIGHTER or CAPCOM related comic coming out?

Street Fighter II #00 Release Date:
October 12, 2005
- cover preview at this thread

Street Fighter II #01 Tentative Release Date:
November 10, 2005
- thx sfdevotion

New comic books generally ship on Wednesdays every week, unless there’s some sort of a major holiday that week which may push everything back to Thursday.

To find out what comics are shipping this week and next, check here:

Those schedules are tentative, meaning that some stuff might get delayed or pushed ahead at the last minute. Generally they provide good estimates though.

The best thing to do to make sure you don’t miss an issue is just to call up or visit your comic book store on Wednesdays and see what they got in. Most comic book stores now run “subscription services” where you just give them some basic contact info and tell them which books you want, and they’ll put those aside for you every month. It’s a reliable way of reserving your picks so you don’t have to worry about stuff selling out before you get to the store. Also, if the store owner knows you want the comic, he will order it for sure. You don’t have to worry about the store dropping your favorite title just to save some shelf space for whatever crazy crossover extravaganza Marvel or DC are holding that month.

To find comic book stores near you, just check here:

the street fighter comic comes out next week.They show it at www.devilsdue.net. They also show a preview to street fighter issue 9!

What’s wrong with this Forum today? I tried to Post on the Con Thread and my Post didn’t show up.

Thanx for the heads up about that preview Capcom fan! but until it shows up on one of the two official lists or until we get some confirmation from udoneko, i don’t want to put down a solid date. Let’s all hope it comes out next week though.

I am 99% sure that #9 will ship next week, as we just got our copies today!

the 1% is becoz I never believe in things for sure happenning 100%…

Hate to nitpick, but there is a typo in the second preview picture.
Sakura says “smung” when she is meant to say “smug”. Is it too late to fix?


I just checked… it says this -


So the word is SMILING. With the JPG shrunk down, it looks like SMUNG…


Sounds good to me. Keep it.

Very sorry!

Boy, I really jumped the gun on that one.

Erik Ko with the reversal DP!

More like parry, super.

this issue looks like garbage. good thing to! it helps lighten my comic load so i won’t be picking this up.

You have read it already? Your store has it already? It is not even shipped yet… you have to let me know coz if you have read it, that means something is absolutely not right…

Eh, not really feeling the cover, but I will still pick it up. Is there an Alt. cover to this one?

Cover A by Nightow
Cover B by LeSean

Cover C Power Foil by Jo Chen (in my opinion the best one yet! VEGA!)

I wanna get the LeSean cover… its proper sickhead style, lol.
And I don’t know what you mean by the comic lookin’ like “garbage”…I think its great!
I’m picking it up!
But damn… Being in England can suck sometimes- can’t get to cons…can’t get the summer special SF :frowning:
That’s why have to enter that comp…Maybe there may be another card i can play…hmmmm

sooo When is the next issues coming out? 10 and 11

I’m wondering, should info on the other Udon titles (Rival Schools and Darkstalkers) be included in this thread? I figure it’d be important.

Issue 10 comes out september and issue 11 comes out october. Issue 12 comes out november the same month the darkstalkers comic comes out. By the time the first four issues of darkstalkers comes out rival schools will be out.

ok umm this week maybe?