When is a fighting game deemed "dead"

I was just wondering about this…when do we term a fighting game as dead? Is it when the game’s been out so long that you go to tournaments and don’t see any new faces that hasn’t been playing for years? Is it when it’s “too late” to get into a game b/c everybody who still plays it is fucking god-like? Or is it when the best players stop playing it and move on to something else? These are just theories of mine, feel free to give your own.

When no one plays it anymore (not even the good ones). Period.

this, when you cant find any competition of the game.

So is Last Blade 2 dead then? SF2 CE? I think if you take the definition as ‘when nobody is playing it’ then no fighting game has ever died- I played CVS1 pro the other day with a mate, is that game ‘alive’?

When there’s no scene for it.

Champion Edition is the most popular SF2 at 2df, and the second most played Capcom fighter after Third Strike, believe it or not.

When it’s heart stops beating.

:rofl: well, if we go with that definition then no, CVS1 its not dead, but you know what we mean, if the game doesnt have a descent scene, we can say that its dead, take for example SBX or TRF, maybe with luck you can find some one who plays this games, but there arent a strong scene to support them, of course im merely speculating here, but from what i know SBX is dead in japan, and TRF its not in a better condition.

about LB2, i heard that there are tournaments in china, and other places of asia, also many people still plays it in GGPO, so we can say that its not dead (yet?)

No decent scene, no competition, no tournament play, and nothing new being found within the game for ages. When variety comes to nothing.

Thx for ggpo lol A2 baby

When is a thread considered dead? When it’s locked.

In before lock


i want to take back what i said about the scene because there are shitty games like melty blood and arcana heart who have a sort of scene. So if a game doesn’t have a worthy/significant scene and its as shitty as the two mentioned, it should be deemed dead.

Yeah, Melty Blood 1.00 and pre-FULL! Arcana Heart were pure shit.

I agree with this.

The only game that i know thats dead is Samurai X Fighting…beyond shit…2df helps keep a lot of old games alive that you thought no one plays. If it wasn’t for them or ggpo, jojo’s bizarre adventure would be a dead game and i wouldn’t be so into it as i am now. :woot: A game is dead if no one plays it, and there is no scene for it.


I’m not even going to bother…

A game is dead when you can’t find anyone who plays it. If you can’t find anyone that plays a certain game in your area that means that that game is dead in your area. Also you need to use common sense, if there are only two people on the planet that play a certain game that doesn’t mean that it’s not dead, but you get the idea.

i say a games day when people dont recognize the game as tourney worthy anymore. thats my def though.

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