When do YOU counterpick?

What matchup(s) do you utterly detest with your main so much that you keep an extra character/team for it? Applies to all competitive/FGC-approved fighters.

Big one for me is Felica in VSav. I keep a Sas on hand do deal with her. I know there’s others, but fighting her feels so damn oppressive.

Counterpicking is for bitch-ass scrub fucks.

I only counter-pick. If they don’t call blind select, I pick last.

If they call blind-select, I pick either a top tier or gimmicky character where I know they have no defend.

Real men don’t counterpick.

I’ll counterpick if I know how to play more than one character. I counterpick often in SFxT and InJustice. Though in games I only play one character like Blazblue I curse the heavens and clutch my teeth whenever I get a bad matchup.

When I know the match up is in my favor.

Also, I see a bunch of scrubquotes in this thread.

I think they’re joking.

Nah. Not worth the effort for one character. I just tough it out and let fundamentals do the rest.

I just don’t see how it’s fun.

d3V is that dude running around online with Juri, just hoping he runs into a Hugo. :tdown:

Depends on character popularity. If you go 7-3 or worse against a common character, you should keep a counter on hand because you’ll be consistently handicapped. Toughing it out is silly when you’ll easily fight 2 or more of said character in 10 random matches.

How often you play characters that lose 2-8 or 3-7? A dumb MU is even worse because there’s no way to improve it. At least you can get good with your secondary.

I’m not joking in the slightest.

Sure being awesome with a particular character is fun, but winning is also fun, and usually comes with the benefit of making money.

Fuck people who call you a ‘pussy’ or a ‘scrub’. It doesn’t matter what they think if you’re the one topping the podium.

Unless I like the character…I’m not going to learn you just for one match. Screw that.

In 3S I have a pocket Yun (SA2 lol) for dealing with Makoto/Chun. Not really because those matchups are hard for Akuma; I just find them super annoying.

I like MvC3 Viper, but 70% of the reason I devoted time to learning her is FUCK DORMAMMU

I wish I had a counterpick for MvC2 Storm. Fifty characters and that bitch is awful no matter who you pick.

I like and agree with the idea of counterpicking, though I can’t think of a time where I’ve ever actually done it outside of Smash Bros.

I counterpick when matches are boring to win otherwise.

Megaman? Isn’t he decent iirc?

Why pick Juri when Dekappa’s st.Forward beats out almost everything Hugo can do on the ground, even his armored EX on startup.

I do recall that a some Arcadia matchup charts had Yun as Chun’s only bad matchup.

Also, counter-picking Storm is so much more dependent on the teams you use. But IMO, any good Sentinel team should even the odds.

Dekappa feels so good against Hugo

Sorry, meant stand Forward, not strong. But yeah, I feel that she’s at least 6:4 against him, maybe even 7:3.

I only counterpick when I get salty but that’s just me. I’ll admit that I’m saltier than the ocean at times; no shame here.