What's your opinion on people who spam DP and fireballs?

title says it all.

Should this be in the Newbie Dojo?

They’re awesome. Learn to beat them. Kusoro’s performance at Final Found XV’s UMvC3 tournament was a world-class exhibition of Shut The Fuck Up And Play Better.

If you want them to change their tactics, show them that they are ineffective. Or find someone else to play.

Several things go through my mind.

“Why am I jumping in?”, “Jesus, I suck at fundamentals!”, and my personal favorite “I need to get better at playing Street Fighter!” are all some examples.

If they hit you, it’s your fault.

They can be beaten…

10/10 would rage again. Now run that back

my opinion on those people?


if they beat me: damn i suck
if i beat them: lol damn they suck

inb4 OP "bump"s this thread

this is going to be the easiest win of my life. /my opinion

“are they following a flowchart?”

Morrigan + Missiles. Deal with it.

I have… no problem with people who keep throwing out projectiles. They hit you at a distance for a reason, if I am in the best position to throw projectiles without fear of getting hit, am I supposed to just throw one or two out and then run at you? No, I’d press the advantage and keep zoning you.

People should just stand still and let me beat them, thinking is to hard and it hurts my head.

Offline: I’m fine with this.
Online (with lag): FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

They’re most likely going to be free as hell.

Unless they’re Poongko/Kusoru status. Then, holy shit.


That is what I think about people who spam fire balls

Zoning =/= spam.

Keep it up, I’ll stay on the other side of the screen throwing better ones waiting until you **** up and eat one to move in.

Seriously it’s a part of the game and there are counters to it so just deal with it.

if they’re doing it well I generally think damn this guy knows the game.
It’s hard to play a good fireball/uppercut game. And it’s a very character specific battle too (at least I think so…).

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