What's your opinion on China?

Sweet, I really need to learn that matchup…

The chinese player that has been here for a while was Sherlock/Peng Peng, or something similar. I think he was from the Shanghai area, and there he went back. Too bad he never really learnt italian. Do you know him?

Hey wait I live in Shanghai

Maybe I have heard of him before… I’ll be asking if any has been to America last year.

^I actually think LUN is from Italy. So you may want to ask if anybody’s been to Italy.

Gee, really? What a shame that nobody I know have ever been to Italy…




3.3呢,以前西单/双井的3.3水平不错,但是听说现在打3.3的人很少。 我很可能错了,不太喜欢3.3。


Ah, yeah, sorry, it’s not clear enough from the profile, I was talking about Italy.
This chinese guy we’re talking about stayed in Milan for about 1 year or so, he used to play Necro and the twins.

Too bad you don’t know anyone that has been here… if anyone happens to visit Italy for any reason, let me know and we can arrange something about 3s for sure.




And, now let’s fight for future!

Thanks. But why Necro and twins… I don’t know anyone who could both play NEC and YUN/YANG well TAT

KOF 98 Gods = China, thats what I think.

Do Chinese provinces make fun of each other each other? In the USA, everyone makes fun of NJ, Florida, Texas and Alabama.

I visited mainland China back in June/July 2008 and met a bunch of Chinese 3s players there. All of them were super helpful and friendly, actually I should get back in touch with them because it’s been a while. I hope at least some of them still play nowadays.

I played in Beijing (XiDan) and in Shanghai (ZhenYang). Cabinets were “japanese-style” and well maintained. The top players were good -just like in most countries really, people just don’t know much about them. I think China also had their own playstyle, like all the regions, although I can’t remember all the details. Player archetypes (in terms of correlation between character choice/playstyle and personalities) seemed similar to other countries though.

I remember playing against some of them and it felt like we had a similar sub-culture e.g. we would laugh at the same times or be impressed by the same things within the game, even though we couldn’t actually speak the same language. I didn’t speak much Chinese at all, but it was easy to communicate through the game and feel like we actually had many things in common. It was a really cool experience.

jerry did you meet Yi when he visisted? he made the shanghai 3s crew sound really cool to chill with

Of course not, at least as a Shanghai citizen I haven’t heard of such things exists. Maybe it’s because we are under the rule of GCD?

I played in Shanghai’s Liehuo. 2008 was also when I started to go to play arcades. ZhengYang - well sadly it was in bad conditions now. TAT When seeing the well maintained cabinets in LieHuo after three years’ away from arcades, my tears were running in my eyes. Oh it must be love of arcades to keep these cabinets as new as before!~

I totally agree the idea “it was easy to communicate through the game and feel like we actually had many things in common”!

Well, Yi… When he visited I was preparing for my exams…

And I bet he met some of the coolest SF3s players in Shanghai there LOL Did he mentioned that a girl whoi was a terrific Yun player was there too?

Really? I’ve heard a lot of Beijingers say they hate people from Shanghai. haha :wink:

Northerners also tend to make fun of southern accents. Especially Fujian and Anhui. So it’s a lot like America really.

When I was in Shanghai about 2 or 3 years ago there were very few 3S machines. There were 2 machines at Lie huo Arcade but there wasn’t any decent competition at the time (and that says a lot cos I suck at 3S). The most amazing thing for me was that I could actually hit-confirm cr.mk xx Jinrai, which I found impossible to do on console/emus. (I haven’t seen a single 3S cab in my entire country)

At Lie huo most people were playing KOF as expected, but the level of competition in SFIICE was very high as well. I did OK against some of the guys but the top players are untouchable in that game.

In Vanilla SFIV I got raped by a Sagat/Ryu player 42:3. Even though those characters were very strong in that version, China seems to have very good SFIV players - better than Hong Kong on average (at least in Kowloon when I visited there).

I don’t remember seeing 3S at the arcades I visited in Shenzhen. It was also mostly KOF, and CE was quite popular as expected, as well as SFIV. Tekken also seemed to be very popular at that one arcade (I think it was called City Hero?).

I would love to see vids of 3rd Strike matches from China.

The two SF3s were still there. Thanks to everyone who were taking care of them, for I started to play 3s in Liehuo several years ago. And by the way, because we held an online SF3s match it seems that there comes some more people who starts to get interested with SF3s. I have to wait for an hour to play the SF3s.

Mention that there was once MVC2 and CVS pro arcade in Liehuo, you could talk to the boss for your favorite game, if you want to.

And the arcade in Shenzhen - yeah you were right City Hero was a famous one in Shenzhen.

Louiscipher plays KOF games. And looks up manga (hentai versions). He probably figured out some things and why they happened there.

Also it is rumored he is one mad chatter in game. Every round he has one thing, one word on his mind.

That thing is the naked man that keeps showing up intermittently in the video. In the beginning of the video on those throw exchanges and Heavy hits, the video showing things like that. So do not answer him and those requests! Good work you did not do that anyway, you were not mixed up!

Even if this doesn’t make any sense and is only about one player we still might be able to learn things from other people who play and different 3rd Strike scenes! For one thing, I thought only America uses: “That was sick” but it shows up in the Japanese translated interviews. Does China say “sick” or have anything different to say when cool stuff happens? Like after anything funny/skillful/exciting that happened in the game. If yes, very cool. If not, “that was sick” can become a part of 3rd Strike player universal language!

Let me respond to this point by point:

Kinda. I played 13 a lot and it’s kind of a step backwards compared to the other games in some ways. KOF has some quirks that I don’t like such as CD attacks and alt-guarding. I hate that shit. I don’t like it and don’t understand why these are features. Especially alt-guarding. Who wanted that shit to return? Because it was not in the original broken (literally) arcade version of 13. But someone decided to bring that back, and adjust the number of hitstun on jump ins, and give 8 frames of grab invincibility on wakeup. It’s like the devs are telling me “Hey, you like grapplers? Fuck you!” and HD mode is very annoying and super easy with the top tiers. But despite the quirks I still liked it enough but then came Mr. Karate who just shits all over the tier list and the netcode is almost unplayable. So 3 strikes (get it?) you’re out.

KOF 98 is good but the controls suck. 02 is just broken. I want to check out the UM’s.

To be fair, most dudes here are into it. Have you even checked out the Bayonetta 2 thread? Or the Killer Instinct thread where several guys are talking about Orchid’s ass and titties? If I see another post like that I’m just going to recommend those dudes look up some Umemaro shit.


Honestly, I’m tempted to do a series of online 3S vids in the style of that Korean KOF video.

French fries may have a history in being food for 3rd Strike players.