What's your opinion on China?

Would such questions be allowed here? If it does, then I’d be okay.

Does anyone know something about the environment of FTG in China? And does anyone have ideas about what they like, where they often go and why some conditions seemed differing from yours? I’m doing a survey on the differences between cultures of different nations, which means I might get useful information here.

Questions about China are welcomed as I’m a Chinese player. Being a member of a SF forums in China I really wants to translate their ideas and yours to both.

Okay, what the hell is going on in this video?


How is 3S received in China/HK? I know you guys are KOF country but I have noticed that KOF players are 50/50 over 3S.


I will probably start playing that game next.

I’d like to know what the hell is going on with that video too. Chinese couldn’t see YouTube because of CGW, I have to say…It might be okay if you download the video and send it to somewhere such as rayfile so that I could have a look.

Some big cities in China may have one or two arcade machines of SF3s, and in cities such as Shanghai, there is only two places where people could play SF3s. sigh luckily it is near my home. So people seldom have chances to play on arcades. Most of 80s might have heard of this series thanks to DC and PS2. And nowadays we simply find newbies, beat them and tell them there are such games like SF3s. yeah that’s why the whole SF forums in Baidu is about SF3s. (街霸吧)

Yeah we are KOf country and we are KOF’97 country. there are about a thousand people on suparc to be online all the time and it is very easy to find a '97 or a '98 here. But '98umfe wasn’t popular in China. We are so weird on such things.

Can you access Nico Nico? The guy uploads his shit there and that’s a YT repost by a fan. http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm15399066

I thought the UM’s were well received there? I know 98UM was released a third time on PGM hardware.

Just curious, what do you guys think of KOF13?

Thanks for the nico video, as CGW has just allowed us to go on nico nico. You are having this request on the right time. I’ll take a look of it after I’m in a better environment since my school’s network was really poor.

The UM’s were well recieved here, but not '98UMFE. Some people even say this version is a SH*T to those '97 players. Wondering why they are saying so was quite difficult for me SIGH

There are many people playing KOF13, and most of them have experiences of playing SF4 as well, since both of these FTGs are popular enough to have more than four arcade machines in a store. However, none of them share the same popularity as KOF '97 or '98.

is it true that you guys eat scorpions?

and on the flip side, is there American food that sounds really gross to you?

Well … ^_^||| Yeah some districts have scorpions as food. Mention that most of the time we have to cook it while Bear Grylls swallows it. (Of course I won’t have it! I even don’t like crabs!)

For most of the time I think American food is of high calories and would make people fat, so I seldom go to fast food restaurants. But talking about foods that WE CHINESE dislike… Boy I am watching Bear Grylls’ program here… I’d like to know if most of you could have such experiences of eating such things… It’s already a topic here.

If you’d like to know more about Chinese food, I would prefer the “A Bite of China” here. I believe most of the foods might be easy to apprieciate.

…As a senior high school student may I ask sincerely if I have any spelling problems?

hahaha it sure does!

I like chinese girls very much.

After this not so shocking confession, let’s back on topic. We had a 3s player here for about a year. He was very good, considering our level. It was before Fran started using Yun, so he was the first one to give us a good taste of the technical (well, compared to the other one) twin.
How many people are still active? Is there still any big tournament or community event? If I ever visit I wanna play a lot with you guys!

(There is no more tourism in my life without 3rd Strike. Damn.)

Well I happen to know a super great Yun player. And she’s a Chinese girl.

Was that guy Chinese? If so, he might be someone I know. Well in Shanghai there might be around ten who are very active on arcades. And as I am a member of a forum about Sf in Baidu I could tell you that few people play SF3s now, compared to the huge amount of KOF players. You might meet less than a hundred SF3s players on SupARC still active. Anyhow we are trying some new ways to attract newbies.

Talking about big tournaments, unfortunately I don’t think we have tournaments which could hold more than thirty people. The largest online tournament recently has less than twenty people involved in. But it’s fun. I was called “Typhoon Ryu” after that tournament because I used typhoon kicks a lot LOL.

But everything is okay, there would be more and more people attending such tournaments and we see many students in such tournaments (including myself), so we wish that one day Sf3s would be really popular in china after its 15 years anniversary.

I’m living in Qingdao, and I haven’t seen a KOF machine turned on, strangely enough. No KOF13 here. No 3S here. But there’s a someone regular group that plays AE and Tekken 6. (No Tag2 here yet that I’ve seen)

I can’t say I’ve been to every arcade in this city, but I’ve been to a decent amount, but really only ever found one that actually maintains their cabs and works with the hardcore players. Everyone else just has the old school American arcade mentality: “Set them up and forget about them. Broken buttons, what? Why would I need to know how to fix them, move along kid.”

I’m actually kind of bummed that Qingdao didn’t hold a EVO2013 China Stage qualifier. Not that I think there would be a massive amount of players in Shandong that would come out, but just that I would’ve jumped at that.

And yeah, it’s true that the Chinese can’t access Youtube per se, but they are still able to rip videos off of there and put them onto Youku. I actually found one of my old matches vs. Infiltration on there last week. (One of my scrubbiest matches ever)


All right eventually I have watched the video successfully, finding that there were copies on Chinese websites. sigh Chinese traditional ripoffs.

Well the video… The first time when Ryo have his SA it misses, and was countered. The second time he managed to hit his opponent a SA when it accidentally comes into the frames when his opponent could block his attacks. That’s the reason Ryo was KO…

Any more questions?


(Chinese is my 3rd language, hope you can understand the above. Anyway, I can’t answer as far as 3rd Strike players in America compared to China, but I’ve played SF4 in China, Korea, and America, so I could answer as far as FGC culture and playstyles between the three countries, if that could help you.)

I like Chinese girls too.

Quick question, have any of you guys been to that Sigga arcade in China?

I think it’s awesome that this place exists.

Also, I happen to know that there are some beijing players on the boards. Here is a link to the thread.


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Oh dear there was one just opposite my home ORZ. Don’t mention that again. I happened to know such place existed after the Sigga opposite my home was moved away.

By the way, MOV went to Beijing recently (Yeah he was in China OMG) and his Ken was beaten by two Chinese players on SupARC.

OMG I was the one who was beaten for thirty rounds for he was using a Chinese player’s ID. You should know that that ID has recently player a G++ score on arcade! And I was strange that why he was so strong with his Ken which he had never used before!
Until the day he left China. Man I should have invited him to Shanghai and ask him to send a video of his and Kuroda’s…