What's with the SSB Hate?

Like, seriously. Are you just hatin’ because you don’t get it? Because it’s not capcom?

Certain Stages and all items are banned in this game because they are random factors and disrupt the flow of a fight, which should be based upon skill. Tournaments can’t be decided by dialga a firin his lazar. So that’s out of the way.

Yes, the combos aren’t real combos most of the time. This is a spacing/zoning game game. To the point where you are literally playing soccer with the opponent’s character model, trying to kick him into the “goal” off stage. Mind games do happen as a result of this. Fireballs are actually a pretty big deal as they space and also disrupt double jumping and recovery moves, so when hit by enough the opponent essentially falls down.

Tournament level play… Look it isn’t for “kiddies”.
It’s hard. Incredibly hard, you can’t just jump into a melee tourney and win. I know, I’ve done it with my Dr Mario, lost to and incredibly good Mewtwo. As in an m2 that made it to the middle of the tourney, which is impressive considering that character is kobun tier.

I’m not doing this thread to troll, this is serious. Why the hate fo’? This is a FIGHTING GAME site, not a SF ONLY OR GTFO site.

You are a troll.

I’ve been saying that for a while now…

Every year. It’s a tradition.

But SSB isn’t a FIGHTING GAME. :confused:

I don’t hate SSB, but it’s a bad look that Smash players constantly come here to try and get SRKs approval.

brb posting about Hondas on a Chevy forum

I don’t hate Smash, i just consider it a different ‘breed’ of fighters that shouldn’t really be compared.
SRKers and Smashers should stay away from each other,
Smashers are too fixated in getting SRK to ‘accept’ Smash,
while SRK just does not give a damn (at least not after the 9001th time it was demanded by them to do so)
and would rather just fill the threads with sarcastic remarks angering the Smasher more.

This. Even most of the people I know who have played both fighters and Smash competitively think of Smash as a competitive party game. Certainly it has some depth and competitive value (especially Melee), but it’s not a 2D fighter.

oh no.
not this againxo
smash bros is a party fighter.
what the hell is hard 2 understand about that.
most party fighters have their command inputs simplified and their gameplay mechanics streamlined cuz it has to be done.
if you don’t do it that way…if you try to keep depth and complicated command inputs like quarter cirles or dragon punch movesets…
yunno what you end up with?
you end up with the most unplayable and broken as hell party fighter in existence!
and that game is called…


shit is unplayable.
shit is just a mess.
so people stop it already.
stop this argument.
a party fighter is what it is.
if people wanna enjoy a casual fighter in a competitive manner, let 'em.
stop being elitists.

exactly, so fuck off with the party games shit

enough already with the smash brothers topic you stupid dumb asshole poopoo heads

Why don’t we have threads asking about what’s with the ssb threads?


Please stop typing. Nothing you have said or have ever said has been remotely intelligent. I don’t hold any vitriol towards you but it is quite obvious that you need help. Please think before you post. Alternatively, please stop posting.


Well… Here comes another 10+ pages of trolling :rofl:

I’m going to actually take the effort to make a serious reply, and point out that the vast majority of the hate that SRK has for Smash is NOT for Smash as a GAME, but for the Smash Community.

Seriously, we have these topics all the time, and it’s the exact same cycle over and over again because people REFUSE to understand the distinction between hating the community and hating the game.
Smashers have been on these boards for 5 years running now making these topics, each thinking they’re making a “new” topic when it’s the exact same point (“You don’t like Smash because you’re ELITIST and DON’T ACCEPT SMASH AS A FIGHTING GAME”) over and over and nobody ever learns or listens.

Nobody here gives a shit about whether Smash is a “real” fighting game or not. I mean, it’s NOT, but no one gives a shit. We got people in the community streaming and running tournaments for Hungry Hungry Hippos, Rock Paper Scissors, WWE All-Stars, Tekken Ball, and Windjammers at Majors, and nobody gives a shit that those aren’t fighting games.
We hate the Smash community for the following reasons:
A) Whiners who pre-emptively ban things rather than truly analyzing if they’re broken
B) Devising unnecessarily complex and arbitrary rulesets that strip the game of fun and strategy
C) The governing decisions made by a private “elite” body on Smashboards rather than by community consent and opinion discussed in open public
D) The community composed of immature temper-tantrum throwing man-children (perhaps an unfair characterization, but the Smash community does have a stigma of being more immature and socially inept than other communities)
E) Smash players saying “Smash is the deepest and best fighter EVER” despite not playing anything but Smash
F) Smash players proclaiming that Smash IS a real fighter despite not playing anything but Smash so how the fuck would you how a real fighter works anyway?
G) The FG community in general looks down on anyone who says “play my game because it’s better than yours” and then refuses to play anything else, in case you can’t tell.
H) Bad reputation in past events where SF/Tekken and Smash have been held and Smash players taking up large amounts of set-ups for Smash leaving much less for other games. In general, events which have co-held FGs and Smash together have been done and rarely have the 2 communities co-existed well. Either Smash players are upset because Smash is shoved into a corner at events where SF/Tekken is the main draw, or FG players are upset because Smashers take up too much space for the entire event.
I) For ITEMS. This debate is never going to be resolved. Suffice to say, a lot of people in the FG community criticize removing all items from the game, and the Smash community is never going to see eye-to-eye on this issue. Although it’s quite sad that many in the Smash community aren’t even aware of their own history and that items weren’t banned in Melee because they’re “random” or “diminish skill”, but because of exploding boxes. An issue that was actually FIXED in Brawl.

I’m getting really tired of these topics saying why such and such game is not liked by such and such community. If you like playing the game in question, just join the community or group that loves the game as you do.

There are 2 other names I would classify Smash Bros or other fighters similar to it. Either Arena Fighter or the one I like the most is Platformer Fighter (this one makes sense to me).

How is that every year, we get this same thread, and every year, we get that group of people that argue this point into the ground for days until the thread gets locked, and every year the OP of the thread that year winds up trolling GD until he gets banned?

When are you guys ever going to learn? Don’t post in a dead-end thread.

And how is it that every year, this same post is posted, and no one pays attention?

The answer: Paint chips.

Everybody (Even the guy that took my gimmick earlier in this thread)

Finally. A real answer. Most Smash people seem to want their game to be played as close to an SF-type fighter as possible by eliminating stages, items, etc. Which FGC seems to look down on, but this is a common practice in shooters. All of Halo’s levels are pre-made for the MLG BY the MLG and Counter-strike limits it’s load-outs considerably. To punish Smash players for the developers mistakes is unfair to say the least.

And to complain about space at a tournament? One game is clearly favored and that’s always going to happen. It just seems like FGC members got butt-hurt when a game they don’t play was more popular and demanded more space. Clearly they are a big community and with the next Smash you can guarantee it’ll be accepted as a fighter.

As for all the haters, you’re all the same people from the last few SMB threads (including mine) so either you are a masochist or you’re all secret Smash players that are still in the closet because you’re insecure. "I hate Smash, right Fighting guys?! So gay! (Door closes) If only they knew how beastly my Game&Watch is …