Whats With The NO DREAMCAST Stuff?

This is the worst move that they could make.

two of the 4 major fighters that are 2d are on this platform and are ARCADE PERFECT.

Why change things? just because there are limited DCS availible? Have people bring theres or somthing. Seriously making games like marvel for X-box would be a bad move, alot of players might not even go because of that.

I understand there are “subtle” differences, but some of them can change the outcome of the match.

Blue Screen…

my god…

DC or Boycott

Seriously man, Marvel On Xbox? No.

Street Fighter 3 on PS2 is alright, that version is just as good.

but marvel?


The Xbox version is so out of whack!

Come on EVo, WTF.

aint nothing we can do about it.

sure there is.

Boycott it.

Stick it to’em yo.

dumbass. you dont even know how much the cannons are doing for you just by holding these damn tournaments, and you want to boycott it because reversal invincibility got taken away?

stay at home if it’s that much of a problem.

Boycott evo~ low turnout is blamed on dying scene~ marvel slowly gets removed from tournies everywhere~

Dreamcast was a complete and utter FAILURE last year. If you know a solution to the Blue Box of Death, post it. Otherwise, stfu.

Yeah but why xbox? Why not PS2? I’m sure there are far more people with ps2 stick’s then xbox.

this guys gotta point if it is on xbox wed have to get like those thingys or sumshit idk wtf im saying lol but my stick has a plug for ps2 n xbox so id go anyways haha. really it dont matter to me

Doesn’t PS2 lag on the ROM infinite & other shit? ROM alone is already grounds for dismissal.

I heard Cannons arent running this.

As mentioned above, the lag on MvC2-PS2 makes it unplayable, GGPO.

PS2 to XBox adapters are about $20 at most (I found a hundred or so on eBay just now at an average of about $9 a pop)… I guess if you’re stuck with a PS2 stick, save up. =\

the ps2 has the exact same glitch that everyone doesnt like in the xbox version. and has horrible slowdown and sounds shitty.

how many marvel players has xbox adapters? and the platform for xbox and ps2 is so shitty that it’s a diff game. fuck this, i dont’ think any marvel heads are going unless a big change is made and bring it back to dc.

I have playstation to xbox, playstation to usb, playstation to dreamcast, playstation to game cube, playstation to famicom, playstation to super nintendo adaptors.

<3 liksang.com

ggpo marvel.

we’ll see you guys when mvc3 comes out.

i know the juggs glitch doesnt work and maybe even sents unblockable might have been taken out of the xbox version…if this is the case i don’t see how its possible to use the xbox version. a lot of 3rd party ps1 hacks dont work with various xbox converters…i’m sure i’m not the only one who’d have to get a new pcb and stuff :frowning:

Sent’s unblockable is still there. But the game is still different.