What's up, my ninja? The RAVEN thread

Alright, since T6BR is coming out on consoles soon, I decided to compile this thread as an emergency backup strategy thread since Zaibatsu is gonna be slow and flooded with scrubs when the console version releases.

The following information will be cited from various members of tekkenzaibatsu

VAN = Vanish Stance, 3+4. Cancel = Neutral
SDW = Shadow Stance, b+3+4. Cancel = b+3+4

Consolidated list of changes for Raven from T5DR to T6BR**
*no need learning T6 stuff since the T6BR stuff is what we want


15 frames, mid, mid. delayable, both hits are -10, the second hit can be sidestepped if delayed. NC and hit confirmable, second hit knocks the opponent FD/FA on CH. spikes / floor breaks in juggles. very useful.

15 frame roundhouse kick, flips over / wall splats on hit. relatively quick, decent range and excellent tracking. -10 with some pushback, hits close to the ground, and picks up in juggles like Bryan’s db+2. again very useful.

he sticks his arms out in front of him. hanzo/galford esque bunshin shenanigans on hit where Raven dashes behind the opponent, creating a shadow clone. holding B keeps raven where he is, not pressing buttons puts him behind the opponent. bad tracking, sub par range and speed, punishable? useless.

b+1+3 / b+2+4
A “universal” counter, Raven uses a shadow clone to take the hit as he teleports behind and above where he was standing and drops to the ground. He takes a small amount of damage on a successful counter. It apparently parries everything (lows, throws, unblockables) but is of limited use due to the damage loss and his slow recovery after he lands.

Vanish Stance (notated VAN)
Press 3+4 and Raven crouches and disappears briefly, from which you can do the following moves. This stance is mostly about shenanigans, as it lacks a powerful mid and stops Raven moving whilst he’s in it:

the low shadow clone kick from the SDW f+2,4,3+4 string.

essentially qcf+1

A double hand slash, mid, hits low to the ground, at least -15, utterly useless.

The old DR df+1+2 unblockable. largely useless.

a low sweep similar to the second hit of u+3,d+3. does not trip on normal hit, goes into SDW. apparently -13 on block.

4: a (marginally safer?) version of blind ghost AKA the old DR df+3+4[/details]


[details=Spoiler]SDW f+2,4,3+4
mid, high, low. Raven does a BT elbow, a high kick, and then a shadow clone comes flying in from above as Raven does a slide. The “real” raven is the one doing the slide, and people may be tricked into blocking high by the more obvious flying clone, but it’s not a useful string outside of basic juggles.

SDW b+2,4
a mid elbow into a high kick. The elbow has some evasive properties, and is one of his best mids from SDW. On its own, the elbow goes back into SDW, the high kick is only rarely used to stop people from attacking afterwards. NC.

SDW b+2,3
elbow into SDW 3+4. marginally useful for stopping people ducking the second hit of b+2,4 but not really. [/details]

Changes to old moves

now causes “fake bound” like julia ff+3 on hit, meaning that followup juggles are much more reliable. Disadvantage on block increased to -14. a more useful move than its DR counterpart.

now safe!

second hit can now be ducked on block

second hit can NOT now be ducked on block. whole string is NCc (?)

greatly slowed down, much more consistently punishable than DR. “JF” version where you do it as fast as possible and it is only -13 is no longer there.

cancels qcf+2 into a mid punch that looks like SDW f+1. -12 on block, big range, knocks down. can also be done as df+1+2.

cancels qcf+2 into SDW. useful!

now does not knock down on clean hit, but gives advantage on hit. on CH they get floated so Raven gets a strong juggle.

now recovers in crouch, less frame advantage on hit.

df+2,4 / df+2,3
Raven has a mid followup (df+2,4) which knocks down. it is -14 on block, and the kick comes out slower than df+2,3 (it was slowed down from 6.0). df+2 causes stagger on crouching opponents, and nothing is guaranteed. df+2,4 was guaranteed on crouching opponents in 6.0, but I don’t think it works any more due to the slowing of the second hit.

after the second hit Raven teleports and does a flying axekick into the ground, knocks down, bounds, safe. This is semi useful as certain moves which could otherwise launch punish df+44 (like df+2s) will whiff as Raven teleports. however, jab strings will still float him, and moves with high hitboxes like ewgf and jet upper will also knock him out of it. CH df+[4]43 is guaranteed. still not much of a reason to do df+44. second hit DOESN’T bound, it does break the floor tho.

qcf+1 / qcf+1~b / qcf+1~3+4
more bunshin shenanigans, hold b to stay where you are etc. 3+4 goes into VAN stance.

FC df+3+4,4
Quicksand aka spinaroonie no longer needs the Law slide motion. (altho you can still do the Law slide crouchdash). second hit is a high kick which can interrupt some punishment of the move, goes to SDW, and connects after the first hit. CH FC df+3+4, ff+4 floats for juggles.

old DR f+2

After the spin cancel Raven teleports into the axekick from df+443.

now safe, causes stagger on hit. nothing guaranteed. still launches on CH.

when Raven counters with the blind ghost, he now rides the opponent like a surfboard. awesome.


second hit bounds. ub+1~b and ub+1~f does kage bunshin crap IIRC.

second hit bounds, goes to SDW


if Raven is punished after this move on block, he no longer ends up facing forwards. this is OK against generic punishment characters because BT juggles are generally weaker, but means you can eat some horrible strings vs characters like Steve (b+121!)

last hit flips over instead of “juggling” now. this never hit apart from in weird situations when the opponent was BT. odd change.

old 3+4? useless as it ever was if so.

no more free db+4

FC f+3+4
Now a homing move, disadvantage on block increased to -15. [/details]

Altered Shadow Stance stuff


SDW f+4,3
now NC, causes stagger on hit, +3(?). chunky damage, very useful, his best BR upgrade.

SDW d+3
now does Bryan snake edge float on clean hit, but now has trip stagger on block so you are definitely getting launched. you can B! with b+1+2,2 if you juggle them IIRC. hilarious.

SDW 1+2
in 6.0 this gave the awesome Banana Peel Stun which gave free dash b+44, but has been toned down to a FD/FA knockdown which gives free b+3. also a whopping -14 on block. unnecessarily shitty.

SDW f+2,3
like the old SDW f+2,4. bounds. often more reliable to run up, press b+3+4 and do this as your bound move in wall combos than it is to use his facing forward stuff as the hitboxes on b+1 and ub+1 are awful.

SDW 1,4
jab into f+4. NC

SDW 3,4,3
last kick is the teleporting axekick from df+443 again. [/details]

Raven BR Combos/Juggles

I did not list all the juggles on the site, but I listed the ones from the most useful launch situations (regular launch, low launch, BT juggles, etc.)



ws 1
SDW d+3
SDW 3+4
u+3,d+3,4 (on successful trip, 4 will bound)
d/f+4 (on crouch)
SDW f+3[CH]
qcf+1_VAN 1[CH]
FC d/f+3+4[CH]
ws 2[CH]
f,f n 4[CH]
SDW f,f+3+4 [Only if opponent trips but you don’t go to the other side]

Bound (b!) moves


SDW f+2,3

ws 1_ws 2(CH)_d/f+4_4~3_qcf+3


ssl 2, f,f+3, 1, b+1 !B f,f+3 f,f+3, f,f+4 [High dmg]
b+1 !B ssl f,F+3 , 1, f,f+3,1, f,f+3, f,f+4 [Great wall carry]
f,f+3, 1, ssl 1, f,f+3, b+4,4 !B SDW cancel, 3~4 [Great Oki setups]
f,f+3, d/b+2,1, u/b+1,2 !B [Easiest + High dmg]
d/f+2,3, f,f+3, 1, b+1 B!
b+2,2, sdw+2,1, b+1, B!, ff+3, ff+4 [Ty Crazytparty]
b+1, B!, ssl, ff+3, f+1, b+2,4,3+4 (easy+high dmg)[Ty Crazytparty]

FC d/f+3+4(CH)_f+3+4,4(CH)_f+3+4


f,f+4,d/b+2,1, u/b+1,2 !B f,f+3 f+2,3
f,f+4, b+4,4, sdw f+2,4,3+4_sdw 3,4,4 [Thanks DYNA$TY]



f,f+3 , d/b+2 , 1, f,f+3, 1, b+2,4 [Great wall carry without bound]
f,f+3, 1, b+1 !B ssl f,f+3, 1 , f,f+4
b+1 !B ssl f,f+3 ,1 , f,f+3 , 1 ,f,f+3, f,f+4[Wall carry with bound, stylish…kinda]
f,f+3, 1,1,b+1 !B f,f+3 , f,f+4[Easy]



1,f,f+3 ,1,b+1 !B f,f+3 f,f+3, f,f+4
2,1 f,f+3 ,1 ,f+f,3 , 1,2 [Great wall carry w/o bound]
2, 1 , f,f+3, 1, b+1 !B f,f+3 , f,f+4



f+2, b+4,4 !B SDW 2,1 f,f+3, 1 f,f+3 f,f+4_f+2,3
f+2, b+4,4 !B SDW f+2,4,3+4 [skip 3+4 if its close to wall, to do any wall combos
ssl b+4,4 B! ssl d/b+2,1, f,f+3, B+4,4_f,f+4_f+2,3

f,fn4(CH)_d/b+4 (CH)


f,f+4, 1, b+1 !B ssl f,f+3 ,1 ,f,f+3 f,f+4
f,f+4, d/b+2,1, u/b+1,2 !B[ If too difficult, skip f,f+4 ]

Low Parry


f,f+4 , d/b+2,1, f,f+3 ,f,f+4
d/f+1, 1, f,f+3, 1 ,f,f+3, 1 ,f,f+4_f,f+2



b+2,2,3 [Most damaging, though can miss at certain angles]
f+3+4,4,2 [Easiest and usually doesnt miss]
1,2 1+2
1,2 f+1+2 [Sometimes works great, brings you to opposite side of opponent, if they techroll you can hurt them]
d/f+2,3 1+2 [Huge chars only]

Raven’s Awesome Wall-Trap


Raven has GREAT setups he has when he bounds someone at the wall (not in SDW stance unfortunately). After bounding an opponent at the wall, and your facing them, you can choose to do:
To ‘teleport’ to the other side of the opponent. What this does is, if the person your playing likes to techroll immediately at the wall, after the teleport you have a free b+2,2,3 full damage.

Also, even if they do realise that your ripping them with this setup, they may choose not to get up. This is where raven can cancel the teleport by holding back f+1+2~f~B and just 1+2 for decent damage.

Did they make his Quicksand move easier again? That shit got ridiculous with the new input needed in 5dr. That was an awesome move I was forced to discard from my arsenal. Just ATTEMPTING it would get you hurt cuz it always took like 5 tries to get it to even come out. A good paul player would just hopkick you as you recover from the damn crouching left kick that would always come out, then juggle the shit out of you.

Yes, it’s just FC + 34 like heihachi’s sweep from DR but add a 3 to the command.

Quicksand is the spinaroonie? If it is, then I believe its FC df 3+4. I think theres also a followup kick after to make it safer.

I like the spinaroonie name better lol. Especially when you imagine Raven with the dreadlocks custom. :lol:

I don’t understand why since DR his qcf+3+4 became that midkick, the second part of his u_ub_uf+44?

Wasn’t the point of having the specific limb system in Tekken was to have a better visual understanding of a move in case you needed to memorize the entire movelist? Meaning if I do two kicks I expect two kicks dammit.

This is the main issue I have when (Japanese) games change staple notations in their fighting game sequels. Changing Bruce’s trademark f121 elbows into b121 was also stupid…


I know I’m the one who started this thread mainly to give other people information, but does anyone know who the top Raven players are? It will be very good for reference.

I played the game again today and just wanted to point out that you’re probably going to be using f+2, 3 a lot because it’s NC and mid.

Also, the combo SDW d+3, b+1+2, 2, b!, SDW f+2,4,3+4 is slow and impractical, but looks fucking awesome. Damn you X-box360 players, I want my console T6 nowwwwwww.

Just picked up using raven again ( not since t 5) he is a awsome character i dont see to many people use him or my main bruce

People dropped him because in T6.0 he was super good, but in BR, he’s kinda nerfed. I don’t know all the specifics, but one big loss was that QCF 2 used to be super fast and now its slow as hell.

And is anyone having problems doing ff+3, ff+4 after a b! ??
I’ve been missing it a lot recently and I’ve been resorting to ff+3, f+2,3 after a b! because its almost the same damage and I think it gives better oki.

lol That’s really funny, because I never played Tekken 6.0 or BR. I made the jump from DR to T6 and I got to say he plays a hell of alot better then Tekken 5 DR. His Substitutions seem way easier to pull off then in DR now. The newly added moves greatly increase has mind-games now. I don’t think his QCF+2 has been nerfed. It’s always been like that. QCF+2,1 to me feels almost useless. I can’t seem to catch anyone with this move. I really wish they would of just implemented a way to cancel it completely.

You can cancel QCF+2 by holding Back during the command

what characters in T6 give raven players the most issue i think for me at least its the stupid spamming eddies and christies and bob once in awhile can be a handful

I haven’t fought any ChrEddy mashers yet, but if they’re doing a bunch of random stuff, just backdash away, wait for them to miss, and then do either f+2,3 , ff+3, or ff+4

Eddie and christie…

I got a combo for that.

Fireball+4, (Timed) F+2, 3 (Bounce) F_F+3, 1, 2(semi-quick)3*

*Hits mid and is very quick. If blocked just F+2&3 because the first attack from a spammer is going to be a slow mid or low. If you’re gutsy you can always use your sixth sense.

Also, If you manage to miss on F+2 your follow up kick will always hit.

All kick spammers are victims of 9+4, 4 and B+2, 2, 1&2 or my favorite ZE CARTWHEEL followed up with (in backstance) F+4, 3 then repeat ZE CARTWHEEL.

New stuff I figured out:

-Raven’s b+1 is +15 on counter hit, so 1+2 is guaranteed after it for a whopping 60 damage
-For low parries, I do df+1, 1, b+2, 4, 3+4 for ~42 damage

b+2,4 is better

Hello fellow Raveners, I’m new to srk but I’ve been a raven player for quite some time so any time I can help out I will. As far as Chreddy players go, I find that alot of them like going into relax ALOT so I normally use d/f+4 to hit them. If they don’t move, it knocks them out of relax and if they move then they get launched. Hopefully that can get you some wins online…

Does ff+3 knock them out of Relax? My PS3 is out of commission, so I can’t test this.


Is anyone still playing with this guy picked up tekken 6 after a long break playing FPS and racing games im back now and really want to get better with Raven