What's up, my ninja? The RAVEN thread

I still play just casually tho. Im pretty srubby lol

I play him occasionally but not seriously. He definitely is an artisitc character and on paper he’s not that great of a character. But with some of the mindgames he’s capable of and once you’ve mastered the vampire knee, he’s pretty threatening. He truly shines on an infinite stage with proper use of his evasion maneuvers.

Here are some videos of the Korean Navee, you can see how much trouble Raven has getting in, but once you’ve got the spacing down, defense, and proper character knowledge to actually threaten, he’s pretty effective:

But he’s such an artistic character that there’s no special way to play him at all.

Raven is one of the characters you don’t play ‘‘on paper’’ like Yoshimitsu, just watch JFjames vs Lilmajin King
Random shit and unpredictability but with educated guesses