Whats the difference between LS-32/40/56?

I want to buy a new Joystick for my next project but i also want the use of shaft covers without losing my favorite joystick (LS-32)

So im considering buying the latter, except i havent been able to find exactly how they differ.

Also, if you want to save me some cash, im willing to trade my Sanwa JLF for one =]

Go here: Joystick Controller - Joystick and Button Attributes and Brand Parts

Wow i looked around for quite a while and didnt find ANYTHING as good as this. Thanks a mill.

Looks like im going to buy an LS-40, but i might have to buy the LS-40-01 since Lizardlick doesnt sell it without the PCB. I can Desolder it right?

I don’t know why you want to desolder it but I would not recommend it. The ones in LL (LS-40-01) have a harness included already, much easier than making a daisy chain for a LS-40.

im using the Paewang Revolution PCB and i bought this: Joystick Harness for Paewang PCB to avoid having to solder the joystick on.

Just connect that to the harness of the LS-40-01. Add .187 male connectors to the harness that comes with the LS-40-01, then connect to the female end of the Paewang harness.

im no stranger to the slagcoin page, and being the owner of all Seimitsu sticks (except for the ls-33).
I’d go with the ls-56-01.
Slagcoin says that the ls40 is similar to the ls32, in construction maybe, but i hated the feel.

As far as feel and overall operation (engage distance) the ls-56 is closer to the ls-32 than the ls40.
Personally my favorite is the ls-56.

Hmmm il give the 56 a shot then. But the mounting plate doesnt look like it will fit into my TE

NguyenLm: What do you feel are the differences between the LS32/40/56? I’ve played on the LS-32 and it didn’t feel much different than the JLF to me. I’m looking for a shorter engage distance (esp compared to my JLF) for my day to day playing. I’ve read slagcoin, but everyone has a different “feel” when it hits their hands.

I personally felt the difference to be quite large between the LS-32 and the JLF. More resistance, and i feel like the microswitches feel better when you hit corners. Could be because i have big hands that i might need the more sturdy feel to it, but the LS-32 definitely feels different when compared to the JLF

You’ll need the ms plate

I have some leftover Stock Madcatz joysticks, will those plates work instead of buying a new one?

I can’t say for sure, since I’ve never owned a madcatz stick, but going off the fact that they use either sanwa(te) or knockoff sanwa(se), I’m going with a no. Why?
Because with the jlf sanwa uses a cross pattern for joystick to plate mounting, whereas seimitsu uses a square pattern.
You could drill holes…but that’s up to you.

Id rather not lol But thanks a bunch. Really appreciate the help.

@ Don: You definitely need the MS plate to drop an LS-56 in a TE, trust me. I’ve done it. It’s incredibly easy to put it in, so I strongly recommend just ordering it along with your 56. Also I’m not sure if this was mentioned, but a lot of people really like the octo-gates on the LS-56’s. I personally did not, but if you think you might, why not order one of those while you’re at it.

@vash: having tried all the Seimitsus except the LS-32, if you’re looking for a short engage distance I HIGHLY recommend the LS-40. Right now the 40 and my Ascii Optical are my absolute favorites, because like you I really prefer shorter engage distances. The LS-40 has a much shorter engage distance than any other stick and only has a medium resistance to the spring.

Also, FYI: If you put an LS-40 in your TE, DO NOT put a second dustcover underneath the panel, like the JLFs have. Only use one, and only on the top where you can actually see it. Otherwise it makes the stick feel like utter crap because it will pinch down on the second dustcover.

TL,DR: MS plate needed for LS-56 in a TE, LS-40 has super short engage, and only use one dustcover if you put LS-40 in your TE, la la la la.

Annihilationscape made a good post.
I completely agree with him.
The ls40 has a very short engage distance.

As far as the ls32 vs ls56 theres an old thread:

(in my opinion)
The ls32 and ls56 are really similar in feel, honestly if you dont notice the difference between the jlf and ls-32 then you really wont notice the difference between 32 and 56.
The only good thing about the jlf is its smooth like butter, but the spring is limp and the throw is long.
(yeah you can add a spring, but thats another topic)
back on topic, the ls56 to me has a better overall feel, and shorter up-down throw. Specifically i can pull a flashkick/headbutt by just moving my ring and middle fingers, whereas with the ls32 i have to move my arm up and away.

i couldnt agree more about the octo-gate. a circle gate on an ls-32 is bad as well.
I have no idea why people prefer them, but square gate is for me.

Hmm im on the fence now, the LS-40 is sounding like the one i want to try. I guess this is one of those “you gotta try to see” kinda things. As for the Octo-gate, i main Guile so im not sure how that would translate on an octogate since the square gate makes it very easy to keep charges while maintaining my defense so i prolly wouldnt go that route.

Also ive never seen that “second dustwasher” there definitely isnt one on my JLF.

The second dustwasher is standard for JLF with shaftcovers.

It sits on top of the mounting plate (if your JLF comes with a mounting plate) under the joystick faceplate.

If you have a modded Tekken 5 cabinet, you wouldn’t use it (under the faceplate) since there’s no space for it under the faceplate.

Some people keep the second dustcover and doublestack dustcovers on top of plexis/faceplates or pitch it.

The dustcover is definitely there in all the Sanwa JLF’s I have on my Mad Catz TE and Hori HRAP sticks…

FYI, I’ve never heard of a Seimitsu stick having two dustcovers. They’re different than the JLFs in that they don’t have an open face to the ball pivot joint that could get contaminated by dust that easily. Hence, no need for a second dustcover like the JLF line. All the Seimitsus I have (LS-32-01’s) came stock with one dust cover. I modified 4 JLF shaftcover kits to fit my LS-32’s to keep the shafts from corroding… Other Seimitsu sticks like the LS-56 and LS-40 series come with shaft covers. Odd that Seimitsu’s most popular stick line (LS-32) doesn’t have a ready-made shaft cover for it.

I guess i should have asked what you were planning on using this stick for.
But i’d advise against using the ls-40 for playing something like street fighter, unless your the type of person who stays super calm and ultra precise.

I originally had my ls-40 in an Hori Fs3.
The extremely short engage distance sounds nice, but for something like down-back to neutral 7 times out of 10 it would register a jump.
But thats just me and my opinion.
The short engage is what sold me on the ls-40 too, but i’m nowhere near calm/precise enough to utilize it.

Octogate for charge characters isnt as bad as it sounds, the gate actually shortens the downback to upback motion.
Its a nice cross between square + circle. But still not for me.

(on a side note) i main balrog + guile, and i ultimately gave the FS3 to a friend of mine who main’d guile for years. We ended up switching the ls40 for an ls32 and he couldnt be happier.