What's the best version Alpha 3?

I have the ps1 version but I’m sick of the load time’s.
I heared the psp version retained the Would tour mode and also added even more characters. I have dreamcast, psp, and ps2 which version should I get? Also if this has been asked before I aplogize but it did not show up in the search


Dreamcast, or Anthology for PS2.

Dreamcast blows. It’s based on the Naomi version at a funky resolution… Saturn or PS2 would be my answer…

Thanks for the fast reply’s what extra characters were in the psp version and did they really matter tier wise?

PSP and GBA ports had Yun, Maki and Eagle as extra characters, the PSP also had Ingrid from CFJ.

Ps2’s Alpha Anthology is the best port by far.

ps2 anthology is the only one that matters, PERIOD

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sfa hyper=winnest

People here think the definition of best is most like the arcade.

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Get SFA Anthology (PS2), best version, all alpha games, plus Hyper SFA. You can’t get a better deal than that.

but bear in mind the US/PAL release of the game does not have World Tour mode for SFA3.

Um… I don’t remember the Japenese release having it either… so…

Bleh… who cares about World Tour? Fighting games are fun when you play against real people, not against some cheesy CPU.

psp. u can play while crapping in the toilet.

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Yea…something I can’t always agree with. The Dreamcast version is the most complete.

I think Alpha Anthology has all of the Dreamcast features and then some. Thus making it the most complete.

This should have ended this thread.

it’s not that we think. it’s that the competitive scene plays on arcade perfection. who cares about CPU b/s?

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pretty much… i honestly don’t care about the characters that i wont ever play against in the arcade, or ever use int eh arcade… so why should they be at home?

i have the same kind of idea with marvel… i have all but a single costume unlocked so that if my friends want to come over, they can’t pick 3 of the same people on a team… some like to do that and play two sents and commando… and since it puts me in a predicament that i will never see in an arcade, why bother?