What's the appeal of GD?

Can someone here explain to me why so many people flock to General Discussion, on a website based on fighting games (specifically Capcom titles). I’ve been here since 2006, and I could never understand why GD gets more traffic than any other sub-forums.

Because there are things in this world that interest people that like fighting games besides fighting games and they want to talk about those things with other people who like fighting games


Actually I play KOF in the shower and Turbo when I’m eating.

No but seriously, it’s to waste time and effort we could be putting into real life.

This is the story of the internet.

I dont want to talk about Fighting games in a FG Discussion board.

Folks have more than one hobby besides playing FG’s.
I don’t like the SFIV, umvc3, whatever game forums. That shit is extremely similar to a stream chat now a days. -____-

When I first came here, I used to post a lot in FD. The community grew so large that information about fighting games poured in from everywhere. I hate to say it, but there is absolutely know reason for me to post in FD anymore. I can pretty much do a search and read about anything I need to know about a particular fighting game. So now I hang out where I can talk just about anything else.

there have been so many epic threads in this section over the years. i don’t even play fighting games that much any more. honestly the only reason i come to SRK is for the GD section.

Remember that guy who made a pool asking if you enjoy GD?
And there was a pool voting “yes or no” or whatever.
In the end, GD stood for “Good Dick”.

Is this guy doing the same thing?
What’s the appeal of Good Dick?

Watching Americans argue and talk about stupid shit

the correct answer

This. Most conversations in FD are rehashes or information that can bea searched. Don’t get me wrong, there ARE quality threads and post - especially with things like match-ups, but I look at myself, I don’t have time to play games comeptitively, I dont’ have time to go somewhere to train, I don’t have time for tournaments, but I still play pretty much FGs, so I live in GD and run to the FGDs when I need info about something or want to pick a character up. Its not like I can run up in the Kuma SFxT forum and start talking about rap and expect someone else to reply. And I don’t want to go to some of the websites focused on some of that other content because behaviourly I’m more akin to SRK than the vast wasteland that is the other forums.

Besides if I’m psoting on arstechnica, I doubt they’ll understand Warbux spitting “I’m down right fierce like hadoken” or Tonedeff spittin’ “YOU LOSE! Like Street Fighter Alpha Omega Hyper Super Turbo Fighters Beta Version number 2 Build 3, Still don’t understand me?”…

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Have you met Sovi3t? I think Canada is taking up the cake on talking about stupid shit.

Edit: Also my reason for coming to GD: It’s my kingdom. Bow to me bitches.

To the extent that I still enjoy fighting games, I do not care to discuss them with the people who do the majority of the posting in FGD.

I just throw you all into the same category, I’m not discriminatory

read signature imo…but I like GD

Because this is where the community gets to know each other. It’s hard to get to know a person simply discussing fighting games, and that single point of conversation eventually gets stale when you’re looking to socialize. I’ve made tons of friends in the few years that I’ve been here through GD alone.

It’s the downtown area of SRK, where people go to hang out, chill, and vibe to their hearts content. The rest of SRK is so fractured and splintered into sub-communities that it is a pain to make any meaningful relations (for myself).

GD doesn’t make Firefox explode like any of the sub-FGD forums do.

I dunno. GD has been filled with depressing ass news with kids dying and getting taken advantage of. But, there are a couple of really high quality threads there.