What's the appeal of GD?

Huh? It’s the most entertaining section of the forums. If you’ve been here since '06 then there’s no way you could’ve missed the great threads we had going on.

So my dad hugged me and said no homo
I discovered the secret to staying faithful to your woman
Son Them All
Battle Royale
Sexy Man Motoki
Emblem Lord

…just to name a few off the top of my head. Pure comedy gold.

If GD is the downtown of SRK, then what is a good visual metaphor of UMvC3 OTT?

GD lost a lot of its appeal over time.


Because in GD you can talk pro strats without retards mods who don’t know shit white knighting it up.

That was Adam Warlock iirc and I was surprised how many older members got caught by such a classic troll attempt.

Like his thread about pooping which he later edited to make it look like every posted enjoyed taking a dick in the ass.

Well GD certainly has a different kind of appeal now, but speaking on a veterans stance, the quality of posters here were amazingly high for its time. GD was once a warzone, you couldn’t come in here without a flame shield handy and I’ve seen so many epic battles that went on for countless pages–it was a entertaining read that remained unmatched as far as the rest of SRK goes for a long time.

With a user name so shitty, I would like to see the OP come up with some good shit to save this thread. Until then, this thread is ass.

It’ll get you drunk! You’ll be fucking fat bitches in no time!

You might even fight a nigga or two!


Sarcasm…lots and lots of sarcasm.

Plus the news threads are pretty good, and I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard as many times anywhere else on the webz.

Where else do you get a topic made by a guy letting everyone know he got hit in the face with a taser and will post pics soon and actually delivers?

GD is also the place where a dude who got called out for being a virgin posted pics of his dick halfway inside the nasty pussy of the dirtiest cokewhore this side of the pacific.

…Jack Daniels would be JD…not GD…

I must see this.

and he was comforted by his co-worker and he also “comforted the hell out of her”

This was back in 07 and got deleted soon after. RedShuma57. The dude who had like 10 avatars of Shuma Gorath smoking blunts.

I must make haste, for I must begin a long and perilous quest for pics. If I die, tell Redbeard and Ben Perkins to [S]love[/S] avenge me.

See you on the other side.


favorite memory

some guy named RedSpencer made a thread about how he hated ryu. everyone gave him shit (except me because i think ryu is a gay loser fag, ken is totally cooler). well someone made an account named RadSpencer to troll RedSpencer. RedSpencer got mad, real mad, and at one point when it was implied he was a virgin, he said


you’re not gonna get that kind of entertainment on other internets forums (except maybe 4chan and offtopic) because mods are too serious, and all the posters are pseudo intellectual white dudes who like to masturbate furiously to their own posts about philosophy and politics. they frown upon teh trolling. like everytime i post somewhere else i have to take a deep breath, remind myself that i’m dealing with super serious white dudes, and censor myself.

Oh the memories. I love you GD.

RC’s flaming of Rokchick will probably come up at some point as well.

Where is this thread? I demand a link, kind sir.