What's needed to play import games on PS2?

Oldstyle PS2, model # 30001 if that helps.

Two good methods:

  1. Hard drive w/HDadvanced combo: I prefer this method as its not very expensive and easy to do, allows you to store games to your HDD, faster loading, and no strain on your PS2’s disc drive. Since you have an old model PS2 with the HDD bay, this may be preferable(requires PS2 network adapter).

  2. The flip-top lid w/swap disc: Also good, especially for the few select titles that won’t work with hdavanced. Will require quite a bit more work than the HDD option, as you’ll have to install the flip-lid cover.

Just forget modchips…those are out of the question, unless you are willing to buy a pre-modded system.

ignore what True grave said
old ps2 = fat ps2 correct?
swap magic and slide card (you can make one) is all you need.

He’d also have to learn how to transfer the games over the network, or remove the drive and install the games to the drive on a PC or Jap PS2. You can’t directly install games from a legit disc to the HD via HDLoader, at least that’s been my experience with Garou.

Garou just seems incompatible to me, I can’t get it running no matter how I try.
Removing the HDD and putting it in the PC is the easiest way, and it’s a pretty simple process. I’d say this was the best method, but not all games work on HDAdvance or HDLoader.
This is a good site to verify. http://www.ps2hd.com/list/index.php
I use the HDLoader method. Swap magic will probably be the simplest, and work with all software.

Mod chip is an easy but costing choice, my friend uses it, but i use the other method. SWAP MAGIC! I have the slim ps2 so I easily replaced the top with a flip top cover. Pretty easy if you follow instructions.

Highlight it, press select, and turn on the compatibility settings. There’s only one really needed (3 maybe? I forget) but it runs peachy with all three turned on.

actual physical japanese games right? no images.

Here’s what you require for the Swap Magic route and the HDLoader route in case it helps you in your decision.

Swap Magic
[]Swap magic discs
]Slide tool or a flip top
[]HDLoader/HDAdvance disc or HDLoader using a memory card exploit
]Network adapter
[*]IDE hard drive
Swapping using swap magic is simple. Insert the swap magic discs, then just swap them out for an import once you get to the swap disc screen.

In order to install a Japanese game on a US system with the HDLoader, you need to do one of the following:
[]Use a Japanese PS2 to install the game on a hard drive with HDLoader.
]Use a modded PS2 to install the game on a hard drive with HDLoader.
[]Using something like Winhiip to install the game on the hard drive connected to the PC. (This is my preferred method. It’s a lot faster.)
]Install the game over a networked PS2. (Slowest option, I believe. I don’t bother with this.)
[*]Using a fliptop/slide card: Go to install the game on HDLoader and when it asks you to insert the disc, you put a domestic disc in so the PS2 can read the game, then you use the fliptop/slide card to put the import game in your PS2 and install. Also, the domestic disc has to be something that is larger in filesize (higher TOC) than the disc you want to swap and install.
After the game is physically in the HD, it won’t matter what region your system is in. It’ll boot up with HDLoader (unless it’s not compatible). So if you plan to go the HDLoader route and aren’t planning on going the PC/Winhiip route, you’ll either need to get a fliptop or modchip anyways, or find a friend with one and just install games using their PS2.

The swap magic is probably cheaper for you unless you have a network adapter and a spare hard drive to use. Myself, I prefer the HDLoader route for the lack of disc swapping with the added bonus of having a list of games I can choose from.



I’m definitely going to have to look into that one!

that shit sounds awesome
you could take it anywhere.

Only follow Mr.Button Mashers advice here, if you want to break the shit out of your PS2.

The slide card is a fool’s, half-assed method.

Not true. With HDadvanced you can simply put the disc(legit or otherwise) into your PS2 drive, and transfer them over like that. Easy.

You can also put the game on your PC and transfer to the PS2 HDD by network cable, but it is not any faster.

Wow, just inserting a memory-card like device? That would be really great if it is real, never heard of it till now.

Neither have I, but MaxConsole’s been really reputable for modchip/custom firmware news, so I’m really hopeful.

really? and how would it break the PS2? what magical defect did you or your friend do that broke a ps2 with a slide card? all the slide card does is, unlock the drive bay locking mechanism so you can swap games no harm no foul.

alot of games can’t be copied directely from disc to ps2, it wont copy certain sectors, you have to do a perfect image copy via pc with shit like dvd decrypter.

also the op still hasn’t answer the question, do you want to play imports you own? are these the actual games or backups, im under the assumption that your ordering games from lik-sang by all means swap magic is the cheapest and fastest way.

Lik-sang is back? Also, memory card thing looks great.

The slide card works just fine. If you use it properly it will not damage your PS2. It has the added benefit of not voiding your warranty.

what happen with that memory card?
Anyway, does anyone know, which one is the best PS2 mod chip in the market?

from what i understand.
the dms4 S.E pro

for features/quality.

and the best place to buy?