What you guys think about a site charging you for videos?

combovideos does this, with pretty much any footage he can get his hands on, uhhh…theres no law against this?

he s charging for kyushuu vids, finals, FFA shit, etc… the thing is, this is from people kind enough to send it to him, they don t know he s gonna charge, but he does, lets stop sending him shit

he just charged you for the ones he keeps on storage…

you know how much he pays for bandwidth? nothing’s free… the money’s gotta come out of someone’s pockets, and since he’s the owner of the site, its more than likely gunna come out of his. he goes through the same problems that anime websites go through (as far as bandwidth goes)

how bout we keep sending him shit, so that theres always a video resource for fighting games

Maybe you should check the site again.

If the shit is old, you’re GUARANTEED to find it there. But, since he doesn’t want his bandwidth raped by leechers(like you’re sounding like right now), he accepts donations from people who like the idea of one centralized place to find vids(like me, I practically pay for half his bandwidth costs a month because fuckers like you think this kind of service is fucking free). Look at the number of hits he has on his site. I’d love for you to find a free site out there that has the same quality of selection(KYSG vids 1 month after release? Can’t find that shit on their site, what to do?), that also ISN’T asking for help or restricting access to popular vids. Have fun on BT or DC getting all that stuff.

Ungrateful bastards…

A. what? nobody uses goforbroke for their old shit anymore? your not in the US right? my dls are normally pretty fast so i have no beef.

B. yeh i m a leecher, SO THE FUCK WHAT? me and 89735878345 other mofos. if i have to use my wallet, i will, but i m not paying for shit that was free…don t think you have some kind of leverage either cause you were dumb enough to pay for your vids, you can find any vid for free. again, dumb enough to pay for your vids. don t call me a fucker, we re not familiar bitch.
personally, i don t care cause i have everything i need, but if you maintain and keep up something, its rude to just ask for money, how am i supposed to react/feel? i have a fruit store with high rent, do i start asking customers for free money? to their face? its my job to keep it from getting that way, no?
in the long run, everything turns out this way yeh, if you wanna pay and he wants to host, thats balance, good for you, i just wanted to mention how stupid the idea is without giving a solution, thats the host’s job.

C. what about the people recording this shit? making assholes out of themselves by taking up space with tripods or holding the cam steady, buying/hauling equipment, etc. etc., you get a lil credit and you watch your footage get “sold” off? the footage was meant for a few friends or probably meant to be shown for free, this guy gets his hands on it and now its ok to slang it like crack? wanna talk about ungrateful? get the fuck out of here.

you must understand that some flashy and old videos does not exist …
because people who has such video faces problem like their com got broke . too bad , they just lost that priceless piece …

CV is our only hope to ‘preserve’ this videos , and it is very costy .
our job is to support the site , and is your choice whether you want to donate or not .

GFB transfer rate is uber slow , you know ? …

i believe Blazed could had an idea of ‘free access downloads’ for a month …

and i don’t think blazed going to deliberately taking advantage of that cash that was transfered from the CVplus members

thedude- well put, thanks for being polite

I think thedude was just being nice, while kaneda was being honest… you just take that a step further, and disrespect blazd’s hard work even more… top tier :tdown: … now close this thread

blazed hardwork was rather beyond ok …more like badass …

if he host some of those ‘ancient’ and ‘priceless’ combovideos that was long lost … such as sean’s 2i combovideos , 2i full combomovie+infinity , any super combovids by skillsmith, coolest japanese-made GGXX combovideos … and IN FACT no body heard of this before . and it is rare

those who had this videos and they lost it, they’re like crying for it .
if blazed have this shit … CV is far more sick …
sadly , it’s impossible . most of this stuff is gone forever .

gbursine- i was thanking him for being polite, thats all.
o yeh, hard work indeed, from a pc…what was i thinking dissing the labor…

i was ignoring you for a reason~

you’re right, b/c it takes only 5 minutes to make a good website… what was I thinking… no time invested there… damn am I a dumbass.

isn t there a bridge you should be sitting under right now?

labor as opposed to standing around sweaty players for 12+ hours, no AC or sitting room? having eyes burn a hole behind your head? cramped shoulders, neck, legs, arms? what about funk from someone’s feet thats so bad, you can smell it standing up? this ain t headed nowhere.

ggpo leave

you damn well know what I ment.

You make blazed out to be some shmuck who spends 10 minutes making some shitty website so he can profit off of people for free. Then you make out the people recording vids to be victims, when they go out of their way to send combovids their videos. After combovideos crashed, I think any dumbass would’ve known he’d halfto put a pay2dl program in to keep shit up. and he was STILL getting new video submissions.

There hasnt been a site that has had a collection as large as combovideos till now, and you’re greatful enough to come and bitch about not getting old videos. Who gives a fuck if he hasnt “updated us” the shit is still there

kofiend no one is forcing you to visit CV. Its not like he’s making a fortune. Servers cost bucks ya know. Hence the ads and the great people that donate him cash for the upkeep (we love ya).

Why the hate?

alright, alright guys, i m sorry. i ll show my apology now

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ya real fuckin sincere…

A couple of things need to be cleared up here:

First, if you think BlazeD is making any money whatsoever, you are sorely mistaken.

Secondly, if you think CV is the type of site that can be whipped up in a day, you are sorely mistaken.

Third, BlazeD is doing the fighting game community an enormous favor, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the Cannons started SRK (which people also take for granted and complain about).

Fourth, the vid makers are extremely grateful to finally have a home for their vids. For years, when people wanted to submit a vid for me to put up on gamecombos.com, the number one problem was always where to host it. The few times people actually did have their own host, without fail, the bandwidth always got owned in the first two or three days, and then the vid was inaccessible.

As a vid maker myself, I will gladly pay BlazeD to keep CV up because it means that my vids are accessible to everyone. Before CV, there were countless vids (including all of mine) that were either hard to find or just straight impossible unless you knew the right people. You could try #gamecombos or the GoForBroke hub, but they pale in comparison to CV.


You’re paying for the bandwidth usage, not the vids. I doubt he makes any money, bandwidth of the amount CV probably uses costs a lot.

Man its only $5 to join and what 27 for a whole year, Shit man thats nothing.

sorry but what do mean by that

its stupid, plain and simple. even worse are the people paying for it.