What the hell is wrong with Nick Arcade?


Man, so many memories…I loved this show as a kid, but even then, I always thought “man, so many of these kids are horrible”.

I loved watching them play games i owned at home and sucking ass at them. Seriously, i could clear the stage with the amount of time they gave them in sonic the hedgehog…and i was like 8 at the time!

Regardless best better believe i was up bright and early every Saturday morning to watch this show. Started my weekend off right.

edit - I was DYING when when the chick was playing Goemon. Same with the idiot who thought the first holiday of the year was valentines day. …morons.

It saddens me that I never got the chance to go on this, Legends of the Hidden Temple, or Wild and Crazy Kids.

Use to live on this shit as a kid.

They probably pre-screen these kids and let the bad ones pass and play against each other and they figure out who the smart video game addicted ones are and won’t let them on the show since they’ll breeze through everything.

LOL. The bonus round part of Nick Arcade was so busted. You had to look at a separate screen while you were “playing” it to see where everything was, and half the time touching something wouldn’t register.

Man, think about going on that show thinking you could walk into that room and actually be part of a game, and find it’s a damn green screen. That had to be crushing to some of those kids.

Fuck that though, I wanted to go on Double Dare.

I saw this yesterday and one thought that came to my mind is that it’s sad that Nick Arcade can make a better game line up than MLG or WCG. :rofl:

I would of beasted through Legend of the Hidden Temple.

As for the video. Those kids are stupid.

imo. :coffee:

A+++++++ video

LOL @ this Carlton lookin’ nigga.


How in the FUCK do you lose on those flashing pictures? Fucking blind. Chuckie, Predator, and Batman…how hard is it!!!

watching kids fail at video games is always fun. :woot:

…Space Trek.

Space Trek.

Let me turn this video off before I have an aneurysm.

This shit is tops.

OMG: Man kids were just so dumb and awkward. I feel like they were on drugs before the show started.

Anyone remember that game show like Nick Arcade but was better. I remember at the end of the show the last contestant had to grab as much video game as they can before time run out. I just can’t remember the name of the show.

Video Power shits on this show hard. You had to grab as many games and possibly systems in the certain amount of time if you won that show.

Vansaykeo and I agree

Yeah, until you get to the silver monkey

Space Trek. Doctor Robonick.


aaah, good ol days. :slight_smile: those kids were regularly retarded

Q: What is the first national holiday of the new year?

1: Valentines Day?

2: Christmas?

Video Power was amazing. You knew whoever got eliminated by finishing in last place in Paperboy would never have a good day at school again.