What system will you play Tekken 6 on?

This is a question for those with both systems. cus if u have one or the other system then duh right?

I hear some people say that they will play on the 360 because of the better online(more people, more compitition, more talking) and it will have less lag.

Then I hear people say they will play on Ps3 because it has a better pad (which it does) and it wouldnt be right playing it on a 360.

Now its no secret that the 360 pad is Unresponsive,Uncomfortable,Unreliable and its a str8 peice of S**T and the ps3 pad is alot better (not perfect,but good for tekken). thats a good reason to play ps3 rather than 360. and its not like u wont easily find people on ps3. but i hear its more likely to lag.

But with the new street fighter 4 accessories like the pad and the sticks, (which im sure most people will get if you take fighting games seriously and competitively)
Will it really matter in terms of control.

so which system will you be playing tekken 6 on. (no bias opinions please)

i’m hoping to play on PS3. all points for 360 are valid and that would be my reasoning to play on 360. hopefully Sony and Namco will pull this one off without a hitch though

I probably wont be getting Tekken 6. Don’t really play Tekken. It’s a fine Fighter i just don;t play it. Anyway aside from the 360’s D-Pad the rest of your comments are total bull shit. It is responsive, it is comfortable, it is reliable and it’s not a piece of shit. Its quite good. I play both DMC4 and NGII on this thing and it never lets me down. At leasst it doesnt have shitty flippers on the back that wish they where triggers.

360 because I don’t own a PS3

if the only saving grace for getting it on ps3 is its pad thats a pretty poor argument.

Get a stick and the choice is obvious.

360! It might seem a tad bit different cuz it has been on the PS consoles from day one, but the 20Gig PS3 (correct me if I’m wrong) doesn’t have HD AV cords. I got me a 20gig without realizing dat lol. I might change my mind, but for now it is the 360 for the HD purposes. Otherwise it would be the PS3 no questions asked.

Playstation 3

Xbox 360

The ps3 might actually be the better choice because the actual arcade hardware is based off the ps3’s cell technology.

Is there gonna be a DS port?


i will get it only if its out on snes

i forgot all about that, that could make the ps3 version more arcade perfect than the 360, only time will tell.

PS3 version for me, though I might pull a SFIV and buy it for both, but I doubt it. It really comes down to the nostalgia and attributing certain games to certain systems, regardless of being available for other systems

ps3, i should have a 360 by then though probably both

Cables cost 5 bucks.


I was hoping for an Intellivision port too, I might try to hack my pong machine so that I can play T6 with my old trusty paddle controllers.

I’m torn.

I want to use a PS pad, but I want to play on live whenever I kick back.

I can tell you that most of Tekken Zaibatsu owns the PS3 and will likely be getting it for that system, it’s the only new fighter available for both that will clearly be very one sided in terms of user base unfortenately. Not to mention that a lot of Tekken players (myself included actually) have learned to play on playstation pads and prefer it overall.

This is easy for me, PS3. Since I have a PS3 now.