What Street Fighter Game should receive the hd Remix Treatement next

Hey there boyz and galz!
Since SSF2THD Remix is on its way to be the highest grossing Downloadabel title of all time and in an effort to give capcom an idea about what we fans want, I posted a poll on the Street Fighter Blog in which you guys get to choose what Street Fighter game should Capcom consider next for the HD Remix Treatement.

Your options are:

  • Street fighter 1

  • Street Fighter Alpha 2

  • Street Fighter Alpha 3

  • Street Fighter 3 2nd Impact

  • Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike

So i ask everyone to head over to the Street Fighter Blog and Make yourself heard!

None. No more remakes. A re-imagined SF1 is the only one I could maybe be interested in. Some people would want an SFA2 Remix I guess :confused:

Original titles please. Make them the same scale as a PSN/XBLA title, just make them good games. Possibly sequels of the franchises they’ve overlooked for the last few years.

ST. But make it look good this time.


sf1 just needs a whole new game for it. gameplay and everything. cuz i bet no one would mind that.

SF1 reimagined sounds great :slight_smile:
i would also like alpha 2 hd remix as it is my favorite sf alpha.

Streetfighter EX2.

…Thats right, I said it!

They should make a HD 2D Final Fight game, so we can forget Final Fight Revenge existed.

If not Final Fight HD, then Vampire Savior.

I don’t care much about another SF game in HD. Maybe A2 or A3.

I’ll vote SF1. Anything else is just unnecessary. It’d just be a set up for dissappointment.

SF1 would be cool. I would hate a SF3 remix, the animations look great already, and I dont really even like remixes that much. I am fine content with the same game with lagless online.

karnov’s revenge hd remix

This x10!
Oh, Real Bout 2 and Vampire Savior too!

Vampire Savior is the only choice

Don’t really need any more Street Fighters

I personally want 3s, just to see what capcom would do if they cared.

But if I had to pick a non street fighter capcom fighting game, I’d be left undecided O_O

Fuck yeah.

About Capcom games, Vampire Savior or Alpha 2, I guess.

I concur, especially with RB2; I’d really like to see it in redrawn high res and with updated tunes. Seriously, a lot of those RB tracks are catchy as fuck. However, I really want Fatal Fury Special to get redone. It’s really solid, it just needs a bit quicker jumps and of course a presentation overhaul. Kim also needs to be nerfed a bit, I just have a feeling that no matter what they do to him he’ll still be tops (or gods, I should say). I also would really like to see a modern take on Jubei’s FFS stage.


Near the end of the video, shit is epic! That whole tourney is pretty good btw.

One more thing, A2.

They need to remake SF1 and release limited edition arcade sticks and 2 fuckin’ HUGE buttons. It would be awesome, cause depending on how hard you strike the buttons, it’d reflect the strength of the punch or kick!!

I think SFHD is fantastic but I really think that it was enough. I’m probably a little biased though since vanilla ST was undeniably my favourite.

I’d rather they make brand new games than remake any more old ones, no matter how good the old ones are. But I guess we just got SF4 from Capcom, and TVC. And every other fighting game company has gone into overdrive production mode too. Shit this is a good time. I’m happy as is.

If anything at all, Street Fighter 1 re-imagined or Alpha 2 HD.

Yeah. :rofl: