What Should TO's do with Edition Select?

Give it a try?

Insta Ban?

Side Tourney?

As of right now, 2 major TOs are stepping back from allowing edition select as the main tournament.

Alex Jebailey (from CEO)

MrWizard (EVO). He doesnt specifically say it wont be used, but the fact that he is calling for a side event with this mode kinda hints it.

Notice that CEO and EVO will be the first majors to have Ultra available. If they provide no data on how edition select works for a tournament, then more than likely, other majors will follow suit.
I personally think this is a mistake. I think TOs should try to run Edition Select as the standard at least for a few months to see how it goes. I really think that a lot of people are exaggerating the details. Hell, remember that even in Vanilla time there wasnt a single Sagat at EVO Top 8.

There’s a lot of scenarios that people aren’t considering.

  • only Ultra characters will have access to Red Focus and delayed wakeup. We have no way of knowing if AE Yun or Vanilla Sagat will be able to overcome those easily.
  • Unblockeable Ultra glitch from Vanilla will work on Vanilla characters only. This glitch wasnt explored in tournament gameplay, its yet another tool against Vanilla Sagat.
  • Vanilla console characters were never exploited to their full potential. Thinking that the tier list will stay the same as it was 5 years ago is wrong.
  • AE Yun was top tier based on the Vanilla AE roster, Nobody does how he would deal against super versions of lets say Super Rufus (Ultra 2 as reliable anti air) or Vanilla Viper with her jump arc and Zero frame recovery burn kick
  • Proximity blocking hasnt been used to its full potential yet, it could easily be a counter for Vanilla Akuma trying to abuse st.RH or AE Yun using EX Dash punch.
    -We have NO IDEA on how Red Focus changes the meta of the game, it might make things a lot harder for those “overpowered” versions.

These are only from the top of my head, and I know we can do theory fighter all day, but my point is that we need actual data before banning this mode.
I really hope TOs will reconsider, however, I’d like to get more views on the subject since I know this is just my opinion.
I hope that @MrWizard can give us an insight on what his take is.

Run them concurrent with one another.
One is Ultra only and the other is Edition mode. See what the players prefer and go with it.

just wondering what people think. it seems that this is a console exclusive game mode.

IE international competition wont be playing the same game

there was a similar situation with super, where they all just had to get consoles. however i wonder would capcom bone arcade operators a month after they pay for an update. i can imagine that they would have some influence in the situation because of their current relationship with evo and the community

if evo decides edition select is the main game, then that would mean abandoning the arcade version. if they decide to go with ultra, then the side mode is abandoned

They could always just throw Edition mode into the arcades if its popular enough.

Poll feature probably wouldve been a good idea for this thread.

Side Tourney

Thats the worst way possible.
2 SF4 tournaments? complaint will reach the stars.

couldnt figure out how to get it up there.

used to be a button called “insert poll” or something less funny

How else will it get solved? People will bitch either way so let them vote for it. The one with the most people in it for multiple events gets to be the main tourny for USF4.

i doubt thats logistically possible. it would be better if they could vote before hand.

but then again, we dont know exactly how busted the game could be given all those variables, so i dunno. maybe a wait and see safe approach is best

Nothing. The Ultra version should be the only focus. Edition select would be fine for side tourney’s and special exhibitions, though. Nothing more than that.

I really don’t think this is as derpy as a lot of people are knee-jerk expecting it to be.

To be honest, what it’s going to depend on is this: Is edition mode going to be in arcades? If yes, then I see no problems in allowing it in tournament play.

I really don’t think this will break the game, but I really think that it will do what it set out to do in making all characters viable in some way shape or form.

Yes it would make tiering and matchup knowledge insane, but I think overall it’s an insane game changer in a good way. And I really don’t think that Vanilla Sagat/Ryu and AE Yun/Yang/Fei are going to be beast mode over everyone else. Not with all these factors weighed in. I think characters that developed tools for beating Sagat and Ryu will do fine against their vanilla counterparts without doing derpy jumpins to give them free ultra 2 off the trade. I think, in theory, Vanilla Sagat & Ryu will beat the twins, and they would have problems still against the Ultra cast.

I agree with either putting it through a trial run, or running two concurrent tournaments at majors, see which one wins. (Sadly, I think on attendance alone, Ultra only would probably win since most players don’t want to put in the work to figure out how to adapt or even care to see how much this would change Vanilla Sagat/Ryu/AE Yun/Yang/Fei/Viper’s places on the tier lists. However, if they got a decent enough sample size to see how this alters tournaments compared to Ultra only, then it should be enough to prove whether Edition mode works.)

However, I think all of this will depend on what the arcade edition of Ultra does concerning this. If they don’t put all the editions in the game, then I don’t see Evo or any other major allowing all editions either, because they wouldn’t want to discourage Japanese arcade-only players from attending US majors.

it should be a side thing for exhibition matches. maybe pros can duke out rematch plays like gamerbee vs infilitration evo 2012 and daigo vs jwong 2009. maybe they can bring back the hype from when the characters were stronger.

a similar predicament mightve happened already with sf2 hd remix. players were able to choose characters from two different editions. i don’t know how those decisions went down though, i never followed that game

Will be a side thing. There will be several powerhouses and a ton of characters that won’t have any chance at all. Right now you see just about every character in tournaments, and though some are dominant, there have been impressive showings and/or wins with almost every character.

Seem just for online bitches that want good old days of xxx character

I mean, i miss some of my old Ryu dmg, i miss instant Dictator U2, the Gief should get back his vanilla 1200/1200 stats… but i will trade this stuff losing new mechanics? Lol no

Honestly i don’t see the reason

Exhibition matches only.

lol, it’s not for online @ all. This feature is local only as confirmed in the japanese blog.

In other words forget it exists.

exhibition/side tourney for this year, Main next year/end of 2014 if peoples like it ( or if simply dosnt have some insane glitch )

if it goes as Main events now everyone will go sagat/yun/akuma , peoples get tired of it and it will never be used again, just let players get around and find some stuff this year at least

While Edition select sound more exciting, i personally dont mind any of the two version goin as main event version

Now that its confirmed as offline only, it will never be more than a side tourney